Show Recap: June 17, 2019

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Opening Tip
Any surprise Drake is on the Raptors parade float?

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First Half Only:

Starting from the left: Rachel Nichols, Ramona Shelburne and Scottie Pippen

Second Half Only:

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LaMelo Ball

First Half

Monologue: Hello, it’s a whole new NBA

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Welcome to the new NBA. There are some lovely name badges over by the punch bowl, some chips and dip on the kitchen counter
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And don’t mind that big empty wall over in the living room. That’s where all expectations used to be hung about what the league would look like in the coming year, but they had to be ripped down because a lot has changed
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A week ago, Kevin Durant had an achilles tear, Klay Thompson was basically Wolverine and the Pelicans were working like crazy to get Boston to increase it’s offer for Anthony Davis so they can send him out of the Western Conference
LBJ walking away.JPG
LeBron James is one of the best players in the history of the NBA, but he is also a diminishing asset because is he after a human and you know how humans age. If you don’t look to maximize him now in the year he is turning 35, there’s really no point to have even signed him
Pelicans roster.JPG
And don’t forget that Zion is coming and David Griffin just gave him a whole bunch of new roommates to hang out with
There’s also that Antetokounmpo guy who can cross the front lawn in just three steps. Bottomline, it already looks really different around the NBA. And that’s only going to be more true over the next few weeks
Name badges and punch.JPG
By the time the new season opens in October, you might not recognize the place! But you’ll love the punch!

Expectations for AD-LeBron duo next season?

“Instantly, they are going cause problems throughout the league. They have a great opportunity to win a title this year” – Pippen

“This is what the Lakers do. They always get stars. But it’s just a lot they gave up” – Shelburne


Next moves for Lakers?


“I would love to see Kyrie join LeBron again. But they need some outside shooting” – Pippen

“My understanding is that AD doesn’t intend to waive his trade bonus [$4M]” – Shelburne

June 17, 1994 – Patrick Ewing throwing it down hard with the one hand on the Rockets!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

Make (Support).JPG
Even Oprah is a Raptors fan?!

Miss (Reality).JPG
Will the real Kawhi please stand up?

Make (Skill).JPG
Think Gary Woodland and Steph should play a round together?

Gary Woodland.JPG

Miss (Clarity).JPG
What was Kawhi doing here?

“I think they’ve been talking about next year since they won that title” – Pippen


Moving on…

Raptors have right approach to recruiting Kawhi?

VanVleet on Kawhi’s future plans:

“You want the opportunity to pick your own place and Kawhi has definitely earned that” – Pippen

“What they’ve [The Raptors] done all season is really get out of the way and let Kawhi play without any kind of pressure. They just try to be who they were and he really respected that” – Shelburne

“They just kind of have to let it up to him over what he thinks is most important to him” – Nichols

Second Half

LaMelo to play pro ball in Australia with the Illawarra Hawks of the NBL

Ball on his decision:

“It’s the best route for me. I’m trying to be the No. 1 pick for the 2020 draft”

Was college basketball ever an option?

“When I was younger, yeah. I committed to UCLA. But then stuff changed and then life changes too. I think it’s just better going overseas now” – Ball

Thoughts on Lonzo being traded to Pelicans?

“He can show more talent over in New Orleans” – Ball

June 17, 2008 – Kevin Garnett with the tough one handed layup off the glass, plus the foul vs the Lakers!


Do the Lakers need another star?


“The Lakers are the team to deal with right now” – Pippen

“I don’t know if I trust this front office yet to put the right guys around both AD/LeBron only because they didn’t do it last year” – Nichols

What’s next for Celtics after striking out on AD?

“They got to look back at where they were two years ago and try to develop those young players” – Pippen

“You hope that Gordon Hayward, the flashes that he showed late last season, can be something after having more time to rehab and get strong and get back to his game that he can be a major contributor” – McMenamin

Knicks offseason already a failure?

“They’re still going to make an offer to KD. Even if he does agree to go to them, all that momentum has kind of left the building” – McMenamin



An unsettling vibe surrounds these Rockets by Tim MacMahon


“Plant Guy” gives Kawhi a plant!

O Canada
Nick Nurse plans to coach Team Canada in FIBA world cup
Nurse was born in Iowa

World Class
Warriors buy full-page Ad in “Toronto Star” to congratulate Raptors

Image result for warriors ad toronto star

Thank you, next
Julius Randle to enter unrestricted free agency (Via The Athletic)

Rockets source: “There’s too much damn turmoil”


“If they’re going to resolve this, they’re going to have to do this in the offseason. They have to bring Harden/CP3 together” – Pippen


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