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Opening Tip
More impressive by Murray?

The shot:

The dunk:

Pierce: The dunk | Shelburne: The shot




First Half

Monologue: Free agency is coming

2019 free agents.JPG
The thing about the future is that it’s at least always somewhat part of the present. This is true whether you’re an NBA team depending on a soon to be free agent superstar
Or a medieval fantasy television show beloved by millions around the planet (Game of Thrones). No matter what you accomplish, no matter the blood, and sweat, and tears you put into each moment, the future is still lurking somewhere in the frame
Starbucks coffee.JPG
Like maybe a Starbucks coffee cup. Certainly, that is what the Celtics are dealing with for Game 4 as they face the Bucks
Chef Ibaka.JPG
So what about the Raptors? Serge Ibaka has his own YouTube cooking show where he makes his friends eat all sorts of weird things
Kawhi Leonard.JPG
Kawhi would rather eat that pizza than give anything up. That tells you where he’s standing right now. Still, Toronto knew just how big the stakes were in Game 4. If they had gone down 3-1 in the series, the summer recruitment pitch gets a lot tougher
Kawhi in a blue shirt.JPG
Afterward, Kawhi was asked about the context of what he’s doing and just like with Ibaka, he refused to really answer: “I’m just trying to win. I’m living in the moment.” At least for a day or two, he’s doing something pretty incredible: he is now allowing the Raptors to live in the moment too
Kawhi (Raptors)
At least until their next loss, there doesn’t have to be anything on the table for them except basketball. Which considering how the NBA is right now might be Kawhi’s most impressive feat of all

Trust Raptors now?

“To say that I trust in the Raptors, it’d be like I’m saying ‘I’m trusting in Kyle Lowry, [Marc] Gasol, [Serge] Ibaka,’ they haven’t been trustworthy in this series. Only person that’s been trustworthy is Kawhi Leonard. It’s just something about Toronto like every year, they have these great regular seasons and then playoffs come and they fail to meet expectations” – Pierce


Worried about Steph Curry?
Game 3: 17 points, 0-6 in the fourth quarter and overtime
3-10 in the restricted era; missed 6 layups

“I’m very worried because a player of his caliber, he can’t play as bad as he did last game. It makes me think: Is he injured?” – Pierce

“The bigger issue is him missing threes. He’s shooting 25% on three pointers in this series. That’s way more concerning than missing a couple of layups and trying to dunk” – Shelburne

“When he seeds his game to Kevin, it’s harder for him to get into that rhythm that he gets into” – Shelburne

Nichols and Shelburne:

May 6, 2009 – Rajon Rondo coming down the middle with the one-handed slam on the Magic!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

Make (Timing).JPG
Capela’s two-hand block better than a posterization?


“That’s the type of play that can inspire your team” – Pierce

Miss (Vision)
Boban the G.O.A.T inbounds defender?


Make (Focus).JPG
Appreciate Draymond’s focus here


Miss (Optics).JPG
Who did it better?

Lowry Sunday:

Lance in 2014:

Moving on…

Feel like Nuggets are in driver’s seat now over Blazers?

“Not necessarily in the driver’s seat but I like them to win the series. This team is the future” – Pierce

“The only question about the Nuggets was: how they were going to handle their first time in the spotlight? And they’ve won two big road games so far in the playoffs. They’ve done an incredible job shutting down Damian Lillard” – Shelburne

“[Jamal Murray] is playing as confident as any young player I’ve seen” – Pierce

“Nikola Jokic has been the best player in the playoffs” – Pierce

Dirty play from Jokic on Kanter in Game 3?

“It looks dirty to me when you watch it but is it just that Jokic is big and Kanter sells it?” – Shelburne

“What are you trying to get out of this? Man up and guard the guy” – Pierce

Rachel’s tidbit on Nuggets:

Second Half

Pierce’s plane story:

Kyrie on Giannis’ free throw attempts: “It’s getting ridiculous at this point”
Giannis in Game 3: 32 points on 18-23 shooting and shot 22 free throws

Kyrie have a point about Giannis’ 22 free throw attempts?

“The Celtics didn’t do a good job of showing a second defender when he drove the basketball like they did in Game 1. They have to have a secondary defender to slow his pace down going to the basket and make him make the pass” – Pierce

“When you play the Bucks, you have a choice: You either try to stop Giannis getting to the rim or you try to shut down their three point shooters. The Celtics did neither” – Shelburne

Did Magic owe LeBron more? (Via HBO’s “The Shop”)

“You can give the man a phone call if you’re going to step down” – Nichols

“He does owe him an explanation because he trusted Magic” – Pierce

“I think he just got selfish. He chose himself” – Shelburne

“Something happened that day that made him make this decision” – Pierce

“LeBron came to the Lakers because he wanted to come to the Lakers” – Shelburne

RecommendsExtra minutes taking a toll on Warriors by Brian Windhorst

Another edition of…

Biggest reason Suns chose Monty Williams?

“He gives the players confidence that it’ll be different. He’s a man of integrity and when you talk about building a championship culture, you’re talking about developing championship habits. His perspective resonates with players” – Jones

Pressure from Booker to build winner now?

Booker Quote (17-18).JPG

“Losing is tough. But winning is even harder. He is determined to be the leader that we need him to be. We expect him to take another step this year” – Jones

On working for Suns owner, Robert Sarver:

“It’s been great for me. Robert challenges us. He challenges me everyday to come in there and be creative and find solutions. For some, that’s an uncomfortable space but my experience as a player where you’re constantly under scrutiny and constantly under pressure to perform, it’s prepared me to be able to thrive in this environment” – Jones


“Robert’s passionate about the Suns. He’s been present and supportive, but more importantly, he’s grown and he understands that he needs a team of leaders around him that will allow him to have comfort knowing that the organization comes first” – Jones

“It was a choice for me to come here because I really believed in what Robert believed that the franchise was primed for success” – Jones

Expectations for Deandre Ayton next season?

“There were times where we believed and he believed that he could have been better. We expect him to take a big jump defensively. For him, the next step is doing it against the best competition night in and night out and he has to get stronger and recognize things a bit quicker and that comes with the time” – Jones


Cousins returning?
Could DeMarcus Cousins return before end of playoffs?
Steve Kerr said Sunday Cousins “could” return before the end of the postseason

Pierce & Shelburne:

Cavs next coach?
Cavs to interview Spurs assistant coach Ettore Messina

“He is so important to what they’ve done in San Antonio over the years. Everybody else they’ve interviewed has been a very young assistant coach. That seems like the profile that they are looking for” – Shelburne

Jump Ball Regular

X-Factor (Horford or Middleton).JPG

Pierce: Horford
“He has to guard the Greek Freak and produce. This guy has the biggest load on his shoulders than anybody”

Shelburne: Horford
“If he can slow him down like he did earlier in this series, then it’s a different game”

Drop 40 (KD or Harden).JPG

Shelburne: Harden
“They’re at home and he’s got it rolling”

Pierce: Harden
“He has to score 40 for them to win. KD doesn’t. This could be James Harden’s defining playoff moment right here”

Over_Under (Curry).JPG
Via Westgate Las Vegas Superbook
Had 17 points in Game 3; Averaging 18 per game in their series vs the Rockets

Pierce: Over
“He’s just missing shots”

Shelburne: Over
“If he doesn’t, then something’s really going on because Steph doesn’t have this prolong stretch where he doesn’t get it going”

“When Steph gets going, that is what always makes the Warriors go”


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