Show Recap: June 25, 2019

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Opening Tip
Marcus Smart: Role “bigger than ever now” (Won the 2018-2019 hustle award)


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First Half

Monologue: The NBA Awards had some legit awesome moments (Now let’s get rid of them)

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The NBA feels a lot like high school. Everyone knows each other and is usually talking behind each other’s backs
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Hall monitors make sure that no one is passing notes (tampering)
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And every July, there is a big scramble to see who gets to sit at who’s lunch table In this analogy, the NBA awards would then be like the prom
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Harden was only hardly the only elite player who wasn’t there. In fact, most of them weren’t which brings back the idea of having this awards show at all. This event is only 3 years old
What they used to do was handout these awards one by one during the early rounds of the playoffs letting guys accept their trophies in front of their home crowds
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Remember when Allen Iverson won the MVP in Philadelphia and they were cheering so loud they didn’t even let him speak at first?

Reaction to Giannis’ MVP speech?

“Touching. Very touching. Just knowing this young man’s career and the journey that he’s been on, it’s amazing. To see that he’s already league MVP at such a young age, I take my hat off to him. It was a great speech” – Pippen

“You could hear a pin drop when he was addressing the crowd. It was a special moment. You have to have so much respect for him. He has such dedication. He’s raising his own game, but the entire league because he has that type of focus and expectation for himself, it’s gotten better” – McMenamin

Giannis: “I’ll be back next year”



“His shot is going to be a lot more fluid. He will be back. There’s a lot of hardware out there for him. He’s sending a notice to the league that there’s more to come” – Pippen

June 25, 1999 – Avery Johnson from the left baseline knocking down a clutch jumper vs the Knicks and winning the first ever title for the Spurs!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

Make (Pressure).JPG
Is Japan Kemba the new China Klay?
Made 20 shots in 90 seconds, including the 40 footer just before the buzzer!

Miss (Remorse).JPG
Evan Turner: “Thanks for the cheese”
The name “Neil” is a reference to Blazers GM, Neil Olshey in which he gave Turner a 4-year/$70M contract back in 2016

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“And when I’m gone they gone remember me. Not for how I hoop but for my energy..” Pdx, it’s been real. I enjoyed the journey, team accomplishments, and vibe of the PNW To my teammates: we did a lot of great things together. We overcame a lot because we were a true team and we persevered together. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey. The sky is the limit Blazers organization: Thank you for allowing me to come to work in a positive environment! I was able to make a lot of bonds beyond basketball with the coaching staff and all the people behind the scenes. First class place that will only keep reaping the benefits of good karma. Last but not least, THANKS FOR THE CHEESE 🤑 #namingmydogneil

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Is this ref in the wrong profession?

Via ellie.powell/IG:

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Do you want to join the Aron Baynes fan club?

Moving on…

Significance of 4 foreign-born award winners this season?
The last time both the ROY and MVP were born outside the US was 2001-02 with Pau Gasol and Tim Duncan

Second Half

BS or Real Talk

Andre Iguodala: “Nobody’s going to the Knicks, sorry”
Knicks have $70M in cap space, most in the NBA


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“KD is in a good place. This injury probably brought him to reality and the support that his teammates are giving him. Once you lose one of your brothers, you get to understand how close you are. They all need each other” – Pippen

“I believe Brooklyn is going to have a major offer for him, he wants to play with Kyrie Irving. I don’t think he’s staying” – McMenamin

What if KD stay in Golden State:

Jeanie Buss: “I’m very confident in Rob Pelinka”

“You are putting full confidence into someone who has not proven themselves on the job yet. To have 100 percent confidence in him now, that’s lowering your standard of championships. It’s misplaced confidence” – McMenamin

“The jury is still out on him. He has to prove himself. I feel like the fans are going to get frustrated before he’s able to put a team on the floor that can win” – Pippen

Daryl Morey: “[Rockets are] going to be the favorites in the West for sure”

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“Without the Golden State Warriors standing in their way, the sky’s the limit for them. They can put it together and win a title” – Pippen

“He just didn’t sound that confident” – McMenamin

Mike Conley Jr.: “Utah, I’m looking forward to it”


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“You kind of feel like you’re out of culture [in Utah] to some degree” – Pippen

RecommendsKyrie or D’Angelo? How Brooklyn might handle a difficult decision by Zach Lowe

“Almost no one inside the league thinks this is an easy decision.”

Who makes more sense for Nets: D’Angelo Russell or Kyrie Irving?

“As a solo player, they’re not going to win right now. I like D-Russell. If KD is coming, I like Kyrie because you got two experienced players that are ready to win” – Pippen

“Kyrie Irving. People who have coached him tell me that he’s the most talented offensive player they’ve ever been around” – McMenamin

Danny Ainge: “Good people makes coming to work more fun”

Did Ainge take a shot at Kyrie?

“I felt like he was. He felt like last year, the locker room kind of got a little bit out of control and having young players there on your team, they’re very fragile and if you can’t have a veteran there to control that, then things can get out of hand and it didn’t look too good for him last season” – Pippen

“He has to frame the situation moving forward to be as digestible as possible for Boston fans who thought they were about to open up a multi-year championship window” – McMenamin

“I don’t know if it was just Kyrie Irving that he may of been thinking of in that moment. It could have been five different players that he was talking about” – Nichols

June 25, 2009 – Stephen Curry selected 7th overall by the Warriors!

Knicks fans reaction to the pick:



Lifetime Achievement
Scottie, memories of facing Bird and Magic?

Shade in the Summer
PJ Tucker throwing shade at Rudy Gobert?

“What’s wrong with the show of emotion? He showed how much he cared about the All-Star game” – McMenamin

What’s the best pitch Warriors can make to KD & Klay?

Warriors GM, Bob Myers on their plans with to meet with KD & Klay:


“There will be no recruiting for either free agent” – Steve Kerr

McMenamin and Pippen:

Buy Ujiri’s confidence in Kawhi returning?

Via TSN:

“He’s got to be confident” – Pippen

“Some people with the Clippers are confident too” – McMenamin

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