Show Recap: May 22, 2019

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Opening Tip
Is Drake going to get T’d up one day?



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First Half

Monologue: Raptors laugh in the face of danger (now)

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For years now, the Raptors have been solid, well prepared
Raptors first aid kit.JPG
If you’re going on a picnic, it’s the Raptors who would have brought along that first aid kit because you just never know
But danger? This was not a team that did well with danger when things got hairy, when the pressure of a playoff series ratchet it up, there were rarely any bravado buckets. Sometimes they were barely any buckets at all
LeBron and the Raptors.JPG
When the man, who for more than a decade reigned as the most dangerous player in the league came knocking, the Raptors couldn’t really even bring themselves to answer the front door some of the time. But this time, in this postseason, all that has changed
Kawhi Cyborg (5-22).JPG
Of course it helps when you have one of the five best players on Earth leading that charge
Kawhi game winner vs Sixers.JPG
It’s not a coincidence that now as Toronto has a guy who isn’t afraid to step up and take that last second dagger game winner, the rest of the Raptors have gotten a little bit braver too
Kawhi hurting.JPG
Fortunately for Toronto fans, this is no longer a team that sees something scary like it’s best player hurting and wilts. Instead, the rest of the Raptors kept churning

The bench actually showed up:

Drake laughing.JPG
At least this time, Drake looks more in line with the swagger of an entire Raptors team that laughs in the face of danger, Lion King style. Now does swagger alone get you to the NBA Finals? Of course not. Attitude does not beat the presumptive MVP four times out of seven
Raptors first aid kit 2.JPG
Toronto can’t beat the Bucks without that attitude and that they’re now headed back to Milwaukee feeling brave no first aid kit required

Worried about Kawhi’s health?

“I’m extremely concerned. We can see this man is playing hurt and you can just see it sometimes in his face. But he’s such a warrior. At some point in time, it’s going to catch up to him” – Scott

“Is the reason why he’s dunking like that (off his left leg) because he doesn’t want to push off of his right quad? Every time I see that, I’m kind of wondering about where his health really. But I think you have to trust him. If he’s not able to go, he’s certainly proven to us that he will sit out” – Shelburne

“I’m concerned just because this series is every other day. You’re not going to have that much time to recover for the Finals, if they were to make it. You’ve had load management all year, but there’s no managing this load right now” – Shelburne

“Even if this guy is not staying [beyond this season], he’s giving you every ounce of himself. That’s a big level of commitment” – Shelburne

Buy KD is “100% undecided” on future?


“Of course not. Things can change” – Shelburne

“He’s still thinking about. He understands that he has a job to do” – Scott

“He’s 100% decided that he’s not going back to Golden State. I really feel that way with KD” – Scott

“Kevin Durant is an emotional guy and I say that with respect. He’s passionate” – Shelburne

May 22, 2009 – LeBron James with the game winning 3-pointer in Game 2 of the ECF vs the Magic!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

Make (Ambidexterity).JPG
Does Kawhi prefer to dunk lefty?


Miss (Fatigue).JPG
Is this Steph impression accurate?

From Game 4:

Make (Tenacity).JPG
What got into Serge Ibaka in Game 4?
Stat line: 17 points, 13 rebounds in 24 minutes off the bench

“That was huge for Serge and the bench. People forget the Raptors are pretty good without Kawhi Leonard this year. They were 17-5 when he didn’t play and it’s because of guys like Serge had games like this. But he hasn’t been great in this series until [Game 4]” – Shelburne

“They need Serge to play like this again” – Scott

Miss (Facsimiles).JPG
Impressed that Kyle Korver outlasted a copy machine?


Moving on…

Lakers becoming more or less dysfunctional?

“They’re a little bit more dysfunctional. What Earvin did on Monday just put them a couple of more steps back in this summer with the pursuit of free agency. It’s going to be tough” – Scott

Shelburne: Less dysfunctional



Second Half

Rather have all-defensive 1st team or 2nd team?

Shelburne and Scott: 2nd team

“That 2nd Team is a 1st Team” – Scott


Who do you call first on June 30 at 6 ET: KD or Kawhi?

Shelburne: KD | Scott: KD

“Kawhi, being 3 years younger would also help. That also puts a little bit pressure on who you pick first” – Scott

The season of the massive comeback in the NBA by Kevin Pelton and Baxter Holmes

KD-Draymond argument make Warriors stronger?

“I buy it to a certain extent because of this group of guys that they have together, it was easier for them to overcome this. It has made them stronger” – Scott

“In this era of passive aggressivity, this is so refreshing to see. He actually said what was on his mind. He said what everyone was thinking and they dealt with it” – Shelburne

May 22, 2003 – Jason Kidd with the tough no look reverse layup, plus the foul vs the Pistons!



I’m upset
Byron, would you let Drake rub your shoulders mid-game?

“No. Unless you are a certified masseuse and I am paying you, especially a man, you do not rub my shoulders” – Scott

LeBron James
Moving up west coast tip times a good idea?
Adam Silver saying LeBron playing late games has impacted TV ratings in an interview with “Today,” The NBA is looking to move up 10:30 west coast start times

Ramona Thumbs up.JPG
Ramona approves!

“They are so late when you’re on the east coast that most people just don’t even watch the second half. It would help the West coast teams on both ways. More people would see them play and it works great in the Finals” – Shelburne

Milly rock
Nuggets “Fully Expect” to bring back Paul Millsap
$30M team option on Millsap

“Yeah. I think that’s what you say right now” – Shelburne

Level of concern for Bucks?

“I’m not that concerned. This is what you played the whole season for: home court advantage” – Scott

“It’s a young team that hasn’t been there. They don’t have that much experience with adversity” – Shelburne

Should Bucks consider benching Eric Bledsoe?

“He’s got to get to the basket and get in their open floor a little bit more” – Scott

“Eric Bledsoe is more important to the Bucks than Fred VanVleet is to the Raptors” – Nichols

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