Show Recap: June 7, 2019 (From Lake Chalet in Oakland, CA)

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Darius Garland

First Half

Vince, how can you still do this?

“The cool thing about that is that’s the goal I won the dunk contest on” – Carter

Adequate punishment for Warriors investor who pushed Lowry?
The NBA can’t force him to sell his stake in the team. It’s not in the bylaws

“It was swift. It was something that they had to do but there’s way more at stake” – Jackson

“$500k, 1 year? That’s not enough” – Carter

“We are the entertainment, but you want to protect your entertainment as well” – Carter


June 7, 1990 – Clyde Drexler taking off from the free throw line with the one-handed dunk vs the Pistons in the Finals!


Make or Miss League (Kerr 2019)

Make (Counsel).JPG
Shaq to Danny Green before Game 3: “Stop [Expletive] around”
Green in Game 3: 18 points, 6-10 3P

“Shaq should give advice to Boogie” – Jackson

“Shaq should give advice to anyone from the Warriors” – Carter

Miss (Appreciation).JPG
VanVleet on his newborn: “He gets no credit for my turnaround”

FVV baby.JPG

“You always give your credit to your kids because they’re you’re motivation. They’re the reason why you go. His newborn is definitely the reason he’s playing well” – Jackson

“It helped him kind of locked in” – Carter

Make (French Fries).JPG
Did Kawhi & Danny Green cost McDonald’s millions of dollars? (Via Financial Post)


They both cost McDonald’s millions of dollars in french fries. Last summer, they struck a deal with the Raptors to give away free fries anytime the Raptors hit 12 or more threes. It was after that that Toronto traded for Kawhi and Danny, they have given away 2 million medium size fries since then!

Raptors fries promo.JPG

Miss (Elimination).JPG
This date in 2012: LeBron drops 45 points and 15 rebounds in Boston in Game 6 to force a Game 7 in the ECF

“Him and Paul [Pierce] was going at it. It was a good series. LeBron has done this so many times” – Jackson

“I remember him inserting himself from the jump. The rest is history” – Carter

Moving on…

What changes for Warriors with Klay expected back?

“What this does for the team is confidence, spreading the floor, but it also helps the bigs. Just his movement and his ability to shoot opens up for everyone, not just himself” – Carter

“He changes everything. He makes the team’s confidence go higher, the offense runs smoother, you’re better on defense” – Jackson

Second Half

Kobe Bryant was his favorite player growing up!

How are you preparing for NBA Draft?

“Just back in the gym, working hard in the lab everyday” – Garland

“My mindset right now is to show everybody that I’m back to full potential and I’m ready to go” – Garland

Hoping to get drafted by Lakers?

“It would be an honor to play with Lakers Nation. It’s a legacy just to be in that arena. But my dream is to be in the NBA so I’m happy wherever I go” – Garland

Thoughts on one-and-done rule?

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Rachel Nichols one-on-one conversation with Raptors superstar, Kawhi Leonard!


On Klay’s return for Game 4 and how that changes for the Raptors:

“It’s big. One of the greatest shooters to play. Everybody knows how good Klay is” – Leonard

On how he’s handling his current injuries:

“Just go out and play. It takes a lot of pregame effort” – Leonard

On the Raptors’ load management plan for him and how it has helped in the long run:

“It was big. If we didn’t do that, I wouldn’t be here right now for sure” – Leonard

On not focusing on his free agency and just focusing on the Finals:

“I’m not even thinking about re-signing or what team I’ma go to” – Leonard

On his teammate, Serge Ibaka making him eat Bull Penis Pizza:

“That’s just Serge. I’m pretty sure he had that laid out before we even came in for the past 2 weeks knowing that he was going to do that to us. If you say you’re going on his show, you know you’re going to eat something crazy” – Leonard

On not dapping his teammate, Norman Powell before Game 3:

“I ended up giving him like 5 daps after that” – Leonard

On the catchphrases he used to say in college and why he doesn’t do it in the NBA:

“That motto was just like trying to get a double-double to get some NBA scouts attention” – Leonard

On his public image and who he actually is:

“Probably a little bit in the middle” – Leonard

“Let everybody have fun with it. It doesn’t bother me at all. That’s who I am” – Leonard on the infamous laugh from media day

The panel on whether they would have eaten the Bull Penis Pizza:

“Absolutely not. I got all the courage in the world, but I ain’t got the courage for that” – Jackson

“I would have eaten it” – Lowe

Is Kawhi the best player in this series?

“Yes. He’s doing it on both ends and he is the most consistent player. He’s been amazing” –  Carter

“KD might be the best scorer, but the best player in this is by far Kawhi Leonard” – Jackson

“The best player through three games in this series has been Stephen Curry. The best player and that’s partly because without KD, Kawhi has no one to shutdown. He can impact literally every single possession in a way Steph can’t” – Lowe

Bold prediction for free agency?

“Sixers will not bring everybody back” – Lowe

“The Clippers will get a big free agent” – Jackson

Do the Nets know something we don’t?

“They have to renounce D’Angelo Russell to get the second max slot. They got some intel” – Lowe

Carter on his free agency and still making an impact:

June 7, 2011 – Dwyane Wade finishing the alley-oop dunk, assisted by the king vs the Mavs!



“I’m Trying Jennifer”
CJ McCollum sends fan “Jennifer” a gift!


Scary hours
Which version of Boogie do you expect in Game 4?

“I would hope he’d be a little bit better than he was in Game 3 because he was unplayable. So hopefully in between Games 1 & 2” – Lowe

“I expect a 20 and 10 Boogie” – Jackson

KD Watch
Think KD will play this series?

“I don’t think so. That’s a real injury” – Carter

“Anytime you’re out a month at this part of the season, something is wrong. I don’t think he’ll be back” – Jackson


Confident Raptors can keep momentum going?

“If they make shots like they have the last couple of games. Their defense on Curry has to be a little better. But the Raptors are really, really good. People are kind of slow to realize how good they are” – Lowe

“Kyle Lowry is the key. If he has a great start, everything else opens up because you don’t see as many double teams on Kawhi” – Carter

“Take advantage of this wounded team. Just hang around” – Jackson

Jackson on what he expects from the Warriors in Game 4:

“I expect them to come out and leave everything on the floor. It’s a must win for them. I see them coming out and being ready to play”

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