Show Recap: July 18, 2019 (Amin Elhassan hosts)

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Did the Bucks forget when JR Smith did this in 2016?



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First Half

Presti and CP3
Woj: “Increasing expectation” CP3 will begin season with OKC

CP3 a good fit in OKC?

“No. That contract is so brutal that the issue is: What other choice do they have. But as far as basketball goes, no. He is way past his prime, this is a total rebuilding team, this is a that needs a hard reset” – Friedell

“The problem is: OKC might have to give up something to get off of that contract. He’s hard to trade. He’s probably too good right now to be part of Oklahoma City” – MacMahon

“The bigger question is: What’s it going to take to give up Chris Paul?” – Elhassan

“When he’s healthy, he’s no longer a superstar. He’s still a very, very good player. The mentor thing, he wouldn’t be opposed to that [for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander]. I want Gilgeous-Alexander running the team, running the offense and feel what it’s like to be a franchise cornerstone this year and with Chris Paul on the team, I don’t think he would have those opportunities” – MacMahon

Should Heat make a run at Beal?
Barry Jackson (Miami Herald) reported that the Heat could have an interest in Beal who can sign an extension with the Wizards as soon as July 26

“Absolutely you do what you can to get him there” – Friedell

“I’m focused on teams that can give me elite draft compensation and the Heat have kind of taken themselves out of that mix. The fit with Jimmy Butler, I think Beal would be a fit with pretty much any other talent in the league. He’s that good of a player. But if you’re the Wizards, you can find a better deal off another team” – MacMahon

John Wall’s contract worth taking on for Bradley Beal?

July 18, 2019 – LeBron James finishing with the tough reverse layup in Magic Summer League!


Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

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Did Kanter take a dig at Kyrie?


“He is the NBA’s biggest troll” – Friedell

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Kanter runs pickup with young campers

“He knew exactly what he was doing in full uniform. He knew all the cameras were running” – Friedell

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Which of these is most accurate?

“Donovan Mitchell as spider is pretty solid. KD with the phone is pretty impressive because he’s on there a lot” – Friedell

“LeBron James with the crown. That’s on the money” – Elhassan

“Porzingis with the unicorn, Kawhi with the hand” – MacMahon

Miss (Happy Endings)
Dame on series-clincher vs OKC: “That was for Seattle” (Via Sports Business Radio)

“Dame is up there with the trolling hall of fame. That was an all-time trolling series and finale. They’re enjoying watching their tear down more than they’ll enjoy the rebuild” – MacMahon

“He is one of the best quotes in the league. He always knows what he’s saying and it’s awesome when he’s speaking his mind like that” – Friedell

Moving on…

Surprised Ben Simmons accepted this version of extension?

“No because this a guy who very clearly believes that he is ready to take that next step. He knows the numbers now. It’s time to shoot. He knows his worth if he can develop into the player everybody wants him to be” – Friedell

“I am surprised because there’s not a precedent for this. It’s a slight discount to the Sixers. He either needs to learn how to shoot or become a Draymond Green type of playmaking power forward. I wonder: Is he playing the wrong position and is he shooting with the wrong hand? That’s a crazy thing to wonder about a guy who’s got a max contract and is already an established perennial all-star” – MacMahon

“Ahead of time, he’s committing to take less even though he would be eligible for more. I think that’s really different. I’ll be honest, I’m going to get on the phone with Rich Paul and ask him, ‘Was there negotiation here? Were the Sixers pushing back, was this the middle ground?’ Because I wouldn’t think that someone like Ben Simmons would have to leave that kind of money on the table” – Elhassan

Second Half

BS or Real Talk

Presti: “Westbrook is most important player in OKC Thunder history”

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“He [Presti] said most important. He did not say best. Kevin Durant is the best player in Thunder history. Russ is the guy who stayed and kept that franchise relevant in the years since KD left” – MacMahon

“Kevin Durant set the tone for everybody, long before Russell Westbrook became the MVP. KD is the guy that everybody else follows” – Friedell

“It was Durant’s greatness that pushed them to NBA Finals level, championship contending. For Westbrook, I don’t know if he becomes what he became if Durant’s never there” – Elhassan

Dwight Howard on Kobe: “Thank you for saying I was soft”

Via Kristine Leahy (FS1’s Fair Game):

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“You just now have figured it out? Prove it in The Big 3” – MacMahon

“He says stuff sometimes and you’re just like, ‘C’mon, Dwight. Like really?’ That was another example of this” – Friedell

Shaq: “I’m from the era where guys wanted to compete”

Via Jimmy Kimmel Live:

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D’Antoni on Suns-Spurs rivalry: “I didn’t go 100% in” on going small

Via The Woj Pod:

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Bobby Marks breaks down 2020 & 2021 free agents (E+)

Who are your top 4 teams in the Western Conference?

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Tim's top 4 west teams.JPG

MacMahon & Elhassan:

Who are your top 4 teams in the Eastern Conference?

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Tim's top 4 east teams.JPG


Happy Birthday, Penny!
How would Penny Hardaway fit into today’s NBA?

Board man gets paid
One year ago on this date: Raptors trade for Kawhi

More likely to end up with Heat: Beal or CP3?

“Why would the Heat want Chris Paul? With that contract, why would you take that on?” – Friedell

“With Chris Paul, there’s a natural fit there” – Elhassan

“Jimmy Butler’s body is going to start breaking down. That’s my fear” – Friedell

“You’re probably getting assets along with Chris Paul as opposed to giving up a ton to get Beal” – MacMahon

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