Show Recap: May 20, 2019 (From Moda Center in Portland)

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First Half

Monologue: Kawhi’s perseverance was on display in Game 3

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For years, there have been jokes that Kawhi Leonard was a machine. It was an easy sell. He didn’t speak much, didn’t emote much and the way he played was just so clinically efficient
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But here’s the thing about machines: They’re talked about as a stand-in for something that’s supposed to be constant and relentless and unbreakable which is silly because as anyone who’s ever tried to regularly take the subway to work or update their iPhones, machines break all the time! And when they stop, they stop
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Kawhi Leonard played a career high 52 minutes in Game 3. Instead of getting more tired, he only seemed to dig in. He kept making his free throws (12-13) and in the second overtime with the game feeling like it could tilt and kill over in either direction, he just took over
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In San Antonio, many are probably still scratching their heads over his lost year with the franchise
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That quality, that perseverance, that is particularly human. And at least for one night, it’s what saved Toronto

Raptors putting too much on Kawhi?

“No. He’s a beast. He can take it. That’s what great players do. He knew the importance of that game” – Pippen

“In the playoffs, it’s like basketball triage. You just have to do whatever you can to get through and then you worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. And this was one of the most classic cases I could ever imagine of that. This was an absolute masterpiece performance from Kawhi” – Windhorst


Impact of Iguodala’s calf injury?

“They’ll have to find someone to stay in front of Dame and hopefully can do the same job as Iguodala’s been able to do throughout this series. But it’s important for them to have him on the court. He is a game changer for the Warriors” – Pippen

“If they win Game 4, they’ll have 9 days off” – Windhorst
NBA Finals start May 30

“If the Warriors play [Game 4] without three of their most key players: Durant, Cousins and Iguodala, in Portland in an elimination game, the Blazers have to win that game. And if you don’t, you don’t belong” – Windhorst

“I don’t think that their [Blazers] concern should be about Andre Iguodala. I think their concern is really about themselves. Damian has to play better, CJ has to play better and their team has to play better” – Pippen


Make or Miss league Kawhi

Make (Impersonations).JPG
Did Giannis get away with a travel?


“He got away with it” – Pippen

“This is all about the gather and you can get different people to say different things, but this is what the Raptors have been complaining about for days now” – Windhorst

Miss (Traction).JPG
Should Brogdon and Giannis sign with New Balance?


“That was a good pick by Serge Ibaka” – Pippen

Make (Risk).JPG
Will Drake regret poking the bear?



Miss (Outsourcing).JPG
Like the Wolves removing interim tag from Ryan Saunders? (Per Woj)

“This is what the ownership of the team really wanted. It’s not the ideal situation for the new president to inherit. I hope for the best” – Windhorst

“I love it because the players love him and if you’re keeping the players happy, then I think he’s a great fit” – Pippen

Moving on…

Magic’s comments a bad look for Rob Pelinka? | Magic identifies Rob Pelinka as the person “backstabbing”

Via First Take:

Rob Pelinka’s response to Magic’s comments: “Simply not true”

“It’s kind of hurting to hear that about Magic. Looking at the players and the future of the Lakers, this will be something that will hurt them in the free agent market because they are not in a good place” – Pippen

“It’s incredibly disappointing display of the lack of leadership in the Lakers organization, a lack of leadership from owner Jeanie Buss, a lack of leadership from Magic Johnson, a lack of leadership from him in the way he handled his departure from the team and obviously lack of leadership in the way they’ve handled the wake of his departure” – Windhorst

“They have the opportunity to recover because they’re in Los Angeles, because of their history and because they have LeBron. Somebody has got to show leadership” – Windhorst


Frank Vogel introduced as Lakers head coach

How does turmoil around Lakers impact free agency?

“I’m going to be wondering, ‘Where’s LeBron?’ ‘Does he want me?’ ‘What’s his take on all of this?’ We don’t really know where LeBron’s head is in all of this” – Pippen

“If they don’t get a good free agent [one of the top players in the game], they’re going to be able to compete in the West” – Pippen


“I don’t expect LeBron to be in those [free agent] meetings. He’s never done it before” – Nichols

Second Half

Big deal Warriors got shutout of NBA Awards?

“They’re not playing for those individual accolades. They’re playing for that big kahuna: The championship” –  Pippen

“The Warriors weren’t great in the regular season” – Windhorst


Should Rockets extend Mike D’Antoni?
The Rockets and D’Antoni have had preliminary discussions about the framework of a contract extension that would keep him from entering the final year of his deal. D’Antoni says he wants to coach at least three more seasons


“I don’t. He’s reached his ceiling. As a coach, he hasn’t shown that he can perform in the post season. And I think it has to do with the style of play that he creates around his team. They’re very predictable when it comes to the postseason” – Pippen

“Something has to change there [not just the coaching] because it’s not working” – Nichols

NBA transparent enough with injury reports?
Click here to read more about this topic by Brian Windhorst


“No [I wouldn’t let anybody know that I’m injured.] I’m sorry for the gamblers, but that’s what it is. You’re gambling. As a player, we’re playing the game. I’m not going to give the enemy an opportunity to know what my injuries are going into a game” – Pippen

BS or Real Talk

Lillard on injury: “I don’t think it’s something that’s affecting my game”

BS or Real Talk (Lillard).JPG

“I’m going to give him a pass because discussing injuries in the postseason, I never think the player is telling the truth and probably shouldn’t tell the truth” – Windhorst

“I’m not going to give him a pass and respect the way he answered that question because players don’t want to say that the injury is causing them to play bad. It’s affecting his play and it’s affecting his team’s play. He hasn’t been the same player” – Pippen


Draymond on toning it down: “I realized how impressionable kids are”

BS or Real Talk (Draymond).JPG

“This is him at his best, he’s focusing on playing” – Windhorst

“He has changed tremendously. His play has gone up, but his mouth has gone down” – Pippen

May 20, 2011 – Kevin Durant with the monster poster dunk on Brendan Haywood of the Mavericks!


Choose Wisely
Best case scenario for Blazers in Game 4?

“Draymond Green has to have a horrible game” – Pippen

“No matter win or lose, the Blazers would like to actually play their best game. They want to see CJ and Dame play well, they want to see their role players play well and if they go out playing that way, at least they have their heads held high. They have not played their best game start to finish just yet” – Windhorst

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