Show Recap: June 24, 2019

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Nets favorites to land KD?




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First Half

Monologue: Kawhi Leonard is the NBA’s last great mystery

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There’s not much that’s a mystery anymore. This is true in life where people whip out their cell phones and document and share pretty much everything they do and in the NBA where fans talk and speculate about event years before they even happen examining every more so of what a player says and does like a trail of breadcrumbs
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No one knows for sure where Kyrie Irving is going to sign when free agency opens on June 30, but there are at least plenty of clues to pick up an examine
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That the Celtics never made the Pelicans a godfather offer for Anthony Davis indicates they probably don’t think that Kyrie is staying. Otherwise, they’d have gone all in on trying to win a title of this next year

But you can’t do that with this guy:

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Yahoo! Sports is reporting Kawhi would not pick up the option on his contract which will make the free agent derby for him official. But as for where he actually wants to go? Good luck! Kawhi might be the NBA’s last great mystery. He is a man who keeps the circle around him the size of a pencil dot. There is his family and that is it
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What about the fact that he’s from Riverside, CA and then went to San Diego State which is about a 2 hour drive from LA. Are either of those places close enough that that’s going to make the difference? Who knows!
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And what about the matter of other teams? Would he take a meeting with the Knicks, the Sixers?
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Just don’t expect Kawhi to take a meeting with the Suns according to an old Arizona Republic story that’s been recirculating this week. Phoenix passed on Kawhi back on draft night 2011 because they thought he was too sweaty during their pre-draft interview

What should Kawhi do?

“It looks like a one year deal to stay in Toronto would be a great deal for him. Having an opportunity to go back and play with your teammates and not really leave them hanging. I think they’re all looking forward to trying to defend this title so I would say one year deal” – Pippen

“This is the first time in his life as an adult where he can make the decision where he wants to go and that’s why I think he will meet with teams, the Clippers and The Lakers both have very good pitches in terms of they can sell him. On the Lakers side, there’s legacy, there’s also SoCal On the Clippers side, it’s a blank slate and come do what you just did in Toronto” – McMenamin

June 24, 1992 – Shaq drafted by the Orlando Magic as the first overall pick!

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RJ’s Knicks intro give you chills?

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Has Shareef O’Neal been watching clips of his dad?


Make (Settings).JPG
What happens if there’s a long miss out of bounds?
NBA superfan, Jimmy Goldstein has converted his tennis court into a workout court for the Space Jam 2 cast

Miss (Defense).JPG
Not even a camper gets spared from the shammgod?

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Moving on…

CP3: “I’ll be in Houston…I’m happy about that”


“I spoke with him. He seems very happy. He said that all this stuff that’s going out is nothing but rumors. Nothing is true. He’s looking forward to going back next season. He wants to win right now” –  Pippen

“I think there’s a fundamental tension between the way Chris Paul likes to play basketball and James Harden does. I don’t see that necessarily changing” – McMenamin

Second Half

When should NBA Awards be handed out?

“They should be given out in April. The players want to be appreciated by their own peers and it’s very tough to be appreciated when they giving you the awards and you’re not around your teammates and your teammates can’t even congratulate you. I felt like it was more exciting when players get it maybe before the last game or the last couple weeks of the season. I think it has more impact” – Pippen




Who’s your whole season MVP [including the playoffs]?

“Kawhi Leonard. You have to give it to him. I don’t think it’s even close because those last two months matter more than the regular season” – McMenamin

“Kawhi Leonard” – Ogwumike

“Kawhi Leonard” – Pippen


Who’s your entire season All-NBA 1st team?

“I actually did vote on this team. I didn’t have Kawhi on my first team. I had Paul George on my first team” – McMenamin

“I’ll give Jokic some love because he was denied love the entire season” – Ogwumike

RecommendsHow Clippers can make their anti-pitch to Kawhi by Kevin Arnovitz

Another installment of…

As The Kings Turn

Willie Cauley-Stein wants out
His agent has told the Kings that his client needs a “fresh start” and has asked the team to make him an unrestricted free agent


“There’s plenty of teams that would want a player like him. I’m looking at the frontcourt: they’re better together especially with this young core but sometimes you have to demand your value and do what you have to do” – Ogwumike

“He does have an opportunity to move. But the minutes are not there for him to continue to produce and get better. It may be better if they allow him to walk but only at their advantage” – Pippen

What could make Clippers appealing to Kawhi?

“None of those are top 5 players” – McMenamin

“The team roster. They are a competitive team, they’ve shown, even in the playoffs, that they can compete with Golden State with being a lesser team and they also got a championship coach in Doc Rivers. That’s a lot” – Pippen

“It’s not necessarily about the Clippers, it’s more about Kawhi and his mind frame and he can work for his legacy now” – Ogwumike


Clippers free agency plans:


Iso Joe
Joe Johnson already in The Big 3 convo?
Had 27 points and 16 rebounds in his debut

Big 3 Brouhaha
Did Royce White forget which sport he was playing?
White, FYI, is training in MMA

Summer showdown
Expectations for Zion vs RJ in Summer League?
Marquee matchup: July 5 on ESPN (Pelicans vs Knicks)

“Pelicans are living their best life right now” – Ogwumike

“They’ll all be cheering for Zion” – Pippen

Big Apple Fine
Knicks fined $50k for violating media policy, the NBA announced


Are you as optimistic as Danny Ainge is about Celtics future?


“No. That’s what he has to say. They’re not going to be a team competing for a title” – Pippen

“It’s like the glass half-full vs empty. You have a lot of flexibility, but you also don’t have any certainty” – Ogwumike

At the buzzer

“I like it. Both guys have trended in the right direction this past season, but now it’s more so about fit” – Ogwumike

“It’s going to be an even swap at the end of the day” – Pippen

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