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Opening Tip
Will you laugh at Knicks fans if they don’t win lottery?

“I will laugh so hard” – Jefferson

“I’m not laughing. This is the biggest lottery for the Knicks since Patrick Ewing. This is huge” – Shelburne


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First Half

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Brett Brown to return as 76ers head coach

Smart for 76ers to stick with Brett Brown?

“Embiid, even though there’s been some up and downs, showed maturity in this postseason. This wasn’t the coach, this was Joel. Coach has done a great job” – Jefferson

“Brett always stood up tall for Joel Embiid and Joel recognizes that. He has a lot of loyalty for Brett” – Shelburne


Bigger free agent priority for 76ers: Butler or Harris?

Jefferson: Jimmy Butler
“He’s still the guy that you want on that team because it makes everything else easier for everyone else”

“I love Tobias Harris. But he can be great on another team”

Shelburne: Jimmy Butler
“He carried them in this playoff series [vs the Raptors]. He delivered. When they go forward, you need more of that”

Should Knicks keep No. 1 pick if they win lottery?

“No. Don’t! Their No. 1 priority is getting Zion Williamson” – Shelburne

“I guarantee the Knicks are going to get the No. 1 pick” – Jefferson

May 14, 1997 – PJ Brown (Heat) flipping over Charlie Ward (Knicks) and a brawl ensues!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

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Why isn’t “Richard” d-ing up?


Screenshot 2019-05-14 at 6.10.18 PM.png
9-year old writes supportive letter to Joel Embiid


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Excited to watch Michael Porter Jr. in Summer League?

“Huge [impact]. Their playoff depth was just okay. This is a rotation guy” – Jefferson

“Another great wing would be great for them but the question is he going to have playing time to develop?” – Shelburne

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Klay listens to nature sounds and visualizes getting buckets?

“I try to put on some classical Pandora or some nature sounds” – Klay Thompson

Screenshot 2019-05-14 at 10.35.46 PM.png

Screenshot 2019-05-14 at 10.36.24 PM.png

Screenshot 2019-05-14 at 10.37.06 PM.png

“I’ll say this about Klay: he hears this even when there’s no music” – Jefferson

“Do you know what else Klay does before every game? Sits at his locker and reads the paper. He’s an endorser for one of the Bay Area newspaper groups” – Shelburne

Moving on…

Why are Celtics players so unhappy?

“They’re unhappy because they were all asked to play lesser roles and sacrifice for the betterment of the team but it just didn’t work out” – Shelburne

“The Eastern Conference was better than it was last year. They went up a level by three different teams: Milwaukee, Toronto and Philly a lot better” – Jefferson

“I understand where Terry Rozier is. Don’t lose your leverage and if you want to win a championship, it isn’t going to be on your terms” – Jefferson


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Better choice for Kyrie: Celtics or the field?

“The field. It sounds like he wants a change” – Jefferson

“I can just see a world in which he goes to the Phoenix Suns where that is such a great fit for him. The expectations are lower and you can have more of an impact on the culture” – Shelburne

“One person said: ‘Why not get the band back together?’ It does make a lot of sense” – Shelburne on a possible Kyrie/LeBron reunion in LA

Second Half

BS or Real Talk

Lillard: Warriors matchup “better” than Nuggets “in terms of personnel”

Screenshot 2019-05-14 at 10.38.16 PM.png

“That is the belief of Damian Lillard. That’s his reality” – Shelburne

“You want to know why they’re a better matchup? Because they’re playing them” – Jefferson

Ben Simmons on developing jumper: “It’s important”
Had 116 shot attempts this postseason. Of those 116, only 3 we’re jump shots, all which he missed (Via Second Spectrum)

Screenshot 2019-05-14 at 10.40.54 PM.png

“That reporter was grilling him. That’s how you not say: ‘Next Question.’ Obviously, it’s important and he knows its important. The question is he going to work on it enough and are we actually going to see a difference?” – Shelburne

“He needs to become a better free throw shooter. Then he can post up more. That’s step 1. The jump shot thing should be step 2” – Jefferson


Eric Bledsoe on Kyle Lowry: “He’ll probably go in the hall of fame at some point”

Lowry vs the Bucks this season: 6.0ppg on 23% shooting, the worst of any team he’s faced this season

Screenshot 2019-05-14 at 10.41.48 PM.png

Jefferson and Shelburne:

May 14, 2004 – Richard Jefferson (New Jersey Nets) with the nasty chasedown block on Chauncey Billups!


Do Warriors need KD to win West Finals?

“No. With KD, the Warriors only had to play good basketball. Without him, they have to play great basketball. The level of focus that they have to play with and their room for error obviously drops substantially” – Jefferson


“Steph, before KD got there, won two MVPs and then he took a step back because Kevin Durant was so great” – Jefferson

How close are the Steph/Klay Dame/CJ backcourts:

“If the Warriors play good and Portland plays great, Portland can win this series. If they both play just good, just average basketball for both of them, it goes to the Warriors” – Jefferson

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Dances with T-Wolves
Woj: Timberwolves to interview Juwan Howard

Juwan Howard.JPG

“He’s certainly a good coach for big men and that’s what Karl-Anthony Towns needs. The question is he ready for that head job yet?” – Shelburne

“He comes from a place where ‘culture’ is the thing with Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra and the Miami Heat. That’s kind of what the T-Wolves need some structure and culture” – Sedano

Time to pay up?
Think Seth will pay up on 3-point contest bet with Steph?

Backstory: During All-Star weekend, Seth lost a bet to Steph over who would perform better in the 3-point competition. Loser would have to pay for the family’s tickets for the rest of their career!

“I think that’s awesome. He’s made enough money, their family has enough money. Seth can step up and pay for all of that” – Jefferson

“Seth is about to get paid this summer” – Shelburne

Kanter blackout
Turkish broadcaster “S Sport” will not televise WCF

With the Draft Lottery taking place today, it’s the season finale of…

Tank Wars (2019)

What lottery team needs Zion the most?

“I guarantee the Knicks will get the No. 1 pick in the draft. Mark my words. If they don’t get the No. 1 pick, anybody name the bet. I’ll take it” – Jefferson

“The Heat never tank. Dwyane Wade left. They deserve Zion” – Sedano

“No one ever talks about the Atlanta Hawks. That is a great fit for them” – Shelburne

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