Show Recap: June 20, 2019 (From Barclays Center at the NBA Draft) – Part 1

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ESPN Front Office Insider, Bobby Marks

First Half

What draft night is like:

Rachel Nichols’ one-on-one conversation with Zion Williamson (Part 1)


On being the face of the Pelicans with AD gone and the pressure that he’ll face:

“I don’t really see it as pressure because I love to play basketball and I’m competitor. I’m not really looking at it as being the face, I’m looking at as what can I do that game to win and just enjoy being in the NBA” – Williamson

On his concerns with the Pelicans only making the playoffs twice during AD’s tenure with team:

“The Western Conference is a hard conference. Concerns is not sure yet” – Williamson

On new Pelicans roster:

“They can teach me the ropes and we can grow together” – Williamson

On his mindset when he’s running on the court on an open floor while getting to the basket:

“It depends on the moment. If were up and I’m feeling it, I’m going to try to freak something. But if it’s a close game, god let me make this dunk” – Williamson

On the dunk contest:

“I don’t think I’m going to do it unless something can change my mind. I’m not much of a dunk contest person. I just do it in warmups to get myself going” – Williamson

On being drafted into the NBA:

“It’s a lot to take in right now because I never thought I’d be in this position” – Williamson

Should Zion rethink stance on dunk contest?

“If people are that excited to see him dunk, put their money where their money is” – Elhassan

“I would literally buy tickets to go watch that man do a dunk contest. We haven’t seen a guy like this in forever” – Perkins

“It’s the risk of getting hurt” – Elhassan on a possible factor as to why superstars don’t do the dunk contest

Realistic expectations for Zion in year one?

Coach K says that he thinks that Zion could be an all-star in his first year in the West

“This is a special talent. I think he’ll average no less than 15 points, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks, 2 steals a game. He’s got a high energy level. If he was in the East, he would be a for sure pick that he’ll be an all-star. But being the West, it’s a 70 percent chance because this guy just wants to play basketball” – Perkins

“It’s not so much how well he’s going to play or how well he’s not going to play, it’s just the competition to get that [all-star] spot, unless he gets voted in as a starter” – Elhassan

“He’s going to have to learn at this level to pump the brakes a little bit” – Elhassan

“Only concern that I have with Zion: Get his weight down. That’s the only thing” – Perkins

June 20, 1993 – John Paxson with the game winning three pointer vs the Suns to secure the first of two three-peats for the Chicago Bulls!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

Make (DVDs).JPG
Nick Nurse says play call leading to “The shot” inspired by Hubie Brown DVD

Miss (Tailors).JPG
Who has most memorable draft day suit?

Billups: Jalen Rose

Make (Humor).JPG
Does this fan need to put respect on Shaq’s name?

IG Post (O'Neal).JPG

“I love it. That’s going to always fuel the fire” – Billups

Miss (Speculation).JPG
Happy about the “Space Jam 2” cast?

Space Jam 2 cast.JPG

Moving on…

Who should be No. 2 pick: JA Morant or RJ Barrett?

Billups: Morant
“The way that this game is played today, it’s PG driven. He’s shown that he can facilitate for others, makes players better and can go get his own shot”

Perkins: Morant
“He’s a game changer. He can come in and have an immediate impact on this league. He’s ready for the stage”

Elhassan: Morant
“The Mike Conley deal seals the deal”

Second Half

Let Zion choose where he wants to play next by Kevin Arnovitz

Time to rethink idea of drafting professional athletes?


“You get rid of the draft and you give every team a rookie exception that you can sign guys with and then the players go and play for teams that are going to set them up for success either because they got a positional need or because they’re doing the right thing” – Elhassan

“There’s a lot of these teams out here that want to be good, think they’re going to make the playoffs and then figure out their bad and then they start tanking and I think that’s what we need to get out of the idea that I can cover my mistakes by saying I meant to do it” – Elhassan

“The draft in itself is history. Just to be part of a draft is history. Keep history where it need to be” – Perkins

College still best place for American hoopers to prepare for NBA?


“It’s all about the different paths that kids take” – Elhassan

“We look at it as basketball, but this is a job. Why not go overseas and make a million dollars and start your career early and then come back to the NBA?” – Perkins


June 20, 2006 – Dwyane Wade with the spin move and the stepback jumper vs the Mavs!


Bucks chances of bringing Middleton back?


Expect Lakers to create more cap room?



“The West is wide open next year. With Anthony Davis and LeBron James together, you can go and put in pieces at a minimum salary. One person I wish the Lakers should to re-sign is JaVale McGee. He could be huge for them. You don’t need another superstar with those two guys” – Perkins

Concerned about Wizards front office?

“If I’m the Washington Wizards, I’d take a hard look at the assistant GM from OKC in Troy Weaver. He’s been overlooked. He does a lot as far as talent wise and he’s a DC guy. I would love to see him get that job” – Perkins

Marks & Elhassan:

Brian Windhorst at Knicks HQ

Brian Windhorst.JPG

What are Knicks doing with No. 3 pick?

“They are focused on RJ Barrett” – Windhorst

How will Knicks draft impact free agency?

“They are hoping to get a meeting with Kevin Durant and hope to get a meeting with Kawhi Leonard. But behind the scenes, they have made it clear they do not really want to chase a second-tier free agent. They want to build through the draft” – Windhorst

——————-End of Part 1——————-

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