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First Half

How much better does Mike Conley make Jazz?

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“He definitely makes them a much better basketball team because he is one of the better PGs in this league, he is underrated as far as a lot of the PGs that you talk about. He can also score, which is something Ricky Rubio couldn’t do on a consistent basis” – Scott

“This is all going to come down to whether he can stay healthy or not. If he’s healthy and he’s able to play the point, that puts Donovan in more of his natural position which is that scoring combo guard spot and the Jazz have a whole new look” – Shelburne

“If Mike can stay healthy on a consistent basis, this could be one of the better backcourts in the NBA” – Scott

“This is resetting this whole era for the Jazz. Donovan Mitchell is ready to take that next jump and Mike gives him the opportunity to do that because of his veteran age” – Shelburne

Did Grizzlies get enough for Conley?

“If you compare that to the AD trade, no. They didn’t get that much back” – Shelburne

On the end of the grit and grind era:

Lakers open to trading more assets for 3rd max player?

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“I don’t think so. You don’t need to go after another max guy. You really need to fill some other holes and get some shooting in there” – Scott

“It’s unnecessary. The way this trade was constructed, this should have been first and foremost on their minds as they were talking with the Pelicans. This should have been central to the conversations with the Pelicans and my understanding is that it was not. It’s been described to me as, ‘The Lakers called back after everything had been discussed.’ To do this now, you’ve lost all your leverage” – Shelburne

June 19, 2016 – LeBron James blocking Iggy in Game 7!


Make or Miss League Harden

Make: Disturbances
That awkward moment when…

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Miss: Mercy
Like seeing players pick on campers?

Make: Hope
LaVine in the dunk contest next year?

Moving on…

Horford seeking 4-year deal? (Via The Boston Herald and Woj)

“Al’s been their steady guy. That’s their leader. Is this the rebuild?” – Shelburne

“I was surprised when I heard this. He knows something that we don’t” – Scott

“My understanding is that he was open to doing a more team friendly contract initially” – Shelburne

Jackie Mac: Stevens “force feeding” Hayward was start of Celtics locker room issues (Via NBC Sports Boston)

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“I’m not buying it’s the root, but I am buying that it is one of the causes of the problem in their locker room. You trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, it does create a rift” – Scott

“This is what causes discord in the locker room? It comes back to: In the NBA, you just have to play the right guys at all times and it’s such a delicate balance” – Shelburne

Second Half

It’s back!

Wall and Order

Wizards not hiring GM until after free agency?!?
Per the Washington Post, Wizards owner, Ted Leonsis said they will lean on Coach Scott Brooks and interim president of basketball operations, Tommy Sheppard

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Shouldn’t the Wizards pursue Ujiri?

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“It’s going to cost you a ton and you’re still probably not going to end up getting him. He has a great situation in Toronto” – Scott

“He has a great situation in Toronto right at this moment, but that team could be a blip. The timing of this could not be worse for all involved and yet it is what it is” – Shelburne

Nick Nurse (Via The Lowe Post podcast):

Nick Nurse on Kawhi FA: “I’m going to see him tomorrow and I’ll ask him”

“Yeah. They’ve done the right approach the entire year. They have let Kawhi handle things on his terms, they have not put pressure on him, they’ve given him total autonomy, he has all the information he needs to know about what the Toronto Raptors are and the kind of organization they are for him and how successful he can be there” – Shelburne

“I guarantee he’s not going to bring up anything about free agency. He’s got enough information. The biggest thing he wants to do is just enjoy this NBA championship he just won” – Scott

Can RJ Barrett be better than his NBA godfather, Steve Nash? By Marc J. Spears (The Undefeated)

Does Jamal Murray know something we don’t about RJ & Zion?

Via Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated:

“RJ Barrett is the more complete player. If it was up to me, I would still take RJ.” – Jamal Murray

“No. Zion Williamson is a once in a lifetime type of player. He loves to play and compete” – Scott

“I’ve had people in this draft say that there is a bust potential with Zion, but that’s only because of what the ceiling is for him and the expectations. His game is not exactly what you would describe as the modern NBA game. He’s more of a throwback, power game. RJ Barrett was the No. 1 prospect coming into college and he was projected to be the No. 1 pick because his ceiling is so high” – Shelburne

Can T-Wolves find a buyer for Andrew Wiggins?

Wiggins stats.JPG

“Yeah they will. He hasn’t turned into what people wanted him to be” – Shelburne

“He’s missing that toughness, that heart, that competitive nature. I don’t see that in him every time I see him play. He has talent” – Scott

June 19, 1994 – Hakeem Olajuwon blocking John Starks game winning three pointer to force a Game 7!



Securing the bag
Woj: Khris Middleton decline $13M option with Bucks

“I don’t know. He’s about to get paid. But the max?” – Scott

“I wouldn’t pay him max money, but I’d give him a big contract” – Sedano

Change your face
Which team would make Rubio happy?

“Lakers. He’s a guy who can make anybody better. He just has to stay healthy” – Shelburne

Miami Vice
Silver lining to Hassan Whiteside picking up $27.1M option? (Via Miami Herald)

Miami Heat salaries.JPG

“By February, he’ll probably be on another team and you can save that cap space” – Scott

“He did them a favor by opting in because they are over the cap either way” – Shelburne

CP3 on report of trade demand: “Damn! That’s news to me”
Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports says the relationship between CP3 and James Harden was “unsalvageable”

CP3 IG comment.JPG
Credit: Bleacher Report/Instagram

Rockets GM, Daryl Morey says that his backcourt just “wants to win and tension is a good thing” (Via Golic & Wingo)

Rift between CP3 & Harden overblown?

“It’s not overblown but they’re going to have to make it work. How are they going to trade him?” – Shelburne

Scott and Shelburne:

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