Show Recap: June 3, 2019 (From Toronto, ON at Scotiabank Arena)

Scotiabank Arena



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Second half only

First Half

Monologue: Heart (not skill) led to Warriors winning Game 2

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The amount of sheer absolute undeniable talent that the Warriors have on their roster it’s as bright and blinding as the sun. It is the absolute main thing about this team. Awesome to the point where it makes it hard to talk about anything else
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Take last night’s game 2 against the Raptors. Golden State was once again without Kevin Durant who’s not only arguably the best player on their team, but arguably the best player in the league
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Afterwards, Steph called it “disrespectful” that the Raptors had left Iggy open for that shot. Before that clutch shot, he was riding a six game streak in which he had gone 1 for 14 from three. But Steph is right about this: In a game on the line situation, Iguodala has that “it” quality that is unmeasurable on a stat sheet or a scout’s talent report
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Take Cousins who everyone thought was done for these playoffs when he got hurt in the first round who even, once he came back, many thought he was too slow to be an asset in this series
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All of that, the determination, the bravado, the ironclad belief in themselves, that is what evened this series as much or more than talent. And frankly, it’s what’s going to be needed even more from the Warriors as they go here
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Whoever the Warriors put out for game 3, they will need to play with the resiliency that may be even more important than all that talent

Level of concern about Klay’s injury?

“I would say not at all. I don’t think there’s very much concern. It’s a wait and see thing. We know Klay is one of the tougher guys not only on this team but just in the league. There’s going to be some concern because they don’t have a lot of bodies” – Jefferson

“His game is predicated on movement. It’s kind of hard to play through a hamstring” – Windhorst

“The silent MVP of this postseason for the Warriors is their training staff. It’s a brand new training staff this year. 4 new people that they brought in, huge pressure and they’ve been delivering at the highest level” – Windhorst

“They’re [Warriors] going to be just fine because guys just always step up for them” – Jefferson

How should Raptors feel after home split?

“They should feel good. Getting that first win is huge. You got the city behind you, the energy, everything is there” – Jefferson

“They’re very confident. They’ve got experienced guys up and down the roster” – Windhorst

June 3, 1992 – Michael Jordan with the putback dunk and then hitting a wide open three, while shrugging afterward vs the Blazers in the Finals!

Make or Miss League (Kerr 2019)

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“Drake Curse” stronger than ever after Ruiz TKO’D Joshua?

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Miss (The Wet Bandits).JPG
Does Drake not know how “Home Alone” ended?

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Klay has the quickest catch and release in the league?

“Ray Allen was pretty impressive. I don’t even know how you defend it because sometimes he doesn’t even pivot” – Windhorst

Miss (Leeway).JPG
Think Steph’s tech gets rescinded?

“It was a surprising call in that moment in the game but I believe Mr Curry has gotten fined or teched for throwing things before” – Windhorst

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How Spicy was this throwdown?



Run it Back

Best one handed alley oops.JPG

3) 2012: LeBron James over John Lucas!32lc7b.gif

2) 2006: Gerald Green vs Raptors!32lc48.gif

1) 2000: Vince Carter vs Clippers!32lc1k.gif

Moving on…

Game 2 version of Boogie here to stay?
Game 1: Played only 8 minutes | Game 2: 11 pts, 10 reb, 6 ast in 28 minutes

Steve Kerr on Boogie’s performance in Game 2:

“All the Warriors need is another shot maker. They just need somebody else that on the offensive end that they’re going to have to worry about” – Jefferson

“The Warriors have sort of back their way into a very effective defensive strategy. They like to play small with versatile guys so they can switch. But with Boogie and Andrew Bogut, they have rim protectors. Big guys at the rim bother the Raptors” – Windhorst

Second Half

Think Warriors win affects KD’s return timeline?
Last week, Steve Kerr said the Warriors wins and losses in this series will have no impact on if or when they bring KD back

“He was jumping around with a lot of joy [after the game]. Being down 2-0 vs 1-1, the sense of urgency is significantly different had that not gone the Warriors way” – Windhorst

“It’s really just about him and when he’s ready to go” – Jefferson


“The one thing that I will say about this entire group: They’re only focused on just winning 3 more games” – Jefferson

Biggest adjustment Raptors need to make for Game 3?

“They need to continue trying to raise their intensity” – Jefferson

“Kyle Lowry has got to play better” – Windhorst

“Lowry shouldn’t shoot 20 shots in a game” – Jefferson

Richard, why do you feel so strongly about free agency?
Click here to read his article

Notable free agents (2019)

“It’s more of just like checking in on their well-being because it can be taxing” – Jefferson

“Where Durant and Kawhi go next year will be where this show is going to be! It decides what happens in the NBA” – Windhorst


Dwyane Wade’s graduation speech at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (Via @drsafeerbhatti/Twitter):

Think Iguodala is a hall of famer?

“He’s a competitor and plays the game the right way. I just don’t know what we use as a hall of fame kind of template” – Jefferson

“I don’t think he’s a first ballot hall of famer, but I do think he’s going to be a hall of famer. I compare him somewhat to Dennis Rodman. While he was not the best player or second best player, he was vitally important to what did” – Windhorst

“He’s getting into the hall of fame” – Nichols

June 3, 2001 – Allen Iverson aka “The Greatest Living American” with the clutch stepback three pointer vs the Bucks in the ECF!


Bontemps reaction to Iggy’s comments:

“No. Definitely not. He’s playing to win another championship and try to make the Hall of Fame”

Warriors protecting Steph’s legacy at all costs?

“The reason these guys like Steph so much is because he isn’t focused on winning Finals MVP. He wants to win a championship. Whether it’s off the court, on the court, he’s always the same guy” – Bontemps

“His motivation is just extra” – Jefferson

Still picking Raptors to win series?
Bontemps picked Raptors in 7

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