Show Recap: June 10, 2019 (From Toronto, ON at Scotiabank Arena)

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Steve Kerr on KD’s status:


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First Half

Rachel Nichols’ one-on-one conversation with Warriors superstar, Stephen Curry!


On coming back from another 3-1 deficit:

“For us, we have to dumb it down to: How do you win one game? Win game 5 and that’s all we can control right now” – Curry

“I don’t listen to much of what anybody says about we can or cannot do or what I can do personally. We just got to believe” – Curry

On possibly having KD back for Game 5:

“It’d be fun. At the end of the day, he knows how to play basketball” – Curry

“Who knows how the story ends. But whoever’s out there ready to play in Game 5, we know what the task is and we just wanna give it everything we’ve got to get the job done” – Curry

On whether he and the rest of his teammates have gotten further explanation on KD’s injury:

“No. There’s no explanation necessary” – Curry

On how he’s his body is feeling going into Game 5:

“I’m going to have to play better and leave it all out there” – Curry

On whether the Warriors have lost their spirit:

“Confidence is not lacking in our locker room at all. It’s just a matter of going out there and playing” – Curry

Expectations for Steph Curry in game 5?

“Steph needs to be the aggressive one. They can’t look to Kevin Durant to come and score 30” – Jefferson

“When Steph is uber aggressive, it’s going to take the pressure off KD” – Frye

Believe in Warriors down 3-1?

“If KD is at half health, then yes” – Frye

“What’s more important is that they did it against OKC. They’ve been down 3-1 before” – Jefferson

June 10, 1992 – Michael Jordan breaking Terry Porter’s ankles and pulling up for the jump shot in Portland vs the Blazers!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

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Was Klay impersonating Kawhi?

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Should the Maple Leafs sign VanVleet?
He’ll wear a protective mouthguard after chipping a tooth in Game 4

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Even Rory is rooting for the Raptors?

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This date in 2016: Draymond dust-up with LeBron triggers suspension

Frye and RJ:

Moving on…


Think Kawhi’s success will lead to more “load management” across the league?
He missed 22 games this season; He called the regular season games “practices”

Adam Silver (May 14):

“No. Kawhi Leonard was coming off a huge injury last year and their team is capable of letting him sit down and rest and you see his production has been amazing this postseason. Other teams can’t do that. They have the ability and a deep bench to play all those guys” – Frye

“Gregg Popovich and Pat Riley had done this for years. This is a smart move by the Toronto Raptors and Kawhi Leonard. But for the most part, everything should be done case by case than just saying ‘we’re going to load manage the stars’ because it’s not always going to work out  very well for the stars ” – Jefferson

“Next year, you might see guys doing it a little more” – Nichols

Second Half

Something Nothing Or Everything

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Jefferson: Everything
“He’s been doing work. That’s a great sign for the Warriors”

Frye: Everything
“The Raptors better win. If he starts getting in shape and getting his legs underneath him, it’s going to get harder and harder and harder to win”

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Jefferson: Something

Frye: Everything

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Frye: Nothing
“Where are they going with their team? You can’t win with just one all-star anymore. You got to have 3 or 4 all-star caliber players on your team to really win”

Jefferson: Nothing
“At the end of the day, there’s still some uncertainty. It’s good to keep some stability there. This was almost a decision that they had to do”

Katie Nolan, host of ‘Always Late with Katie Nolan’ on ESPN+ taking a deep dive into many NBA Finals questions

Should Wizards offer Masai Ujiri a partial ownership stake? (Via NBC Sports Wizards)

“It might be what it takes because he’s doing quite well [in Toronto]. He has an ownership group that lets him do whatever he wants. But he’s grown to like being in Toronto” – Lowe

“If he’s your guy and you’re willing to offer this much, it’s got to come with a little bit of patience” – Jefferson

What role should analytics play in front offices? (Via The New Yorker/Jalen Rose)


June 10, 2004 – Tayshaun Prince beating the 1st quarter buzzer with a long three pointer vs the Lakers!

Scored 16 points in the quarter!


Running it back
Iguodala on future:

“I’ll be here next year for sure, and I’m pretty confident that we’ll have our core back and we’ll try to make another run at it.”

“His ball handling is so important to them and all the different things that he can do, he’s very, very important to their success” – Jefferson

“I talked to him. He’s going to play 1, maybe 2 more years and then hang it up” – Frye

Enjoying retirement
Dirk on retirement: “Drinking, eating everything in sight”


Au Revoir
Tony Parker announces retirement (Via Marc J. Spears/The Undefeated)

Kerr on uncertainty around KD: “It’s been frustrating”

How effective can KD be if he plays?

“Obviously not 100 percent. Calf injuries are tricky. He’ll help, but I don’t know how much” – Lowe

“If they’re able to extend the series to a six and a seven, we could see KD be a dominant player” – Jefferson

“I’d play him about 20 minutes and put him against the second unit [in Game 5]” – Frye

How can Warriors keep Kawhi under 30 points?

“Who’s going to guard him?” – Lowe

“Toronto is too big. You can’t double team [Kawhi]. Let him get 30” – Frye

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