Show Recap: June 6, 2019 (From Lake Chalet in Oakland, CA)

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First Half

Monologue: There’s no asterisk on an NBA trophy

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In the late 80s, the Pistons were the most feared team in the NBA. They went to 3 straight NBA Finals, won two of them, played 94 feet of defense and became absolute legends in their own time
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The championship banners from that era hang proudly in Detroit. They’re white with blue and red writing. But what’s not on them is an asterisk
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For the Raptors, it takes four wins to earn a title and they don’t count differently depending on what city you win them in or who is on the court or who wasn’t or whether someone in the stands was wearing polka dots, you just need four wins
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This is the bridge that leads to Oracle Arena
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In all seriousness, it was a simple easy mistake and one that actually provided a little needed comic relief during a time when everyone in the arena was very tensed waiting to see if Klay Thompson was indeed going to play on his strained hamstring. An hour before the game, the Warriors actually announced Klay would be active which didn’t mean he was necessarily going to play but didn’t end up playing anyway

With the rest of his teammates unable to do much, Golden State never really got it close

We The North.JPG
After the game, a really nice moment occurred in the arena: Raptors fans stayed while a bunch of the Warriors fans left
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You only need four wins to get an NBA title. Toronto already has two of them and that is the only thing that matters here. No asterisks

Game 3 result more about Raptors or Warriors?

“It was more about the Warriors not having all their guys” – Jackson

“Raptors. If they’re depleted, you must win this game. New ground and understanding how to win in the playoffs” – Carter

Thoughts on Warriors investor pushing Kyle Lowry?

“They pick on players for the littlest stuff. We get suspended for saying stuff to the referees. If we say something to a fan, we get suspended through emotions of a game. Stuff like this, you have to take it serious” – Jackson

“It had nothing to do with him. I applaud Kyle for being able to hold restraint. He understood what level he was on. This is for a a lot of marbles. Regular season, it could end up different” – Carter

June 6, 2001 – Allen Iverson steps over Tyronn Lue after hitting the stepback jumper!


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Make (Serge Protectors).JPG
Is this the Ibaka we’ve always wanted?
Stat line off the bench: 6 points, 6 blocks, 5 rebounds in 22 minutes in Game 3

“Defensively is what they needed” – Carter

Miss (Objectivity).JPG
Siakam on VanVleet: “Favorite player in the NBA”

Make (Takeout).JPG
Should [Quinn] Cook consider pump faking in Game 4?

Miss (Daps).JPG
Bad timing for Norm Powell to dap Kawhi?


Run it Back

Funniest got left hanging moments of all-time!

3) 2015: Russell Westbrook and Jeremy Lamb32vfub.gif

2) 2009: Phil Jackson and Kobe32vfw7.gif

1) 2000: David Robinson and Phil Jackson32vfyt.gif

Moving on…

The show within a show that was originally canceled, but is it’s been quickly renewed just for this next topic!

Dances with TWolves

D-Rose right about guys getting paid too early?

Panel’s reaction:

Second Half

Plan on returning to Rockets next season?

“Everybody right now is going through the evaluation process. They’re evaluating everybody” – Rivers

“I’m definitely just a good fit being on a playoff team. When you go somewhere and the only mindset is trying to win, it’s easy to play basketball and that’s no knock against DC. I joined that team at a time where they were trying to figure out everything. It was just bad timing” – Rivers on going from the Wizards to the Rockets midseason

Is criticism of James Harden’s game fair?

“I don’t think it’s fair. He’s doing what they asking him to do. The playing style we played was fit for him to do that. He’s doing what he’s supposed to do” – Rivers

“Even though that’s the system, it hasn’t proved to be winning. If he come off the ball a little bit and get other guys involved on the team, he will be better come 4th quarter. He’ll have more pressure off him. D’Antoni has to find a way to keep James With that iso type of ball, but get everybody else included” – Jackson

Rockets style of play holding them back?


Steve Kerr: Kevin Durant out for Game 4

“I personally believe without KD, this team is going to struggle to score points. It’s pretty Steph vs them because DeMarcus is not himself right now. It’s going to be tough. I don’t see the Raptors losing Game 4” – Rivers

“The floor shrinks when you don’t have all these scorers and shooters out there. And now the focus is now on Steph Curry” – Carter

“They can win without Kevin Durant. I think they can win a Finals without Kevin Durant, but it’s not a certainty without him” – Nichols

“It’s good for the game because is the first time we’ve seen this team go through adversity. If they can get through this, they got to be one of the best teams of all time” – Jackson

On whether Rivers thinks back to Game 6 of this year’s semifinals vs the Warriors:

Like the way Warriors handled Klay’s injury in Game 3?

“They did handle it right because he can’t do nothing but be better and be healthier the next game and that’s the big picture. You want a 45 percent Klay out there” – Jackson

“It was the right move because Boogie is not healthy. You’re going to need him back” – Carter

Why wasn’t Boogie as effective in Game 3?

“He’s been through so much. Timing is everything and the only way you get that timing is by playing. He’s going to be a little rusty” – Jackson

“In between, there’s not enough recovery time” – Carter

June 6, 2005 – Eddie Jones (Heat) with the buzzer beating halfcourt three pointer vs the Pistons in the ECF!



Shoot the J
NCAA moving 3-point line back next season
Moving the 3-point line to the international basketball distance of 22 feet, 1¾ inches

Laughing at Lake Show
Mark Cuban Lakers: “The more screwed up they are, the happier I am” (Via Dave McMenamin)

“He lives to make everybody else mad when he gloats about his team” – Carter

Looney coming back?
Looney could return before end of Finals (Via Tim Bontemps)

“He’ll help them, but I don’t think he’s going to be the reason they win the series. Still not better than Boogie” – Jackson

“Defensively, he does help them. That’s a piece they’re going to need” – Carter

Steve Kerr: Kevin Durant out for Game 4 (Cont’d)
On KD’s free agency whether the Warriors win the title this year or not

“I feel like he’s going to do what he wants to do anyway” – Carter

“Regardless of what happens, it has nothing to do with his decision” – Jackson

Will Steph have another breakout performance in Game 4?

“Steph is one of those guys you can’t stop. You just got to make it difficult for him. He’s going to get his shots/ He just needs a little help” – Jackson

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