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Does KAT need to save energy for the season?


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First Half

Monologue: No one has all the power all the time

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No one in the NBA has all of the power all of the time, which is a good thing, because the distribution of power means that all different types of people get theirs at least some of the time
It’s important to remember this summer talking about player empowerment and watch certain owners and fans and radio talk show types ring their hands about how contracts don’t even mean anything anymore and all of that, no one gets theirs all of the time
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The Thunder are not so desperate to trade CP that they’re motivated to do that. The only one who may be super motivated right now to get Chris Paul to a contender is Chris Paul. And despite all the rhetoric fans have heard these past few weeks, Chris who was under contract for three more seasons actually doesn’t have that much power here
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This isn’t the NFL. NBA players can’t just hold out. If they do, the calendar on their contracts resets delaying their free agency in a way that make a hold out pointless
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There are guys like Jimmy Butler who can set a fire to a franchise to force a deal, but there aren’t that many guys like Jimmy Butler
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Chris Paul, who’s public image is rightfully very important to him, is not going to make such a public spectacle to get himself traded. So there he sits, at least for now. No one in the NBA has all of the power all of the time no matter what you heard this month on the radio

How should CP3 approach this season in OKC?


“Let’s be honest: the power is really directly correlated to the production and he no longer produces like a superstar. Because of that, with that contract, there’s just not that much of a market for him in terms of teams lining up to trade for him. The best thing for him is try to boost some of his trade value” – MacMahon

“He can still potentially be Chris Paul. The issue is: Can he stay healthy enough for an entire season? He does have to be a pro’s pro because he is the president of the NBPA” – Sedano

“He has a history there, he knows about being in that city, the people there do like him, it’s still not what he pictured for this point in his career” – Nichols

“Chris Paul wielding his power as president of the players union has diminished his power in terms of being able to influence where he plays now because he was able to get that fourth season at $40 something odd million dollars and that drastically reduces not just his trade value, but the fact that Oklahoma City probably would have to give up a pick or picks to move the deal” – MacMahon

Realistic expectations for KD when he returns?

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“If he comes back at 80-85 percent, he’s still like a top 10 player in the league, top 15 at worst. But the expectations are to still win a championship” – Sedano

“If he comes back and is not as explosive and loses some athleticism, he is still a historically elite 7 foot shooter” – MacMahon

“He’s got the build of someone who is at least on the better end of recovering from achilles injuries” – Nichols

July 19, 2012 – Damian Lillard with the one-handed poster dunk on the Hawks!


Make or Miss League Harden

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LA Galaxy attend the Embiid school of trolling?

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JJ Redick admits he has a burner account
Burner account name: “Samuel Johnson”, per his podcast on The Ringer. It has since be deactivated. He only used for the busy free agency and trade season

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How should Marcus Smart feel about this?

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Better air guitar: Lance or his daughter?


MacMahon: His daughter | Sedano: His daughter

Moving on…

Which young duo will rise to elite status next?


“Doncic/Porzingis. The Mavericks certainly are optimistic that this is kind of the duo that has next. They definitely feel like these are championship pillars that they can build around” – MacMahon

“Jokic/Murray. Jokic is real MVP candidate. Denver’s a team that could end up being the 1 seed in the West. They’ve got actual chemistry, synergy and continuity” – Sedano

Second Half

KAT: “Fun for me to have a coach that lets me use all my talent” (Via Cory Hepola/WCCO)

How much better can KAT get?


Sedano & MacMahon:

“The fit seems to be there on Karl’s with Ryan Saunders and will see how that develops over the years and what they can do together” – Nichols

“I appreciate his confidence in his coach, but he needs to coach a playoff game before we start declaring that the best coaching staff in the NBA. That’s a little strong” – MacMahon

Will Kemba be a better player in Boston?
Jalen Rose on ‘Get Up!’ says Kemba could even be better this season

“PGs who are on board with Brad Stevens tend to do very well in his offense. He’s in the best situation in terms of coach, system and talent around him that he’s been in his career” – MacMahon

“I think Kemba has a very similar skillset to Kyrie, maybe not as talented as Kyrie but maybe a little more adept to coaching in this situation. He’ll be way more efficient because he’s got better players around him” – Sedano

“How is he going to hold up in a playoff environment where he’s going to get targeted” – Nichols

Tatum and Brown:

Dwyane Wade a guest judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” with his wife, Gabrielle Union!

New Jump Game:



Pay or Delay: Pascal Siakam?


Sedano: Pay
“You lost your best player. He was the second best player. He’s still developing”

MacMahon: Pay
“This is a guy who is a blossoming star. That’s the guy you’re building around”

Pay or Delay: Jaylen Brown?


MacMahon: Delay

Sedano: Delay

Pay or Delay: Caris LeVert?


Sedano: Pay
“You have a window with KD and Kyrie. He’s a complete player. He could be the third player on a championship team”

MacMahon: Delay
“He does have a pretty significant injury history”

Pay or Delay: Brandon Ingram?

Sedano: Delay
“Just based on the medical situation. Let it play out for at least a year and see what happens from there”

MacMahon: Delay
“Nevermind the medicals. We have not seen him play at the level that we anticipated given his potential for a long stretch, certainly not for a full season. I want to see that before I pay him”

Pay or Delay: Buddy Hield?


Sedano: Pay
“You’ve got a guy that’s still clearly ascending. Offensively, he is a really good player right now. If he works on his defense, he can be a real cornerstone for a team”

MacMahon: Pay (or trade him)


Nike files countersuit against Kawhi over “Klaw” logo

Klaw logo design.JPG

Klaw merch.JPG

“They’re basically the same” – Sedano

“They’re similar” – MacMahon

Splash Mountains?
Bucks GM (Jon Horst): “We’re going to find out” if Robin Lopez can shoot (Via The Athletic)
Robin made a career-high seven threes last season in Chicago


“This is realistic” – MacMahon

Dropping out
Harden removes name from FIBA World Cup roster (Via The Houston Chronicle)

Have faith that Russ-Harden duo will work?

Via Fox 26 Houston:

James Harden was in front of a group of kids in Houston and says he’ll be working on a new move this summer! Says this new move will: “Look like a travel, but it’s not”

Two summers ago, he perfected the step-back
Last summer, perfected the side step-back



MacMahon and Sedano:

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