Show Recap: July 10, 2019 (Ramona Shelburne hosts)

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Opening Tip
Surprised Kawhi opted for shorter deal?
3-year/$103M with a player option after year 2

“No. When he’s able to opt out, he can get the supermax and is going to get paid even more” – Spears

“I don’t think there’s a risk here for Kawhi” – MacMahon


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First Half

Adam Silver talks player tampering and free agency timing

Time for NBA to reconsider tampering rules?

“They’re a joke and forget players talking to each other. If you want to actually have rules you can enforce, you have to completely recreate what those rules are because they’re not being enforced and nobody is following them” – MacMahon

“It’s a waste of time and energy. Just let it go early” – Spears


Are trade demands really that bad?

Adam Silver:

“What we’ve seen in the last few years, contracts don’t even matter anymore” – Shelburne

“This is a business. The owners want to keep acting like its not a business” – Spears

“Let’s not act like this is just suddenly a problem. This is something that has been happening for generations in the NBA” – MacMahon

“The elite players (1% of players) are finally seeing the power that they have. When you have it, you better use it because you’re going to lose it fast. They understand that this is a business” – Spears

July 10, 2014 – Giannis Antetokounmpo with the sensational move and finish at the basket in summer league!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

Miss (Tacko Tuesday).JPG
How much money would need to be offered to take a charge from Tacko?


Brandon Goodwin.JPG

Make (Herro Ball).JPG
Is Tyler the Herro the Heat need?
Statline: 25 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists vs the Magic

“It might be the hero that the OKC Thunder needs” – MacMahon

Miss (Cobra Kai).JPG
Is headband LeBron going to be a thing?

Make (10 and 2).JPG
Are two-handed posterizations the best posterizations?


Moving on…

In or out on NBA Coach’s challenge?

“I’m out. It’s too much” – Spears

“I’m fine with the challenge, but they got to speed up the replay process” – MacMahon

“We have a situation now where a call could be reversed that determines a game. The end result is going to be you’re going to see more foul calls because once you make the call, it can be reviewed, but if you don’t make the call, then it cannot be reviewed” – Shelburne

Spears and MacMahon:

“You should call more fouls because they can always be reviewed if you were wrong. But the only thing I worry about is the turn with the finger instead of the coach’s flag” – Shelburne

Second Half

Ok with Knicks summer league squad walking off court without shaking hands?

“It’s pretty embarrassing but in terms of things that have happened that are embarrassing for the Knicks over the last year, it’s down the list. Also, having most of your rotation playing summer league in you’re winless, not a good look” – MacMahon

“This isn’t Williamsport, this is Vegas. Why do they need to shake hands?” – Spears

Give RJ Barrett credit for actually playing in summer league?
Statline vs Raptors: 17 pts 10 rbs 6 asts 3 blks & 6-14 FG

“I give him credit, but I’m happy for him. Barrett is always going to have a spotlight on him because he is in New York. He gets to feel that and get used to that this summer. This is a good thing for him whereas for those other guys, come training camp, that’s going to be their summer league. They’re going to be a step behind” – Spears

“I give him credit for competing” – MacMahon

Amar’e Stoudemire: “I still have a lot to offer” (Via MSG Networks) | Could you see Amar’e making a comeback?

“I think he probably has more game left than leadership to offer. When was he ever known as a leader?” – MacMahon

“We haven’t seen players who have been out of the NBA come back into the league very often” – Shelburne

“The thing that hurts him and Monta Ellis, teams probably see them still as the diva that they kind of were when they were players. I don’t think they trust that they’ll come in and be the leader that they’ll be” – Spears

“Players like Monta and Amar’e, there is something you can give in the same way Vince Carter is doing” – Shelburne

Draymond: A better way to evaluate NBA defense by Nate Silver (FiveThirtyEight)

Source: Kawhi signs for less than max to align with Paul George deal

2-year window for Clippers to win title?

“This actually bodes much better than people realize. They’re trying to do something that’s not been done: reestablish the Clippers as a thing. Every time he’s won somewhere, he’s left. It sets up [Kawhi] to be there for the long-term” – Yates

“This is the move that LeBron James did in 2014 that I thought a lot more players were going to attempt. But so far, only LeBron James and Kevin Durant and now Kawhi Leonard have done which is to maintain maximum flexibility and leverage on your new club” – Shelburne

“If I’m the Clippers, I’m not concerned about this. I’m confident that with the supporting cast they have, a co-star in Paul George that they will be contending for titles. If they handle their business,  then Kawhi will be there a lot longer than 2 years” – MacMahon

“The Clippers are going to be on pins and needles those entire 2 years trying to make sure he’s happy. It’s a good problem to have. But I’d be really fearful leaving money on the table, especially if you have injury problems” – Spears

Any silver lining to Wizards offseason?

Wizards offseason.JPG


“Bradley Beal is going to have plenty of value” – MacMahon


Canyon of Heroes
Closest Knicks fan will get to a parade?

“The thing I’m most concerned about with the Knicks this year is what’s going on with Fiz. I’m really interested to see how he handles this team” – Yates

Knicks over Spurs?
Marcus Morris interested in Knicks over Spurs?

“More money and I also hear that he quietly has a good connection with Fizdale. Also, in that meeting that they had, he connected with him even more” – Spears

“I get his motivation. He’s got 5 million reasons to do it. It’s a bad look to back out of a deal. But how many power forwards do the Knicks plan on signing this summer?” – MacMahon

Warriors culture in danger after losing Iggy & Livingston?

“They lose the Oakland culture, they lose a lot of the players. But the Warriors culture starts with three guys: Steph, Klay and Draymond. And until one of those three leaves, they’re still the Warriors” – Spears

“Iguodala and Livingston were great vets. But now the vets are now Steph, Klay and Draymond” – MacMahon

“They got a great run out of this. What more can you ask for?” – Yates

At the buzzer
Westbrook likes IG post of himself in Heat jersey

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Russ to Miami?

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“I’m not quite ready to rule out the Rockets” – MacMahon

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