Show Recap: June 13, 2019 (From Lake Chalet in Oakland, CA)


First Half Only:

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Second Half Only:

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First Half

Rachel’s one on one conversation with Raptors guard, Kyle Lowry!


On KD’s injury and the cheers from the crowd:

“When he first went down, it didn’t look right. I was hoping it wasn’t anything bad. You don’t want a man to be hurt in this type of situation” – Lowry

On keeping his cool with the Warriors minority owner, Mark Stevens:

“I’m a father too. I’m a man and me as a man, no matter what, I’m always going to try to hold myself to a high standard. But you can’t just go out there and just kind of react. You have to think about everything and understand the situations” – Lowry

On playing in big playoff games with the Raptors and not all of them having gone the way he wanted them to go and how that experience made him appreciate how well he’s played through this playoff run:

“Everything happens for a reason. I’ve been through struggles, I’ve had bad series, I’ve had bad shooting games, but I’ve won a lot of playoff games. I’m out here doing a job that I love to do” – Lowry

On his thumb injury:

“It’s the Finals. My teammates believe in me and I believe in them” – Lowry

Stress level for Game 6:

“None. It’s what we’ve done all year. We stay the same. We know what we got to do” – Lowry

On if they win a title:

“I’ll look back on it when I retire” – Lowry

Pressure on Raptors to close out in 6?

“They don’t have any pressure. They’re playing with house money. They have clearly been the best team in this series. Without KD, it’s evident. All the pressure is on Golden State” – T-Mac

“I don’t really buy that there’s some enormous pressure on the Raptors to close it out” – Lowe

June 13, 1993 – Scottie Pippen throwing it off the back of Danny Ainge to dunk it home vs the Suns!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

Make (Ambidexterity).JPG
How difficult is this for NBA players?

Miss Logo Miss (Secrets).JPG
Nick Van Exel discovers Iced Coffee!

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Make (Rotations).JPG
T-Mac, could you have done this in your younger years?

“Nope. I’m not down” – T-Mac

Miss (Understanding).JPG
Do Boston fans just need to let Jayson Tatum live?

St Louis Blues.JPG

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Credit: jaytatum0/IG

Moving on…

Significance of Kyrie changing agents?
Will sign with Roc Nation

“Changing agents is generally a bad sign for the players’ incumbent team so close to free agency. Roc Nation has a lot of past and present connections to the Nets” – Lowe

“I don’t put too much stock into the Brooklyn connection. But if Kyrie goes to Brooklyn, does that really make them an elite team? I don’t think so” – T-Mac



Second Half


Run it Back

Expect to see a vintage game 6 Klay performance in Game 6?

“This has been a great series for him. It’s been a vintage Klay series. I expect a vintage Game 6. He’s going to bring it” – Windhorst

“I don’t expect anything different from him. This guy is a performer, when the pressure is on, he steps up to the plate. But I’m worried about the other guys” – T-Mac


Which version of Boogie will we see in Game 6?

“I expect him to carry that confidence [from Game 5] into Game 6. Not having KD, he’s going to have some of that scoring pressure on his shoulders” – T-Mac

“He’s got to bring that road mentality [in Game 5]” – Windhorst


More likely destination for AD: Lakers or Celtics?
Via Adrian Wojnarowski, Brian Windhorst, Zach Lowe and Ramona Shelburne


“If I’m David Griffin, I would have Davis in uniform come start of the season and trade him at the trade deadline” – T-Mac

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Bigger X Factor for Raptors: Siakam or VanVleet?

T-Mac: Siakam

Windhorst: Siakam

How will KD injury impact Warriors in Game 6?

“What is the Warriors spirit [heading into game 6]? I know they have it within them to rise up” – Windhorst

“They want to prove that they can win without KD” – T-Mac

June 13, 2004 – Rasheed Wallace with the tough fadeaway off the glass shot vs the Lakers!



No Max
Kemba on supermax: “I would take less”

Rachel’s rant:

One tech away
Trust Draymond to control himself in Game 6?

“Draymond will make it through in Game 6 and he will deliver in Game 7” – Friedell

Board Man Gets Paid
Think Kawhi will break playoff points record?

“No. Unless he has 50 in Game 6” – T-Mac

Key to Warriors forcing a Game 7?

“All the periphery guys have to show up, hit their open shots and help Steph and Klay” – Friedell

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