Show Recap: June 12, 2019 (From Lake Chalet in Oakland, CA)


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First Half

Monologue: Is this how the Warriors dynasty ends?

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How do you stop the Warriors? Honestly, that has been the question that’s befuddled the entire NBA for years now
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LeBron James did it once briefly, but got so frustrated trying to do it again he finally just left up and left Cleveland
Chris Paul knocked his head just against the Warriors so many times he left for Houston but that didn’t help because it turned out that the Rockets didn’t have the answer to the Warriors either despite basically dedicating an entire franchise’s worth of resources to trying to take Golden State down
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Damian Lillard has tried, been flattened, tried again, then flattened. At some points, it is felt like the Warriors dominance would just never end
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Is this what it felt like watching the fall of Rome? Or are fans really witnessing the end of the Golden State dynasty and is this how they’re going to go out?
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Nor does the Toronto team that could end up being their kryptonite look anything like what you expected. For years, you have heard that the only way to take Golden State head-on was to fight them superstar for superstar
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If the Warriors lose this series, and the odds are still heavy that they will lose the series, you would hope that they at least go out looking like the Warriors: the group that spent years dazzling fans with their teamwork and innovation and joy
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Even a Bond villain would agree they’ve earned that and as the fans who had the past 5 years of dominated by this team so have the rest of the fans

“I hate to say it: These are the final days of this dynasty. There’s a lot of uncertainty with this team” – T-Mac

“We don’t know what KD is going to do if he opts in or if he opts out. Regardless, he was a big part of this dynasty the last 2-3 years. He’s the reason why they have this dynasty. KD is not going to be there next year” – T-Mac

“I don’t think it’s the end of the dynasty. But I don’t think will see them whip through the West playoffs. They’re going to have to work and still be a great team going forward” – Windhorst


Should Raptors feel encouraged or discouraged right now?

“There’s no need to feel discouraged. They have basically dominated this series. They are getting help from everybody” – T-Mac

“Kawhi Leonard is also nursing an injury. He is pacing himself so he does not get reinjured” – Nichols


June 12, 1996  – Shawn Kemp with the nasty reverse dunk on Dennis Rodman vs the Bulls!


Make or Miss League (Kerr 2019)

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50% of Canada has watched all or part of the Finals?!


“The best part about it’s an incredibly young and diverse crowd. Exactly what the NBA is doing” – Windhorst

Miss (Timeouts).JPG
Did Quinn Cook get this from Andre Miller

Make (Healing).JPG
Does Nurk have some sort of super bones?

Miss (Cats).JPG
The shot *and* the walkoff?!

Moving on…

Rich Paul on AD as potential one-year rental for Celtics: “Don’t blame Rich Paul” (via SI’s S.L Price)

“Why would you get involved? I wouldn’t make this trade or do this deal for one year rental for Anthony Davis” – T-Mac



Second Half

BS or Real Talk

Klay on KD: “Best player in the world”

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Boogie on Raptors fans who cheered KD’s injury: “Trash”

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Dir. of performance on KD playing 12 of first 14 mins in Game: “Just seems unacceptable”



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Best fit for Kyrie now?
Will opt out of his contract and be an unrestricted free agent (Per Shams Charania of The Athletic)

“He is focused on Brooklyn. That’s the feel in the league right now” – Windhorst

“Celtics are proceeding in talks with other teams like Kyrie is not going to be there. The dialogue with the Celtics: they are pessimistic” – Windhorst

“The best fit for him is to team up with LeBron James once again [in LA]. They have great on court chemistry” – T-Mac

Best fit for Kemba Walker in free agency?
Per Woj: Lakers, Mavs and Knicks will be the teams “very interested” in Walker

In an interview with Jared Weiss of The Athletic, Walker said that “Charlotte’s definitely my first priority”

“I don’t know what team best fits Kemba. But him giving his all for eight straight years for Charlotte and not having a team around him not playing with an elite player, I just want him to go somewhere where he has the opportunity to join forces with another elite talent because he hasn’t had that in his 8 years in Charlotte” – T-Mac

“Let’s say the Lakers don’t land one of the top 4 free agents or Anthony Davis: Kemba Walker and LeBron James could be very, very intriguing” – Windhorst

Nichols and Windhorst:

June 12, 2014 – Kawhi Leonard (Spurs) with the monster putback dunk on the Miami Heat in Game 4 of the Finals!



At the buzzer


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