Show Recap: May 10, 2019 (From Toyota Center in Houston)

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Steph Curry before Game 6:


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Rockets owner, Tilman Fertitta

First Half

What changes for Warriors in Game 6 without KD?

“It’s going to be a tough task. The motion offense they run is tough” – Beverley

“Fans are really going to see how great Steph is. They’ll be fine” – T-Mac

Expectations for Harden in Game 6?

“When KD goes out, you got to be as aggressive as possible. You have to put your stamp on it. This is how you build your legacy” – T-Mac

“You are James Harden. Even Chris Paul is looking for you to take over” – Beverley

“Don’t make the right basketball play. Take over the game” – T-Mac

“Top notch fans that I’ve ever played in front of. You’re going to hear it and you’re going to feel it. They want to win” – Beverley on the Rockets fans

Trust more in Game 7: Blazers or Nuggets?
Dame: 32 points in Game 6
Home teams win 79 percent of the time in Game 7s in NBA Playoff history

T-Mac: Nuggets
“In this series, they have the best player [in Jokic] and their guard play”

Beverley: Blazers
“Damian Lillard and CJ are bad boys”

May 10, 2000 – Kobe Bryant with the defenders in his face, pulling up for the clutch shot to give the Lakers the lead over the Suns!


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How cold-blooded is the “Logo Lizard” nickname?
Via Mark Jones/ESPN


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Is Jokic vs the mic the best rivalry of the 2nd round?

“I’ve had trouble with those microphones before so I feel his pain” – T-Mac

Make (Restraint).JPG
Worried about Embiid’s flagrant fouls?
3rd flagrant of the playoffs. 4th flagrant gets him a suspension


“Not at all. I don’t think he’ll allow it to happen or the NBA” – Beverley

“I’m not worried. If it does happen, his suspension would be next year” – T-Mac

Miss (Peace).JPG
Seth Curry and Will Barton deserve ejections last night?

“In T-Mac’s era: No. In my era: Yes!” – Beverley

Bonus: Who’s a guy you don’t want to mess with in the NBA (other than Beverley)?

“I don’t believe no one in the NBA is as tough as they seem” – Beverley

Moving on…

76ers find right approach to defending Kawhi? | More on the line in Game 7: Raptors or 76ers?

“If Kyle Lowry doesn’t step up to be Kyle Lowry that we know he can be, they will always have a problem no matter what you do with Kawhi Leonard and the other pieces” – Beverley

“Had the Sixers done this earlier in the series, they probably wouldn’t be going to seven games. But it’s a little bit too late. Kawhi is going to have an answer for whatever double team they throw at him” – T-Mac

Second Half

Expect another heroic Game 6 from Klay?

“You put Kevin Durant on that team, everyone’s possessions become lesser. But you take him off, he’s back to being the old Klay. And it’s going to be this way in Game 6” – Beverley

“Klay won’t have to defer. Somebody has to sacrifice and defer to Kevin Durant and Klay is the guy that unfortunately affected his game in some of the playoff series” – T-Mac

Worried a free agent could ruin Clippers chemistry?

Notable free agents (2019)

“I love the Clippers. I’m to a point right now where I’m going to enjoy being a free agent. I’ve never been a free agent. I’m going to enjoy this process. If it goes well with the Clippers, but if it don’t I wish them the best success” – Beverley

Anonymous Celtic on Kyrie: “He’s hard to play with. It’s all about him” (Via Jeff Goodman/Stadium)

“I haven’t heard anything negative about Kyrie. I love his game, he gets better and better every year, he’s a champion and proven” – Beverley


“If I’m Kyrie, I would want to team up with LeBron again. They need each other. It’s peanut butter and jelly” – T-Mac

Report: Lakers to interview former Grizz Coach J.B. Bickerstaff (Via LA Times) | Most to blame for Lakers coach search struggles?

JB Bickerstaff.JPG

“No disrespect to JB Bickerstaff, but the obvious choice is Ty Lue” – T-Mac

“They sold it to him [Ty Lue] as: “You’re only LeBron’s coach.’ The 3-year offer wasn’t just an insult about the length of the deal, but you’re matching LeBron’s contract [3 years left] That’s an insult to Ty. He’s more than just LeBron James’ coach” – Windhorst

“I play for the best team in LA” – Beverley


Producer Tucker at the Lakers protest:

What feels different this time around for Rockets?

“I don’t think Kevin Durant is the difference. Were at home, the bench always plays better at home and Harden/CP3 will do whatever it takes to win this game” – Fertitta

What impressed you most about James Harden this season?

“He’ll do whatever it takes to win. When he plays defense, there’s nobody that plays any better defense in the NBA” – Fertitta

Financial pressure on Rockets to win now?

“Were going to have the core of this team back next year. The starting five will be back for the Houston Rockets next year” – Fertitta

Why haven’t Rockets retired T-Mac’s jersey?

“I’m going to have a meeting on this and look into that” – Fertitta

“We have great fans. They’re going to be here, screaming loud and do whatever it takes. But fans in the NBA are the best fans. They get more into the game. You’re so close to the players” – Fertitta

May 10, 2013 – Nate Robinson with the nasty rejection from behind on LeBron James!


Rockets favored by 7 points in Game 6: Too high or low?

T-Mac: Too High

Over/Under 31 points for Steph in Game 6?

T-Mac: More than 31

Windhorst: Under
“If he doesn’t score more than 31, there’s definitely going to be a Game 7”

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