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Should we read into LeBron’s IG likes?

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I like how this feels

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“I feel good about it” – Perkins

“I feel like free agency is starting early” – Jefferson


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First Half

Monologue: Have the Raptors figured Bucks out?

Giannis Antetokounmpo
So for the entire season, it seems like fans have been wondering: how do you stop that? As in Giannis Antetokounmpo only needs four steps to get from one side of the court to the other. How do you stop that?
Bucks shooters.JPG
Or the Bucks have loaded up with shooters but also play super active defense. How do you stop that?
Giannis Antetokounmpo
It turns out that the team with the presumptive MVPz who is also possibly going to be the defensive player of the year that won a league-high 60 games this season can be stopped
Drake and the Raptors.JPG
All you need is one of the best players on Earth, a new baby and Drake and you’re set!
Fred VanVleet baby.JPG
It’s been quite the week for Fred who was in Rockford, Illinois on Monday for the birth of his second kid, flew back to Toronto for game 4, flew back to Milwaukee with the team, then drove back to Illinois to see his son again, then drove back to Milwaukee for game 5
After the game, Giannis would say he’s fine while also promising that the Bucks are “not going to fold”

Meanwhile, there was Drake again:

Brick Wall.JPG
Will the Raptors indeed get to the Finals? If they do, it will be because they figured out how to stop what for an entire season the rest of the league couldn’t

Still believe in the Bucks?

“I do, but my belief is waning. And it’s really when you look at the way their team is playing, I feel like now that they see how they’re guarding Giannis, they’re just taking away Giannis, now the pressure becomes on the shooters. You’ve got it to knock down shots. But they just haven’t done it” – Jefferson

“I don’t believe in the Bucks right now. I think it’s over with. Toronto has snatched their souls” – Perkins

What’s changed for Raptors last 3 games?

Jefferson and Perkins on Drake:

“They’ve settled into their defense” – Jefferson

“It goes back to experience. You got to give a lot of credit to Nick Nurse” – Perkins

May 24, 2013 – Paul George with the MONSTER POSTER dunk on Chris Andersen of the Miami Heat!


Make or Miss League Klay

Make (Grip).JPG
Does this remind you of MJ?



Miss (Decisions).JPG
Klay’s mom goes shopping for him?

“Anybody that knows Klay knows that this is not surprising. His mom and dad are amazing people. Klay is a very, very simple guy” – Jefferson

Klay Thompson.JPG

Klay Thompson 2.JPG

Klay Thompson 3.JPG

Klay Thompson 4.JPG

Klay Thompson 5.JPG

Klay Thompson 6.JPG

Make (Resilence).JPG
What impressed you most about VanVleet in Game 5?
Made 7/9 from three and was Toronto’s 2nd leading scorer


“He had a baby and went out there to put out that type of performance” – Jefferson

Miss (Settling).JPG
Do the Bucks need to get out and run more?


“There’s less transition opportunities in the playoffs in halfcourt situations” – Perkins


Run it Back

Best playoff alley-oops ever!

2007: J-Kidd to Vince

2017: Kyrie to LeBron

2000: Kobe to Shaq

Moving on…

Think Klay deserved to make All-NBA?

“He deserves to be on there” – Perkins


“Klay broke an NBA record this year” – Jefferson
Most made threes in one game: 14

Who would you take out from this list?

“Kemba Walker. To not make the postseason in the Eastern Conference and to really to not be really that close, that would be the one that you would take out” – Jefferson

“Kemba Walker. He’s in the East, he didn’t make the playoffs and his numbers wasn’t that much more better than Klay” – Perkins

Second Half

Windhorst on PTI: LeBron already reaching out to free agents

LeBron already on the recruiting trail?

“I have a problem because I don’t feel like Bron should have to reach out to anybody to come play with him. We talking about arguably the greatest player that ever played the game of basketball. You should want to go play with LeBron James just for your own sake. Forget even going there to win the title” – Perkins

“By the end of the season, LeBron will play with another all-star” – Jefferson

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this: He don’t need to recruit because I have a feeling that Anthony Davis is going to the Lakers” – Perkins

Report: Harden & CP3 haad “tense moments” during Game 6
Rockets part ways with assistant coach, Roy Rogers (Via Tim MacMahon)

What’s best for Rockets going forward?

“I’m mad at whoever leaked this out. You have these problems in the locker room. I don’t have a problem with these guys going back and forth or Houston making changes because they need to get better” – Perkins

“They didn’t play their best when their best was needed. That was it” – Jefferson

“I didn’t think D’Antoni put CP in the best position to be successful. CP never was a guy that was a high volume 3-point shooter. He mastered the mid-range and I’m more surprised at CP and James was arguing, and maybe not CP and Capela because that’s who they needed to be arguing with” – Perkins

Would Boogie’s return help or hurt Warriors?
They anticipate him returning at some point “during the NBA Finals”

Boogie on how he can help the team:

“This is tough on Steve Kerr because the Warriors are playing at a fast high level pace and I don’t know if Boogie can keep up with that pace. I’d bring Boogie off the bench. He has to sacrifice” – Perkins

“And here again, the word sacrifice rears its ugly head. This is what it is: You were injured, we’re rolling, you’re going to come back but it’s also matchups. It’s going to be situational. I don’t think it’s just going to be cut and dry, we’re going to play him 25 minutes” – Jefferson

RecommendsHow Golden State reclaimed its dominant style by Zach Lowe

Breanna Stewart returns to on-court activity, hired by WNBA as ambassador
Suffered a torn achilles during the euro league championship game

“I feel like the next great basketball mind is going to come from the WNBA” – Jefferson
Sue Bird with the Nuggets; Becky Hammon with the Spurs

Grade for Drake’s social media trolling skills?

“D. It’s bad” – Perkins

“I’ll give them points for being very nuance” – Jefferson

Dan Gilbert on Kyrie: “We killed it in that trade…I think Kyrie will leave Boston” (Via Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer)

“No. I don’t think they killed it, they got killed. All you got out of it was Ante Zizic and Collin Sexton” – Perkins

“If Kyrie leaves, then they killed it” – Jefferson

Richard recalls “water bottle challenge” from 2016

“If you know you’re going to beat the Knicks, that’s how you go win the city and win the game and the night. We were just bored” – Jefferson

May 24, 2004 – Tayshaun Prince (Pistons) with one of the most iconic blocked shots in NBA playoff history on Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers!



Nowitzki Way
Time for Dirk Nowitzki to get a street named after him?
Olive Street [in Dallas] to be renamed Nowitzki Way, which is outside of American Airlines Arena

“Dirk is a statue right now!” – Jefferson

Happy Birthday, T-Mac!
Happy 40th Birthday Tracy McGrady!

Bucks win Game 6 if _______
Raptors coach Nick Nurse expects “The hardest fought game of them all”

“Their role players step up and play lights out” – Jefferson

“Toronto forfeits” – Perkins

At the buzzer
KD speaks to media for first time since calf injury

“He’s right. At the end of the day, they had to get KD to surpass Bron” – Perkins

“He’s right. He took on the villain role the minute he went there and he embraced it. There’s a lot of poking and prodding. Those are the things that he has to address” – Jefferson

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