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Opening Tip
“Unlikely” KD will play at start of NBA Finals (Calf)

“I’m not worried about that. They’re going to be very cautious with this. They’ve won 6 game in a row without him” – Scott

“If this is going to be a 6-7 game series, then you’re going to need KD. I don’t think the Golden State Warriors can beat the Milwaukee Bucks if Kevin Durant doesn’t play for Golden State. The Bucks did not have the best record in the league for nothing. This team is primed and they are hungry” – Scott

“He needs to get healthy. I think the Warriors are a well oiled machine. They’re playing at a high level right now. I think they have a chance of winning the Finals without KD. But do they need KD? Yes” – Perkins

“Klay don’t get enough credit. He’s been the best two guard this postseason and most consistent” – Perkins


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First Half

Monologue: “Positions should not factor into All-NBA voting” – Nichols

All-NBA Voting.JPG
The league released the results from All-NBA voting and it made some major waves around the sport and this is not just because it gives people one more thing to argue about
Baby Stephen A.JPG
Or because it distracts everyone from what Stephen A Smith looks like as a baby but because All-NBA is one of the criteria that determines which players are eligible for certain bonuses, which are eligible for supermax contracts

A couple guys this year who are majorly affected:

Beal Thompson Walker.JPG
As for Klay, Beal and Kemba who all have contract windows coming up this summer, Kemba being the one who made the team means he’s now the one who is supermax eligible
But it didn’t work! Turns out, players are not that easily lead. They’re also not so desperately in need. They have so many other outside avenues to make millions of dollars. So instead of a bribe, what the supermax has become, is a very very expensive litmus test for both franchises and players to see how much they want each other
Giannis Antetokounmpo.JPG
All of this also circles back to Giannis. Because while the Bucks can’t offer him the supermax this summer, by him making All-NBA, it means he can get it in the summer of 2020 which means Milwaukee is now officially on the clock to prove to him that he should want to take a deal like that and stay with them
So how did this happen? The NBA requires voters to select All-NBA by position instead of just saying: ‘Okay. Who are the 15 best players in the league this year?’
Durant and Jokic.JPG
So a guy like Nikola Jokic who is great, but not better than KD, makes first team and Durant doesn’t. This needs to change
All-NBA players.JPG
These awards are not just used to determine who makes what money, they’re also how to record for history. Who the best players of every era are. And voters don’t actually have anyway of voting on who they think are the best players
NBA Awards.JPG
Not with All-NBA, not even with MVP. It’s something that should be discussed about more. Even on a day when these lists have already given fans plenty to talk about

Who was most affected by All-NBA Selections?

“Kemba Walker. I’m saying it in a very positive way. He has risen to a different level when it comes to money. The question is: Are the Hornets going to pay/offer him that?” – Scott



“When you talk about Klay, he is so underrated. He doesn’t get enough publicity that he well deserves because he’s such a great player. This affects him too in a small way” – Scott

Reaction to KAT missing All-NBA with $31.6M at stake?

“I feel for him. But I put a lot of onus on winning. Rudy Gobert was a guy at that position who got to the playoffs, Utah played extremely well. But Karl’s team wasn’t that successful. When that happens, you get what you deserve. Numbers are great, but sometimes numbers doesn’t tell a whole story when it comes to winning” – Scott

“There’s some people who didn’t vote for him because they felt like he was a little bit padding his numbers in the last 2 months because they weren’t necessarily in the playoff chase, especially toward the end” – Nichols

“It’s disturbing because I understand winning. But at the end of the day as an individual, you still have to go out and put up the numbers. Were talking only not Karl-Anthony Towns, but we’re talking about Anthony Davis also. These guys were all stars and Rudy Gobert wasn’t an all star and then if you’re looking at it from a general manager standpoint, who would you rather give the supermax to? Who would you rather have?” – Perkins


May 23, 1998 – Scottie Pippen with the poster dunk, plus the foul, on the Pacers!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

Make (Support).JPG
Should we all be as supportive as this mail carrier?

Miss (Dishonesty).JPG
Miles Bridges: “I didn’t get snubbed. I played like @$$ all year”
Didn’t make one of the All-Rookie teams

Bridges tweet.JPG

“I love it. He’ll use that as motivation to get ready for the next season” – Scott

“I love it. Accountability is everything” – Perkins

Make (Bribery).JPG
Think a penthouse will persuade Kawhi?
Click here to view the penthouse, Via “The Condo Store Realty Inc.” and

“Yes. It makes a difference because the city is showing that they want Kawhi and that they love him” – Perkins

Miss (Subtlety).JPG
Did Max nail this Drake impression?


Moving on…

Bucks coach, Mike Budenholzer on Drake’s antics in Game 4:

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Via champagnepapi/IG

Choose Wisely
Whose side are you on: Coach Bud or Drake?
Coach Bud did not bring this up. He was asked about it three separate times

“There has to be to a certain extent some boundaries put in there by the NBA. As a fan, you got to love the man’s enthusiasm for his team. But have fun, enjoy it, and make sure you are respectful to the players that are out there on the court” – Scott

Worried about Kyle Lowry’s hand (Left Thumb)?
Lowry is averaging 20.3 PPG in the ECF

“It don’t affect Kyle. Since he hurt his hand, he’s actually been playing better. At the end of the day, Kyle is a tough guy. He’s averaging 20 points on a hurt hand” – Perkins

“He’s going to play through it no matter what” – Scott

Second Half

RecommendsSupermax contracts are working…just not like fans expected by Tim Bontemps

Confident Giannis will take $247M supermax from Bucks in 2020?

“The money is not the issue with Giannis. I feel like he does want to stay there. The city of Milwaukee has embraced him as he has embraced the city of Milwaukee. It’s a marriage made in heaven. He’ll be in Milwaukee for the rest of his career” – Scott

“He’s loyal to this organization. The organization has to pay him. I would” – Perkins


Brighter future: Nets or Knicks?

“If you add Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving to that mix of young players that they have in New York, you guys will be the 2nd best team in New York” – Scott

Joe Lacob “Confident” Warriors will re-sign KD & Klay? (Via Tim Kawakami/The Athletic)

“No. One of those guys you should have confidence in keeping: Klay Thompson. The other? No” – Scott

“He should feel good about Klay, but as far as with the situation with Kevin Durant, that’s a dead bird tall grass” – Perkins

Perkins on KD:

Caesars sportsbook: Knicks favorites to sign KD

“The Knicks would be great for not only KD, but it’d be great for basketball period and the city of New York. They’ve been missing this for years. With KD joining the Knicks, it would be great for the whole NBA” – Perkins

“Don’t count the Clippers out because they can put together a deal where they have a package for two max players as well” – Scott

KD unlikely to return for star of Finals (Calf)
Not cleared for on-court activities

Steve Kerr:

How will Warriors cope without KD? | Warriors anticipate DeMarcus Cousins will return in Finals

“I don’t think they’ll do anything. They’ll continue to play the way they’ve been playing. Over the last six games, this team has gotten back to playing the game of basketball the way they did before KD even joined them. So that’s more touches for Steph, more touches for Klay, Draymond is being Draymond where he’s rebounding, he’s pushing the ball, he’s making passes to his guys. They’ve got enough firepower to absolutely play with the Milwaukee Bucks (or the Toronto Raptors). If the NBA Finals goes a long way, you’re going to need Kevin Durant” – Scott

“The Warriors will win, but it won’t be a sweep. It possibly could go 6-7 games without KD” – Perkins

May 23, 1991 – Clyde Drexler with the big jam vs the Lakers!



Michigan Man
Michigan hires Juwan Howard as coach

Juwan Howard

At the buzzer
Klay didn’t know All-NBA results?

“He should have been on the list, no doubt about it” – Scott

“2nd best shooting guard behind James Harden” – Perkins

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