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First Half

Monologue: Ailing Warriors are giving Raptors a window

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There is that line in a “League of their own” when Tom Hanks says that, “winning is not supposed to be easy. It’s the hard that makes it great.”
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That’s absolutely something that both the Warriors and the Raptors are grappling with right now as this NBA Finals shifts to Oakland
Warriors team
With Golden State, they’ve had their share of incidents over the past couple years, but none of it has really been hard. The biggest complaint about the Warriors is that they would often play bored, most wins even in playoff games were just treated as matter of fact
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KD does seem close to returning. If he’s not on the floor for Game 3, it’s a good bet that he will be there for Game 4

As for Klay:

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Even if he does play though, it is hard to see him moving at 100% which means it’s going to be harder for the Warriors and it will beg the question of whether the Raptors can take advantage given that they are dealing with some hard of their own
Lowry's thumb injury.JPG
The Raptors have now given up homecourt advantage and they also have injuries. Kyle Lowry has a thumb injury severe enough that he needs to completely numb it up before every game
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For either team, Game 3 is looking like it’s going to be about whoever can deal with their version of hard better
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Which is how it’s supposed to be, no? That’s what makes winning in the NBA Finals feel so great

Still give Warriors a shot if KD and Klay miss game 3?

“It’s going to be tough. It gives them a little bit adversity. Not having Klay on the court, that’s a new dynamic that they’re going to have to deal with and that’s hard to kind of adjust right in the Finals” – Jackson

“I would be shocked if Klay doesn’t play. One of the biggest problems is because it’s not even just Klay out, it’s just the aggregate of everybody else that’s hampered you” – MacMullan

How does Kevon Looney’s injury impact Warriors rotation?
Looney was giving them the most minutes off the bench since KD got hurt

“It’s a luxury to have Boogie Cousins and Andrew Bogut replacing him. You’re not  really losing anything, you’re just giving these experienced guys a chance to play” – Jackson

“Honestly, Looney was a better fit [than Boogie and Bogut]. Looney is a huge, huge loss” – MacMullan


June 4, 2000 – Bryant…..TO SHAQ!!!!!


Kobe Bryant with the alley-oop pass to Shaq in Game 7 of the WCF vs the Blazers!

Make or Miss League (Kerr 2019)

Little kid with the ankle breaking spin in Utah!

Could you eat 7 hamburgers in one sitting?

Who’s to blame for escalating this brouhaha?

How long do you think this took?

Moving on…

Kawhi sues Nike over rights to “Klaw” logo

Klaw merchandise


“I don’t see this affecting him. Come on, Nike! You have all the top guys. It’s just a logo. You can’t promote the logo without Kawhi. It’s his hand, his logo” – Jackson

“The fact that this is very, very important to him is willing to take a stand on it” – MacMullan

Second Half

How does Boogie’s performance in Finals impact free agency?


“Free agency to me is an interesting question. It’s going to be very difficult for him to return to Golden State just because of their economic situation and they have other priorities” – MacMullan


Good idea for NBA to remove “owner” label? (Via TMZ Sports)
Click here to read more about this topic

“People are looking too deep into the word ‘owner.’ I love the word. I own a company. It’s a title that you are given after you’ve worked hard to build something from the ground up and to own something, it means a lot to me” – Jackson

“When Draymond Green addressed this issue, he was talking more about the idea of, ‘I own you. you play for me.’ That’s what everybody is trying to dispel here. There’s a little of a plantation mentality. If there are enough players that feel that way, and there seems to be a growing number of them, it’s worth looking at” – MacMullan

“I had written a story regarding Josh Harris (Sixers) and I called him an NBA owner and someone from the Sixers reached out to me and said ‘We’re not calling him an owner. We’re calling him a managing partner'” – MacMullan
That story can be found here


RecommendsStephen Curry gives thanks by Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated

Something Nothing Or Everything

Klay looking healthy at practice

Jackson: Everything
“To see him dribbling the ball and even coming off his feet after injuring a hamstring, he should be good”

Windhorst: Something
“He’s not running around like we would normally see him in a game as one of the most active players in the NBA”

SNE (Kawhi house in Toronto).JPG
Keep in mind too: Kawhi just bought a lovely property in southern California (with a nice pool!)

Jackson: Nothing
“You can’t really prove he bought it in Toronto. If we had some solid proof, it’s everything. Because why would you buy a crib in Toronto when you’re already getting double taxed? I really don’t think he’s going back, even with the success”

Windhorst: Nothing
“This is one of the things that happens all the time when there’s speculation”

SNE (Stay True).JPG

“Nike sets up marketing plans for all scenarios” – Windhorst

“Nike has no clue of what he’s doing. KD is the only one who knows” – Jackson

SNE (Lance Stephenson).JPG
Kobe Bryant later denied this to Stephen A. Smith

La La Lance

Lance Stephenson to TMZ Sports:

June 4, 1997 – Michael Jordan with the tough reverse layup, with english vs the Utah Jazz!



Not smooth Jazz
Should Jazz bring back Ricky Rubio?

Via Ernest Macià of Catalunya Radio in Barcelona:

“Utah has already let me know that I am not a priority for them” – Ricky Rubio

What should Knicks do with No. 3 pick?
According to Woj, Duke forward RJ Barrett, the presumptive No. 3 pick in the draft will make a visit to the New York Knicks early next week

“They draft [RJ] Barrett, but don’t print up any billboards” – Windhorst


Iggy playing
What version of Iggy will we see in Game 3?

“Nobody is more reliable than him. Everybody loves him because he is the ultimate professional and knows the task at hand” – Jackson

Windhorst & Nichols:

DeRozan: “I had to be the sacrificial lamb”

“At the end of the day, be happy that you had a hand in it. Everybody’s a sacrificial lamb at some point” – Jackson

“The Raptors are a better team without him. That trade was a good trade” – Windhorst

More pressure on Warriors or Raptors in Game 3?
Raptors at GS (Warriors are -5.5 favorites)

Jackson & Windhorst: Warriors

“They got to take care of homecourt in Game 3 with all the injuries and all the other stuff that’s going with the team” – Jackson

Nichols: Raptors
“They need to win a game that they know Kevin Durant is not playing in”

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