Show Recap: July 2, 2019 (Daytime & Nighttime)

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Daytime Show

Opening Tip
Woj: 76ers offered Simmons max extension

“Lock him down early” – Mullin

“Assuming a jumper never comes, he’s still really, really freaking good” – Elhassan

“On a max deal, you got to learn how to shoot” – Friedell

Main Panel:

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First Half

Would joining Lakers change how we see Kawhi?

“My feelings about him have never changed since San Antonio. Conventional wisdom is people are going to be angry that he teams up with guys in LA. But to me, it’s called free agency for a reason and he doesn’t owe anybody squat. Two teams he’s played with two rings. He gets to do whatever he wants” – Elhassan

“His status as a player is not going to change. His demeanor has a lot to do with it. He’s keeping it so quiet. It has a lot to do with perception” – Mullin

“He’s earned the right to do whatever he wants. He’s earned that with two rings. This is a guy who comes out and isn’t interested in self-image stuff. He takes care of business” – Friedell


How big a blow would losing Kawhi be to the Raptors?

“It’s going to be a major shift, one of their strengths has been their depth. They got some good players that they developed. They would be a 4 or 5 seed” – Mullin

“Pascal Siakam would have to take a step forward. They’re going to be a scrappy middle of the road playoff team. You can’t replace Kawhi Leonard” – Elhassan

“This is what happens when you go all in. They got to be ecstatic with what they have. Once you win a title, the expectations change. You lose Kawhi, they have no chance to repeat and no chance to be like the team we just saw go all the way and win it all” – Friedell

July 2, 2008 – Seattle Sonics moving to Oklahoma City to become the Oklahoma City Thunder!

Make or Miss league Kawhi

Make (Retirement).JPG
Can you blame this guy for trying D-Wade?

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Miss (Gap Year).JPG
Alen Smailagic (Warriors) throws down in summer league

Make (Green Light).JPG
Do these rookies have the green light in summer league?

Miss (Print).JPG
Feeling Klay’s newspaper shoes?

Moving on…

Did Warriors take KD for granted?
Click here to read more about this topic by Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated

KD’s former teammate, Kendrick Perkins said the following:

“It was time for him to leave Golden State. They were taking him for granted”

“From a basketball standpoint, it’s impossible to take KD for granted. As for the love, they’re going to lean towards their guys that they drafted” – Mullin


“They did everything they could of within their power to make him feel happy” – Elhassan

Do Warriors adjust to D-Lo’s game or vice versa?

“He fits in perfectly offensively. The big issue is defensively. They replace him with a guy who is not a defensive guy. That’s a big issue that they’re going to have to address over the coming months”- Elhassan

“Offensively, he’ll be fine. He’s going to score points. Defensively, he has the size to play the two-guard, but that’s not his calling card so defensively is where he’s going to have to step it up” – Mullin

Second Half

76ers better or worse than last season?

“A little bit better. The questions are: Does Ben’s jumper get better? Can Al play with Joel for large minutes or do they have to size down in the playoffs and only play one big at a time?” – Joerger

“They really missed out on the incredible chemistry between Redick and Embiid. Harris is going to be a better version of himself because more opportunity and responsibility” – Elhassan

“I think they’re better. If Simmons can learn how to shoot and space out the floor a little more and Harris starts taking the Jimmy shots, they’ll come out of the East if it all clicks” – Friedell

Ben Simmons shot making:

Giannis in 2021 a pipe dream for Knicks?
6 of the new players that the Knicks signed this offseason have contracts that expire in 2021

“Dreams are the starting point for hope and hope is the starting point for a plan. If you don’t have a dream, no one hands it to you. You got to start dreaming about doing that and setting yourself up. They’re not handed to you” – Elhassan

“I applaud the Knicks for having a contingency plan, but it is the start of a long journey and you have to start it with steps in the right direction and not steps backward” –  Elhassan

“Those contracts are going to be able to be moved throughout the next 2 years where they can get assets back for future picks. But Giannis likes it in Milwaukee. It is a pipe dream for him to go [to New York]” – Joerger

Friedell and Elhassan:

Why the collapse of the Warriors feels so abrupt by Zach Lowe

If no Kawhi, next move for Clippers?

“They built a quality roster. Their entire organization is top notch now, top to bottom. That is around the league. The agents know that, the players know that this is a destination. If I was them, I’d keep their space” – Joerger

“I don’t know if they’ll make the playoffs again but they’re definitely going to be competitive and good even if Kawhi Leonard doesn’t arrive” – Elhassan

“The culture is in place and these guys know exactly what they’re supposed to do in the system. If I’m the Clippers, I continue building with the core you have, hope for a trade somewhere for a star” – Friedell

Another installment of…

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Smart for Isaiah Thomas to join Wizards? (Per Adrian Wojnarowski)

“I just don’t think his body can withstand it anymore, sadly. His time is just about over” – Friedell

“If he’s physically feeling better and good enough to play, then this is a good opportunity for him to showcase that he’s back” – Elhassan

“With John Wall being out, this works out for I.T.” – Joerger

Surprised at slow FA market for Boogie? (Per Adrian Wojnarowski)

“I’m not surprised at all because after that playoff injury, he came back and had a couple of good games, but then he had some games where, especially towards the end, Toronto was clearly just targeting him because defensively, he just couldn’t move. He still has a lot of work to do before you get back to a standard form, let alone where he was before the Achilles a couple of years ago” – Elhassan

“Go some place where you play a big role. I’d love him to stay in Golden State or go to Miami” – Joerger

“He’s worth $2.1M at a vet minimum. But I just don’t know how much better he can be after these last couple of injuries” – Friedell

Nighttime Show

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First Half Only:

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Second Half Only:

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First Half

How competitive will Warriors be next season?

“Based on the lineup, they’re still pretty solid” – Pippen

“They’ll be a playoff team. Offensively and defensively, they did a good job” – Mullin

“They haven’t done a very good job the last couple years at filling out that roster. They seem to be doing a little better this year because there’s more opportunity in Golden State” – Shelburne

What’s the best legacy play for Kawhi?

“I don’t think it really matters. His legacy is pretty cemented in stone. This next choice he makes will work out just fine. I compare him to Scottie Pippen. This decision is really personal” – Mullin

“His legacy is pretty much solidified. He’s showed a lot of resilience. His choice right now to go and play for any team, I don’t think that’s going to tarnish his legacy at all. Wherever he goes, he will continue to win” – Pippen



“This is probably more personal and it’s about who you’re going to play with. But I do think at this stage of his career, dealing with whatever pain or whatever injury that he’s going to have to play with going forward, this may play into that and to some degree, he may need to be with other superstars” – Pippen

“The All Load Management Team” – Shelburne if Kawhi joins AD and LeBron in LA with the Lakers

Understand why KD left Warriors?

Second Half

Biggest reason you chose Clippers in free agency?
Signed for 3 years, $40 million

“Lou Williams was a big factor, to be honest. Him and Montrezl Harrell are like brothers to me. For my legacy, I want to reach Gary Payton and get Defensive Player of the Year and in order to get that, I had to go with the Clippers” – Beverley

“I got a bigger bag somewhere else. 3 years/$50M from the Sacramento Kings” – Beverley

“Will compete at the highest level. Were going to make the playoffs for sure” – Beverley

Arnovitz and Beverley:

How would you recruit Kawhi to Clippers?

Max deal put more or less pressure on Ben Simmons?

“The pressure has turned up not only from the home fans, but on the road. People are going to continue to make him show that he deserves that salary and that’s just part of our game. The big stars, the guys that make the big money, they step up and they are the big stars at the end of games so he has to continue to work and develop his game. Some day, I’m sure they see him as a leader of that team” – Pippen


“This is the moment where Philly is no longer playing with house money. Now they are on the clock. The process is over” – Arnovitz

“For the first three quarters, he will be the man” – Pippen

Reaction to latest free agency moves:

Jump Ball Regular

Better supporting cast (Kyrie or Kemba).JPG

Beverley: Kyrie

Pippen: Kemba
“With the absence of Kyrie, I see Kemba a little bit different. I see him as a point guard who wants to run a team instead of do more scoring even though he did a lot of scoring in Charlotte I do see him more as coming in trying to fit in instead of taking over”

“The Celtics have the better starting five, The Nets have the better depth” – Windhorst

Better backcourt (Dubs or Thunder).JPG

Pippen: Russ & PG-13
“That chemistry will continue to get better”

Beverley: Russ & PG-13
“They just need players that can knock down shots”

Windhorst: Russ & PG-13
“Those are two All-NBA players. They’re the only team that’s going to have two All-NBA players who are returning at least for next year. That’s something to be reckoned with”


MPJ healthy?
Michael Porter Jr. on Summer League: “I’m expecting to dominate”

Pau coming back?
Pau Gasol aiming to return for 19th season

Turns 39 on July 6. He underwent surgery for a stress fracture in his left foot in May and expects to be fully cleared to play by August, per Adrian Wojnarowski

“Teams will take a look at him, but there’s going to be concerns about that foot” – Windhorst

Buy AD’s reasoning for waiving trade kicker? (Via Arash Markazi/LA Times)

“I’m buying it. All in all, he’s done enough to recoup any kind of money that he loses. This is giving himself an opportunity to win” – Pippen

“I do kind of buy that he cares more about his legacy than the money. I take him at his word” – Windhorst

“I totally buy that he wants to win. He did a lot of things just to get to LA to do this” – Nichols

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