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First Half Only:

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Second Half Only:

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First Half

Rachel Nichols’ one on one conversation with NBA champs, Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry!

Raptors: 2nd team to beat reigning champs in first-ever Finals

Kawhi: 3rd player to win Finals MVP with multiple teams


“Our season was so up and down behind the scenes. Just to be here, the journey is lovely” – Leonard

Leonard on what the last 2 years have taught him and change him to get to where he is now:

“Always trust in yourself and have faith”

Leonard on people questioning him:

“I don’t really look into it. I came here and text Kyle once I got traded and told him, ‘Let’s make something special happen'”

“At the end of the day, I was getting one of the best players in the NBA” – Lowry

Lowry on his relationship with Kawhi:

“It’s bigger than basketball. We trusted him and the games he didn’t play, the load management stuff, no one ever questioned it”

“I told him, day one, this is his team. He the man”

Leonard on the drive to get through injuries:

“We came too close to turning around. That was everybody’s mindset”

Lowry on what it means to have hit the big shots on the Finals stage:

“The feelings of just success, the adversity, the ups and downs, it’s what you work for”

Leonard on the difference between winning his 1st title and now 2nd title:

“Feels great. I played 9 games last year just to come back and win the NBA Finals is amazing”

Leonard on how he’s going to start the process of his free agency:

“Celebrate a little bit, but I don’t know right now. I’m just going to take it day-by-day and enjoy the moment. I’m not thinking about it, I’m a Raptor for right now”

Will Lowry beg him to stay?

“I’ve never been a guy to pitch anything to anybody. He’s going to make a decision on himself and I’m going to be happy for whatever decision he makes. At the end of the day, he helped get what I wanted to get [a title]”

On how fans should remember this Raptors team:

“Champions” – Lowry

Raptors set new precedent after Kawhi gamble paid off?

“It paid off. At the end of the day, If Kawhi was to leave today, it’d paid off. He delivered a championship and nobody would be mad at him or the front office of the Raptors” – Perkins

“Right now, the Raptors have no regrets and when you win the championship, it means not having any regrets. A team can probably convince itself to do it but I don’t see what team it is right now” – Windhorst

“DeMarcus Cousins also took a gamble but it turned out better for the Raptors” – Perkins

“They had the toughest journey to winning a championship in the last 10 years” – Perkins

“It’s great for basketball because now we’re to the point where it’s no more of the West is better than the East. The NBA is about to start getting back to where it needs to be: No top heavy teams. It’s about to be real competitive” – Perkins

Which team would benefit most from a 1-year AD rental?

“If the Lakers can get Anthony Davis, they become instantaneously relevant. And if the Clippers take Kawhi Leonard from the Raptors, they become a very compelling team” – Windhorst

“The next champion may very well be essentially decided in the next few weeks” – Windhorst

“It’s probably the exact same thing as last year: That team hasn’t been formed yet” – Nichols

“I would have to take a Kawhi Clippers team. They are good and well coached. All they’re missing is a Kawhi Leonard. With the injuries that Golden State has, the West is wide open” – Perkins

Windhorst (Nuggets):

Masai Ujiri incident with Sheriff’s deputy under investigation


“You got to know who he is. He had his credential in his hand. He’s the GM. Let’s not blow this out of proportion” – Perkins


Make or Miss league Kawhi

Make (Celebrations).JPG
Better moves?




Perkins: Serge
“There’s that Air Congo. They call that the African slide”

Miss (Volume).JPG
Impressed by Magloire’s resourcefulness?
Raptors assistant coach

Used a hollow out cup to yell instructions at his team to overcome the noise in Oracle

Instantly became a meme afterward!

Magloire meme.JPG

Make (Courage).JPG
Understand why Hubie voted for VanVleet for Finals MVP?

Hubie Brown Finals MVP.JPG


Miss (Keepsakes).JPG
Hey Kawhi, did you forget something?
Forgot to take his Finals MVP trophy after leaving a press conference!


“It just shows how unselfish he is” – Perkins

Moving on…

How does Klay’s ACL injury impact his free agency?

“It’s my understanding from talking to Warriors people that Klay will get a five year offer for the full max” – Windhorst

“You come back in 6-7 months and you come back at full force. He was on his way to a 50 point night. If  the Warriors had won, I had Klay winning the Finals MVP” – Perkins

“Klay will be back and should be back, in theory, by the playoffs next year” – Windhorst

June 14, 1998:

Second Half

Significance of Raptors first championship?




Kawhi more or less likely to stay with Raptors now?

“If he goes to LA [Clippers], he still wouldn’t be the biggest star. LeBron James would still be the biggest star in LA. He just won the first championship for Toronto ever in history. If I’m him, I don’t leave. They could have a nice 3-4 year run with this team that they have right now” – Perkins

“Kawhi is now the king maker of this summer. If he does go to the Clippers, they become the favorites to make the NBA Finals next year. If he stays with the Raptors, they are very arguably the favorites to get back to the NBA Finals next year. He could be the most important player in the league because what he decides to do could very well decide where we are at this time next year and who’s playing in the Finals” – Bontemps

Decimated Warriors already on to ‘Unfinished Business‘ by Ramona Shelburne

Is the Warriors dynasty officially over?

Draymond Green after Game 6:

“He’s absolutely right. These are very proud guys, they are proud of what they have accomplished in the moment. That core really believes that they can win another title. All the talk in the next year is only going to motivate them to prove everybody wrong” – Friedell

“I disagree with him. These injuries played a major impact. This team is not getting younger, teams are getting better and you still have LeBron James in the West. And who’s to say that Kevin Durant is coming back? That’s the key” – Perkins


Producer Eitan worked his first ever Finals!

But it didn’t work out so well when it came to the home games:


Super Freaks?
Giannis’ Nike Zoom Freak 1 drops next month

Giannis shoes.JPG

Drake’s dropping 2 tracks to celebrate Raptors title!

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