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Opening Tip
Was this Kyrie’s last home game as Celtic?

“I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt. They won Game 1 there, their backs are against the wall and they can go there and pull off another one [in Milwaukee]” – Jackson

“I think it’s his last game with the Celtics” – Pippen


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First Half

Monologue: Rockets fought skill with scrappiness

Yao Ming.JPG
A decade ago, when Yao Ming was hurt and the Houston Rockets needed someone to move over to his spot, they turned to an unlikely guy
Yao Ming and Chuck Hayes.JPG
Chuck Hayes was an entire foot shorter than Yao which at the time made him the smallest starting center in NBA history. Chuck was also not what you call a shooting maestro, but he and his backside were absolute unmovable objects in the post, he rebounded like hell and fans loved him
Chuck Wagon.JPG
He was nicknamed “The Chuck Wagon”
PJ Tucker the sailor.JPG
In Game 4, the PJ Tucker anchored Rockets small ball crew was doing serious damage to the almighty Golden State Warriors. PJ is totally a different offensive player than Hayes, but his spirit and his size are so similar that last season long time Houston Chronicle beat writer, Jonathan Feigen nicknamed his unit, “The Tuck Wagon Lineup”
Clint Capela.JPG
The Warriors had been rotating Capela away from the board so often that a shift clearly needed to be made. And in Game 4, The entire overall mix gave Houston the kind of toughness it would need when it’s shooting started to fail. And boy did it fail!
Steph Curry.JPG
Steph Curry was hot to start this game, but had trouble as it wore on. All together, he has missed 34 three point attempts through the first four games of this series which is the most missed threes in a 4-game span in his entire playoff career
James Harden (MVP).JPG
And it’s interesting because of course the Rockets have skilled players. Their roster is led by a guy who’s going to finish in the top two of MVP voting for the fourth time in 5 years. But Game 4 felt an awful lot more about grit

Steve Kerr acknowledged postgame:

Klay Thompson (Volleyball).JPG
He’s got a point. If Klay Thompson wasn’t a man meant to have some zinc oxide in his nose while hitting the beach volleyball circuit, who knows who is
Chuck Wagon (Rockets).JPG
The way to put it is if the Rockets have some middle linebacker Lawrence Taylor in them, but that they’ve still some got Chuck Hayes in them. And they are riding it back to Oakland with the series tied

What’s changed for Rockets (And will it last)?

“James Harden getting hurt in Game 2 really shift the whole series. Him bouncing back, getting back to himself, that’s really what’s gotten the Houston Rockets back on track. [Clint] Capela and PJ [Tucker] have showed up and they’re playing well on both ends of the court” – Pippen

“Not having a [Warriors] big man in the game has definitely helped Houston. PJ is doing all the dirty work, getting lots of extra rebounds and shots, it’s definitely benefiting Houston” – Jackson

“It was going to be a tough series [with or without Cousins] for Golden State no matter what just because of the way James Harden has been playing this season” – Pippen

Agree with Steph saying Warriors don’t need to panic?


“No panic at all. They’ve been champions, they’ve been in situations like this, They’re still a confident team” – Jackson

“They’re not going to panic, but there’s a lot of pressure on them. They must win at home. They’re being challenged and we haven’t seen the Golden State Warriors be pushed into a corner like they are right now” – Pippen

Bucks really good or Celtics really disappointing?

“The Bucks are really good. Giannis is not playing around” – Pippen

“Giannis is on a different type of time right now. He is showing that he’s the best player on the court. He’s doing some Shaq stuff. Boston’s defense, they’re not even competing” – Jackson

“They [The Celtics] do look though, especially defensively, like a team that doesn’t talk to each other. They are not connected or in sync” – Nichols

“Right now, the Celtics are being exposed. Their chemistry and their communication is not there and not helping one another” – Pippen

May 7, 1995 – With the Pacers down 6 at MSG vs the Knicks, Reggie Miller makes two clutch threes to tie the game and eventually win the game at the end!


Make or Miss League Harden

Make (Muscle).JPG
Remember when Bledsoe’s nickname was ‘Mini LeBron’?


This Celtics fan’s reaction:

Celtics fan reaction.JPG

Miss (Chances).JPG
Think Bucks assistant coach practices this?



Make (Rage).JPG
Do the equipment managers and PJ Tucker have a beef?



Moving on…

Which version of Embiid will we see in Game 5?

Jimmy Butler on Embiid:

“We’re going to see the all-star performer. He realizes the importance that he is to this ball club. He’s going to have to come in there and be that anchor for them” – Pippen

“He’s going to have a big game” – Jackson

Butler’s influence on Embiid:

Advice for Joel, Scottie?

“Stay in bed all day, show up at the game and give us your all. Those are the words I gave to Michael Jordan [before the flu game]”

Second Half

Rockets figure out “Hamptons Five” lineup?

“I don’t really think that they figured it out. I want to give more credit to PJ Tucker and Clint Capela. They came to play” – Pippen

“PJ Tucker is putting his imprint on the game” – Jackson

“Golden State eventually is going to have to put some size out on the basketball court” – Pippen

“The Houston Rockets going to the basket time after time again, it’s going to wore out the Warriors” – Pippen

Bigger concern for Warriors: Offense or Defense?

“Defense. I would never worry about their offense. They have too many scorers. Too many blow byes to the hole, getting layups. You got to take James completely out of the game” – Jackson

“Defense. When you’re playing the Hamptons Five, the paint is wide open. KD is your biggest guy out there on the court, but he’s not a rim protector. That is a huge problem for them right now” – Pippen

May 7, 2009 – LeBron James attacking the basket with the sick reverse dunk vs the Hawks!


BS or Real Talk

Kyrie on leaving court before buzzer: “The game was over”
Kyrie in his last 3 games: 20ppg, 30% FG, 20% shooting on threes

BS or Real Talk (Kyrie leaving floor).JPG

Giannis on Marcus Smart’s impact: “………umm”

BS or Real Talk (Marcus Smart).JPG



JA Morant: “I am a point god” (Via Chris Haynes’ “Posted Up” podcast)
Projected as the No. 2 pick prospect

BS or Real Talk (JA Morant).JPG

“I like this young man. He’s really establishing himself that he wants to come into this league and be a point guard. He understands that in today’s game, point guards are scoring guards” – Pippen

“I love the fact that he has confidence in himself. He’s going to be great in the league” – Jackson


Norman Powell on Kawhi: “That man is Kobe”
Sixers coach, Brett Brown also made a Kobe comparison after Game 4


BS or Real Talk (Pippen).JPG

BS or Real Talk (Jackson).JPG

“He is an up-and-coming player. You really can’t speak with him in terms of comparing him to Kobe but he’s on that level. When you’re talking about greatness in the playoffs and performing at a high level, you can give him a Kobe Bryant nod” – Pippen


23 reasons to enjoy wild Nuggets-Blazers series by Zach Lowe


Iggy Status
Andre Iguodala health update: Hyperextended his knee in the final seconds of Game 4


“His health is very important. He is the anchor for them in terms of staying in front of James Harden. He’s a guy that can burn fouls” – Pippen

Culture shift
Wolves GM Gersson Rosas: “We’re going to question the norm with everything we do”

“The first step that they need to start taking is getting some players with experience where these young guys can look up to and respect. And teach these guys how to win” – Jackson

How have Nuggets slowed down Lillard?

“They got guys that can match up well against him in size but it’s a really been about Dame. Some of his shot selections in this series has not been as good as it was in the last series. Teams are now expecting what he was doing in the last series. It’s not a surprise anymore” – Pippen

“Offensively, they’re trapping his pick-and-rolls so he can’t be as aggressive and do a lot that he was doing in the last series vs OKC. In this series, he’s guarding a number of guys that’s going at him everytime he gets the ball. It might be wearing him down a little bit” – Jackson

Agree with Will Barton on Jokic?

Barton on Jokic’s ability to impact the game:


“His basketball IQ is unbelievable to be so young. That’s where I got to praise him” – Jackson



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