Show Recap: July 17, 2019 (Amin Elhassan hosts)

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BS or Real TalkDanny Ainge calls Kemba & Kanter “Plan A”

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Second Half Only:

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First Half

Nets GM Sean Marks on how they found out KD picked Nets

Are Nets the best fit for KD?

“They hit a grand slam. They had been the little brother [in NY] for decades. For them to beat the Knicks on free agency and to beat the Knicks at this level, it’s absolutely time to celebrate. But I’m a little concern about whether this pairing is going to ultimately lead to championship team” – Windhorst

“It was the best fit in that the Nets are in Brooklyn. From a basketball standpoint, no it’s not the best fit because the best basketball fit would be staying with the Warriors and try to win another title or two. But from a human element aspect, he wanted to be in New York with Kyrie” – Friedell

How dangerous are Pelicans out West?

David Griffin:


“This is going to be a nice team with some veterans who are going to show these young guys how to play. I can see Griffin’s plan. He is an optimist by nature. He wants to set the bar very high” – Windhorst

Expectations for Brandon Ingram with Pelicans?

Brandon Ingram:

“One of the big things here: Do they believe enough in him to offer him a contract extension? I don’t know. He was not a good fit around LeBron because the ball was out of his hands too much. There is some concern about his health” – Windhorst

“You have to roll the dice. If I’m the Pelicans, you like his talent, you just have to see more before offering him some kind of big deal” – Friedell

July 17, 2003 – Dwyane Wade with the crossover and the finish at the basket on LeBron James in summer league!


Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

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Kobe’s “Mamba Mentality” spreading to other sports?

“If Kobe was a quarterback, he would never hand it off to Saquon. He would just keep it himself” – Windhorst

“Kobe has transcended everywhere for a lot of people” – Friedell

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Love or hate aging face filter?

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Kevin Popovich

Grandpa Wade

“I’ve had enough. I did like Kevin Love’s ‘Gregg Popovich'” – Friedell

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How sturdy is Giannis’ milly rock?

Moving on…

Reaction to Mark Cuban saying NBA is a “talent-drive” league?

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“He’s completely going against the grain of his fellow governors. Reality is not putting down rules to keep these guys in place, reality is that we in the NBA have to adapt what’s going on. He hasn’t blogged in a long time. He’s chose this venue to make a point to his fellow governors” – Windhorst

“Players have more power than they’ve ever had in the league and they know it. And I’m with Cuban on this completely. If you know that you have the ability to pick and choose where you want to go, pick and choose who you may want to play with down the line, use it. This is all big market stuff and that’s who continues to win [over the small markets]” – Friedell


Buy Jerry West’s high praise of Clippers?

Via the Dan Patrick Show:

“I buy it. Ownership is so underrated in the league. Steve Ballmer has got a reputation around the league on being able to spend and get what he wants” – Friedell

“I am a huge believer in what the Clippers are doing. I fully endorse everything that’s going on. He has been very smart and fortunate to be around good people” – Windhorst

Second Half

Celtics chemistry concerns a thing of the past?

Kemba Walker:

“It wasn’t just Kyrie Irving that caused some chemistry issues last year, it was the fact that Gordon Hayward came back and some of the players felt that he was given a little bit more latitude than maybe they would have been given coming back from injury. Brad Stevens and the players learned from that” – Windhorst

What is the ceiling for Boston with Kemba Walker?

“They are a very good team in the East, but not a title contender. They are a 3, 4 seed. I’m not buying anybody after Milwaukee and Philly” – Friedell

“This is Kemba in his prime. I’m expecting him to have another fantastic season, he’ll put up great numbers. I can see the Celtics getting a 3 or 5 seed” – Windhorst

The threat of youth basketball by Baxter Holmes

Part 1 | Part 2

What led to deep dive into youth basketball?

Solutions to make youth basketball safer?

Toughest experiences during reporting on youth basketball?

July 17, 2012 – Jeremy Pargo (Grizzlies) with the crossovers on two defenders and the spinning pass to a teammate for a dunk in summer league!



Richer Paul?
Klutch Sports group partners with Hollywood agency, United Talent Agency

“LeBron has changed the game. It’s another way of showing just how much power he has and how much power he has brought to the people around him” – Friedell

“Rich Paul is in it for the long haul, even when LeBron’s career is over” – Windhorst

$170M reasons?
Bad look for Ben Simmons to withdraw from Aussie’s world cup squad?

“When you’re the best player on the continent, which he is, he has the ability to step in and play in the Olympics next year” – Windhorst

Fear the Deer
Did ESPN power rankings get it right?

“The Raptors are still a top 10 team. The Eastern Conference is a little bit shallower than it was in years past” – Windhorst

“I’m taking the Clippers No. 1. If they stay healthy, they’re the team” – Friedell

Should OKC keep CP3?

Quote (Cont’d):

“We welcome Chris back to Oklahoma City where, as a member of the Hornets, he helped to pave the way for the Thunder’s arrival in OKC.”

“This is a negotiating position for the Thunder, which is they’re not looking to sell, but it’s also a reality: He’ll probably start the season with the Thunder. There’s not a lot of momentum towards a trade right now. I don’t think the Thunder will give a pick to give you Chris Paul” – Windhorst

“I don’t think the Thunder are going to be bad” – Elhassan

“He created the situation (His $124M contract) for himself” – Friedell

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