Show Recap: June 11, 2019 (From Toronto, ON at Scotiabank Arena)


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First Half

Monologue: KD tore his achilles and the whole NBA just changed

Changes are talked about so much and for so long before they happen in parts so that when the moment finally arrives, you’re really ready for it
Wedding and a Baby
Think about weddings and babies being born. You have months to think through all of it ahead of time so you can really fully understand as that one instant comes, everything is about to be different
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The NBA has its own version of this. Every time LeBron has changed teams and change the whole balance of the NBA, it’s been talked about ahead of time a lot
Kobe Bryant
Or when Kobe was going to retire sending out one era and ushering in a new one. Lots of run up. But when change is sudden, it is harder to process
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NBA Legend, Bill Russell, is going to have to hold off on handing out his trophies, squeeze that 85-year-old, 6’10” body into another airline seat and go to Oakland for Game 6
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It makes sense to focus on all that stuff because it was happening right in front of you. But in all those same exact moments, something absolutely huge and normist was also happening And whether your brain like it or not, you need to process that too
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For Kevin himself, that one moment in Game 5 likely means at least a year of intense rehab only to possibly never quite be the same player he used to be. Which is particularly awful timing because it was only this season, finally, he was starting to be recognized as the best in the game, a designation he had openly craved for so long
But nonetheless, it’s going to change so much about what you know about the NBA weather you’re ready for it or not

Mistake for KD to play in Game 5?

“I do not because I’m sure Kevin had information that he received from the team doctors, his own doctors, he got all the information that he needed to go out and play” – T-Mac

“The minute he tried to go back and be himself and create off the dribble, that’s when tragedy just happened” – T-Mac

“The reason why Bob Myers had that press conference was because they did know that they made a mistake” – Windhorst

“It’s a terrible moment for the league and going forward, I think it’s going to affect the way people, fans and media and maybe even teams look at players dealing with injury” – Windhorst

“There’s a positive in all this from Game 5: KD gave an emotional lift to this team and you saw how they played. He had something to do with that win” – T-Mac

“I’ve known him my whole career. Probably one of my favorite people. He was genuine on his words [last night]” – T-Mac on his former agent and current Warriors GM, Bob Myers

Why didn’t Raptors close out Warriors in Game 5?

“If the Raptors don’t win one of these next 2 games, 6 points with 3 minutes to go is going to go down in infamy” – Windhorst

“The Warriors won that game, Raptors didn’t lose it” – Windhorst

June 11, 2006 – Dwyane Wade on the fastbreak and going to the hole with the ferocious one-handed dunk on the Mavs!


Make or Miss League (Kerr 2019)

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Congratulations to Jalen Rose leadership academy class of 2019!

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Miss (Clarity).JPG
Did Kawhi travel?


“He has the gather, one two and does not get to three. It’s a clean play” – Windhorst

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PSA: Draymond tipped Lowry’s final shot

“We have to give him a pass. It was a blocked shot” – T-Mac

“That shot could have been memorialized in bronze in Jurassic Park had he knocked down his fingers on that” – Windhorst

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22 years ago OTD: The Flu Game

Moving on…

Better landing spot for AD: Knicks or Lakers?


“With KD potentially out next season, AD should really want to be with LeBron” – Windhorst

“Lakers” – T-Mac

Second Half

Ripple effect of KD’s injury on other free agents?


“If I’m Kawhi and Kyrie, they can’t wait. They’re going to have to make their decision now without knowing what KD is going to do. They’re going to have to strike first” – T-Mac

“I expect KD to sign a longer contract” – Nichols

Credit: New York Daily News

How do Finals impact Kawhi’s free agency?

“How the Finals have impacted Kawhi: How well the Raptors have taken care of him this year. That has to be worth more” – Windhorst

June 11, 2009 – Kobe Bryant with the pretty behind the back pass to Pau Gasol who throws it down on the Magic!


Game 5 more about Raptors or Warriors?

“Warriors. Two of the best shooters in NBA history come up big for their team in clutch time situations” – T-Mac

“Warriors. We saw great action from the role players. Getting those contributions was why the Warriors were able to overcome KD’s injury. It was also their best defensive effort that they’ve had” – Windhorst

Worried about Draymond getting suspended?
6 techs in the playoffs this year. One more and it’s an automatic 1-game suspension

“I’m not worried about this. He’s been erratic at times throughout this series” – T-Mac

“The officials know this too. They know that a technical with him cannot be a cheap tech. But there’s 0.0 excuse for Draymond to put himself in the situation. None. He just cannot let it happen” – Windhorst

The Undefeated: Tony Parker retires as told to Marc J. Spears

Chances Raptors close out in Game 6?

“They’re fine. They’ve been dominant in this series. I don’t expect anything to change. They’ve won in Golden State, they’re not afraid and will take care of business” – T-Mac

“They have been very poised throughout this entire postseason run” – Windhorst

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