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What is JA Morant doing?



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Second Half Only:

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First Half

Rachel Nichols’ one one on conversation with Bucks superstar and current MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo!


“This has been an unbelievable year. I don’t think I’ve taken time to realize like what’s been going on” – Antetokounmpo

On the “Sports changes everything” campaign Nike is doing and sharing his story:

“It’s my life. I can never take nothing for granted. Everyday I realize how much blessed I am” – Antetokounmpo

On his shoe collection:

“I own 4,000 pairs of shoes” – Antetokounmpo

On whether the MVP has sunk into him:

“I’m really happy about it, but the MVP word, I don’t want to hear it again ever in my life because that’s in the past. Usually when you hear that, you tend to relax. I do not want to do that in any case. Let’s go for the next goal” – Antetokounmpo

On player movement:

“It’s been insane. So many moves have happened. The league is more balanced now and a lot of teams are now more championship contenders now” – Antetokounmpo

On the Bucks:

“It’s definitely going to be a fun year and hopefully we can pick up where we left from. We have a good chance to go to the Finals or win a championship” – Antetokounmpo

On his brother, Thanasis joining the Bucks next season:

“He brings a lot of energy. He’s definitely going to be fan favorite” – Antetokounmpo

Chances Giannis runs it back as MVP?

“It’s hard to repeat because you set the bar very high and you have to overcome it and the expectations for the Bucks this year are going to be really high. He’s definitely got a great chance, but it’s going to take even a better season” – Windhorst

“If he comes back and shoots reasonably well from the perimeter, that makes people think he’s already amazing and he got even more amazing and they’ll still win 60 games and be a title contender. All those things will factor in to building the story” – Elhassan

Should Bucks be title favorites?

“The Bucks, other than Denver, have the best continuity in the NBA right now. This is an excellent offensive and defensive team” – Elhassan

“The East could be less deep this year. The pump is primed for them if they stay healthy. They’ve got a quality too deep roster all the way through” – Windhorst

July 16, 2009 – Blake Griffin with the high hops going for the putback dunk in SL!


Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

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Think Shaq’s glad Steve Kerr’s ignoring his proclamation [from 2004]?

Miss (Contact).JPG
Should Giannis stick to hoops?

Make (Fine Wine).JPG
Who do you think will age the best?

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Grandpa Wade.JPG

Windhorst: D-Wade

Miss (Doubters).JPG
Dion Waiters captures physical transformation

“It’s not just his condition, it’s also the way he plays. Dion’s confidence runs high” – Windhorst

“The ankles really stopped him from working out and being in shape and being the best version of himself. I’m sure the Miami Heat look at this and get excited” – Elhassan

Moving on…

Mark Cuban fined $50k, Tilman Fertitta fined $25k by the league


“If I’m a Houston Rockets fan, everything in the Tilman Fertitta era that has his imprint on it makes me scared of where this franchise is going. The ownership does not present itself as extremely sophisticated” – Elhassan

Second Half

Kevin Pelton’s summer overachievers:


“Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, that’s the part that really hurt their feelings because they really think he has a chance to be special” – Elhassan

“This team, because of good management and contracts that they signed beforehand, has great depth” – Windhorst


“I didn’t love that they gave DeAndre Jordan a 4-year guaranteed contract. I’m a little bit worried about the Durant injury and Kyrie’s sort of interesting history as a leader” – Windhorst

Other NBA summer overachievers?

Windhorst: Jazz & Pacers (Honorable mention)

Elhassan: Pacers & Thunder (Grade: A)
“The Thunder walked away with a bunch of assets”

“You a their assets [future draft picks], I don’t know if they’re going to produce a James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant three MVPs on one team” – Nichols

RecommendsKevin Pelton’s best rookies at SL (E+)

Kevin Pelton’s summer underachievers:


“If you’re going to overpay a guard, why not overpay Kemba Walker instead of Terry Rozier. The whole league was stunned at that contract. In fact, why not trade Kemba Walker last summer?” – Windhorst



Elhassan & Windhorst:


Other NBA summer underachievers?

Elhassan: Rockets (Grade: D)
“This is not going to work. They gave up two picks and two swaps. That is a crazy price”

July 16, 2010 – Lester Hudson throwing the ball off the backboard to John Wall who slams it home, then stealing the ball and throwing it down hard:



29 other teams
Woj: Lakers not interested in JR Smith
Waived by the Cavs on Monday. Will be a free agent once he clears waivers. One player commented on social media: “Free at last”

LeBron and JR.JPG

“They’re certainly unlikely in July. They got better options they can wait for. JR in general is going to have to wait” – Windhorst

“He’s a guy that’s not going to sign until someone gets an injury or there’s a problem” – Elhassan

Grizzlies summer league title mean anything?
Grizzlies over Wolves, 95-92 to win SL title

Grizzlies SL champs.JPG

Brandon Clarke SL MVP.JPG

“Summer League matters, but summer league championships don’t matter” – Elhassan

LA runs 2k
LeBron, Kawhi tied for highest rating in NBA 2K20

Does OKC need to include picks in a potential CP3 trade?


“That’s what the picks are for so that you can find a way to incentivize people to take this contract” – Elhassan

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