Show Recap: June 20, 2019 (From Barclays Center at the NBA Draft) – Part 2

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ESPN NBA Draft expert, Mike Schmitz

NBA Draft prospect, JA Morant

First Half


Best shooter: Cam Johnson
45% from three on over 200 attempts last season with the Tar Heels

“The guy can get it off quickly. He has a great feel” – Schmitz

Best ball handler: Darius Garland

“Reminds me a little bit of Damian Lillard’s just in terms of how he gets to his spots, stepback game, change of pace” – Schmitz

“If he played a full season at Vanderbilt, we’d be talking about, is it Darius or is it JA as the best PG in the draft” – Schmitz

Best passer: JA Morant

“He actually reminds me a little of Trae Young in terms of his style of facilitating” – Schmitz

“JA Morant is the best PG in this draft. He’s a Russell Westbrook type athleticism player with a [Rajon] Rondo IQ” – Perkins

Best shot-blocker: Brandon Clarke
Averaged 4.0 blocks per 40 minutes last season with Gonzaga

“Some of the best verticality I’ve ever seen. He’s off the ground before the opponent is, his timing is incredible, over a 40 inch vertical” – Schmitz

“I got to give a lot of credit to Tacko Fall. He protected the rim like no other. He could actually block a couple of superstars” – Perkins

Best 2-way player: De’Andre Hunter
Shot 40% from three in 2 years with Virginia; 7 foot 2 wingspan

“Kind of like a rich man’s OG Anunoby. He’s an immediate impact guy. There are questions about his feel for the game and his ball-handling” – Schmitz

Best wing defender: Matisse Thybulle
Averaged 4.4 steals per 40 minutes and 2.8 blocks with Washington

“He does everything” – Perkins

“2 time defensive player of the year while averaging 10 points per game” – Schmitz

Best international prospect: Sekou Doumbouya (France)

“His physical attributes are actually very similar to Pascal Siakam” – Schmitz

“When they [Raptors] picked Siakam, people were kind of surprised. But they knew the kid and person that he was and how he was wired” – Schmitz

What’s Grizzlies identity moving forward?

“I see a lot of room for change. Having Marc [Gasol] leave us, that was hard. Mike [Conley] leaving, that’s huge because he brought so much to the team and to the city. It’s more than just basketball. Both were the foundation of what that city believes in” – Jackson

“Mike Conley’s time in Memphis was up” – Perkins

Have you talked to Marc Gasol since Raptors victory parade?

“I haven’t talked to him yet. I did congratulate him” – Jackson

On how he’s going to change his approach for next season being in a new role as the leader:

“Not that much changes. I was in attack mode last year to trying to prove myself that I belong here” – Jackson

How much do you know about JA Morant’s game?

“That’s my guy. We’ve been texting back and forth. He’s a great guy and hard working” – Jackson

What were you thinking Jaren Jackson Jr.JPG

“I had the space, but I had the GOAT on me. When you’re going up against the GOAT, you can’t do too much. It just felt good. You got to shoot it and get it off. That’s a guy I looked up to” – Jackson

Second Half

Expect Knicks to land top-tier free agent?

Notable free agents.JPG



How will Knicks draft impact free agency?

“The future picks are certainly valuable especially as we kick farther down the road. “If the age limit changes in 2022, that has a chance to be maybe the best draft in the last 10 years” – Schmitz

“I just hope for RJ Barrett, in terms of free agents, that he gets some help there” – Schmitz

“They have one place to go…and that’s up. They are going in the right direction. They can lure a good free agent” – Perkins

“If they don’t [get a big free agent], that’s alright. This administration with Scott Perry in charge, they are taking it the right way” – Elhassan

“I expect KD to give the Knicks a meeting” – Perkins


Buying in
Pressure on Warriors to build through draft?
They have the 41st pick

“That’s what they’ve always done. They’ve killed it in the draft year after year” – Schmitz

Jimmy Butler a fit with the Rockets? (Via Houston Chronicle)

“It would have changed their season if they had gotten him [at the trade deadline]” – Elhassan

Would you buy a wingspan box?

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Rachel Nichols’ one-on-one conversation with Zion Williamson (Part 2)


“My mom was the hardest coach I’ve ever had” – Williamson

On why he took a creative writing poetry elective during his senior year of high school:

“This is your place away from the world. Nothing is going to get out of here” – Williamson

On Drake wearing his high school jersey:

“Wow. One of my favorite rappers wore my jersey. I was just a junior. Of all people?” – Williamson

On possibly playing for Team USA this summer:

“I’ve looked into it and I’m still thinking about it. I do think it’d be a great experience if I do go. But at the same time, I’m just trying to get my feet wet in the NBA” – Williamson

On what he’ll ask the NBA veterans when he interacts with them:

“What do I do with all this free time?” – Williamson

Pelicans a good fit for Zion?

“I really do. He’s the best player and immediate impact guy. He’s a great fit” – Schmitz

“It’s a great fit. New Orleans got talent” – Perkins

“He’s incredibly blessed to be going to a situation that is excellently run, excellently coached and excellent facilities” – Elhassan

Reaction to Mike Conley Jr. trade?

Conley trade.JPG

“I actually seen it earlier in the day. He’s a great talent and I wish the best for him” – Morant

“Me and Jaren do have a close relationship” – Morant

How did you overcome not being a top recruit out of high school?

“I would say this past season. I always knew I had the talent to play at the NBA level. Being under the radar made me question myself. I can control what I can control” – Morant

On his father being tough on him:

Did you realize Zion was special during your AAU days?

Zion and Morant (AAU).JPG


What were you thinking JA Morant.JPG

“It was just, ‘Go finish the play.’ At the same time, I felt like that was a dumb decision on his part” – Morant

At the buzzer

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“I really don’t know the meaning of it but it’s very different. This is the best dressed class ever” – Morant

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