Show Recap: July 3, 2019 (Daytime & Nighttime)

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Daytime Show

Opening Tip
Is Kawhi in Toronto???


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First Half

Latest free agency news (through July 3):

Woj: Grizzlies trade Chandler Parsons to Hawks for Solomon Hill, Miles Plumlee

Woj: Darius Miller agrees to 2 year/$14.25M deal with Pelicans

Woj: Jared Dudley agrees to 1 year/$2.6M deal with Lakers

Woj: Rodney McGruder agrees to 3 year/$15M deal with Clippers

As fans wait for Kawhi to make a decision, it feels like you’re living in:


Latest on Kawhi’s free agency decision

“What’s amazing is Kawhi is the type of guy that’s trying to keep everything under wraps and trying to be so secretive. That’s almost impossible to do these days” – Mullin



“I don’t think there will be this mass outrage if Kawhi leaves” – Arnovitz

Which team has most to lose missing on Kawhi?

“The Clippers have the most to lose. I don’t see how they’re going to do it in the next year [as far as winning a title is concerned]” – Windhorst

“For the near-term future, Toronto has the most to lose. Pascal Siakam is a very nice piece. They won’t have the capacity to plug that hole with Kawhi. You can kiss goodbye to the immediate contention of the Toronto Raptors” – Arnovitz

“Lakers. They automatically become the favorites in the league for many years to come. Without him, now you’re looking to trying to find some players who may be mid-level type salaries or above at minimum deals” – Mullin

July 3, 2017 -Jayson Tatum with the nasty one-handed throwdown on the Sixers in Summer League!


Make or Miss League Harden

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Thrones; Better name: King’s landing or Jurassic Park?

Arnovitz: Jurassic Park | Shelburne: King’s Landing | Mullin: Jurassic Park | Perkins: Jurassic | Nichols: King’s Landing

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Patrick Star; Bol Bol has squidward tattoo

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Turkish Delight; Kanter’s future as a WWE star

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LA Recruiting; Best pitch for Kawhi so far?

Moving on…

Expect return of MVP Steph next season?

“What we’re going to see in the new Chase Center is Steph will probably lead the league in scoring. He’ll score at a high, high level again” – Mullin

“The conditions for him to win MVP are absolutely perfect” – Arnovitz

“The MVP race for better or worse is framed in November and December. If he can keep them relevant for a 5 or 6 seed, that would be a compelling narrative, which is so important in the MVP race” – Windhorst

Cauley-Stein a better fit with Warriors than Boogie?
Will sign a deal close to the minimum, per Zach Lowe

“This is a great pickup by the Warriors. He really likes to run the floor and his shot blocking. What it really says is the Warriors are going to play small and when you play small, you have to play fast. You can’t play in between” – Mullin

“I like the fit defensively in terms of defending and space, which the Warriors demand. I also like it in terms of open space in transition” – Arnovitz

“This signing is better than the DeMarcus signing last year. Cauley-Stein is so much more what they need defensively. He is going to be extraordinarily motivated. I think it’s a terrific signing and the fact that they were able to get him at a low number when they were under the hard cap, great work by the Warriors from the office” – Windhorst

Second Half

Who leads Nets locker room: Kyrie or KD?

“For these guys, they got a fresh start and what they can really do is really just get back to the basics of basketball. For Kyrie, it’s going to be really important that he leads by example and let his game do the talking” – Mullin


“I’m not sure that I would necessarily want my locker room turned over to Kyrie because is very inconsistent in his attitude. Garrett Temple will be a guy who instantaneously comes in there and becomes an important part of that team and he is going to play” – Windhorst

“I don’t worry about Kyrie in October and November, I worry about Kyrie in February and March” – Arnovitz

How good can Nets be this season without KD?
Vegas giving the Brooklyn Nets the 5th best title odds of all the teams in the East

“They’re somewhere around 45-50 wins. Kyrie can really solidify his leadership just by helping Kenny Atkinson and Sean Marks continue that that type culture of a hard-working, basketball first franchise” – Mullin

“Their depth is one of their great attributes. They’re a mid-40 wins team if Kyrie stays healthy the entire season. They’re not a championship team this year” – Windhorst

“Mid-40 wins sounds about right” – Arnovitz

A universe exists where the Knicks didn’t botch free agency by Tim Bontemps

How did Pacers land Brogdon?

Windhorst & Mullin:

“I find it very interesting considering that it came with cost” – Nichols

“They got something for that cost. They got a certain level of certainty” – Arnovitz


Reverse Recruitment
Jared Dudley pitched himself to Lakers?

Via “The Woj Pod:”

“Once I got the OK from LeBron, we were going to make it happen” – Dudley

Bigger in Texas Farewell to the Bobi and Tobi show

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“I’ll miss them dancing” – Windhorst

“They can figure a way out to continue to the show” – Mullin

At the buzzer
Kawhi Watch: Day 4

“They’ve convinced me. I think it’s a good chance he stays in Toronto” – Mullin

“We should just assume it’s a meeting and not assume it means anything” – Windhorst

Nighttime Show

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First Half Only:

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Second Half Only:

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First Half

Kawhi in the six good news for Raptors?

“I got to agree with Jalen. I just don’t see him traveling 6 hours on a plane to go and tell Toronto that he’s not coming back. That could have been done over a phone call. I think this speaks volumes” – Perkins

“He loves the way he was treated in Toronto, physically. He has confidence there” – Mullin



“We’ve seen guys fly one place and then commit somewhere else” – Nichols

Buy Raptors odds change after Kawhi flight video?

“The trust factor is a huge thing for Kawhi. He has trust in the medical team there. I’d say Toronto” – Mullin

Perkins & Mullin:

July 3, 2017 – Markelle Fultz going up high for the block on Kadeem Allen of the Celtics in Summer League!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

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D-Wade to Jimmy: “You can’t wear No. 3 & can’t have my locker”

“It’s Wade County for a reason. Fall in line” – Perkins

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Is there anything Scottie Pippen isn’t good at?

Moving on…

Would Kyle Korver be a good fit for Lakers?

“Absolutely. Everybody loves Kyle Korver” – Perkins

“Perfect fit to a championship caliber team. He needs to be on a winning situation” – Mullin

Second Half

How did Nets land KD & Kyrie?

“If you go back to looking over the summers, KD and Kyrie been working out together all the time” – Perkins

“If you go back to last summer, KD and Kyrie been working out together all the time” – Perkins


Expect Steph to return to pre-KD version of himself?

“I think he can to certain extent because they’re going to load manage the hell out of him. This is a different year. After five straight years in the Finals, I just don’t see him taking that step back to an MVP level in the moment” – Friedell

DeMarcus Cousins remains unsigned: Why?

“The game is changing. You have to be an athletic center, you have to be a guy that can be versatile. The injury really affected him, but he’s never been an above the rim type player. The game has passed up Boogie. There’s still room for him to improve. But people still question his character as far as culture is concerned. Culture is huge now in the NBA” – Perkins

“He was not a culture problem in New Orleans or Golden State” – Nichols

“I really think it’s just injuries. He just came out a torn quad and a torn achilles” – Shelburne

“He’s got baggage on two fronts: Injuries and he built a reputation in Sacramento” – Friedell


Heading to ATL
Change of scenery good for Chandler Parsons?

“Change of scenery is always good for Chandler on a lot other reasons besides basketball. I don’t think his body right now is to a point where he’s going to make much of a difference” – Friedell


Run it Back

Notable 4th of July moves:

“I was in Orlando at summer league. The Thunder were down there. The stunned look on players, coaches, executives, everybody that was there was unbelievable” – Friedell

Will Kawhi still be a free agent after 4th of July?

“He signs tomorrow and he gives us fireworks” – Perkins

“Tomorrow is the day” – Friedell

“Later because why not?” – Shelburne

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