Show Recap: May 3, 2019 (Happy Friday!)

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Opening Tip
ESPN sources: Lakers expected to offer Ty Lue head coach job (Via Woj and Ramona Shelburne)

“This is the right choice. Won a championship with Bron, won a championship with the Lakers. There’s history. Keep it in the fam” – T-Mac


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Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated

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ESPN NBA Writer and backup Jump Host, Jorge Sedano

First Half

Monologue: Is this version of the 76ers what Elton Brand envisioned?

There’s a lot of different ways to put together an NBA team. Some are built slowly and methodically over time
Magic Hat.JPG
Some teams feel like they have built their roster just by pulling names out of a hat
Roll the dice (Kawhi and PG).JPG
Lately though, more teams are being built on the kind of risk that would make a craps dealer swoon. Sam Presti trading for Paul George without any guarantee PG would stay. Toronto doing the same with Kawhi Leonard
Elton Brand gambling.JPG
Then there’s Philadelphia where GM, Elton Brand rolled the dice not once but twice this season trading away all manner of long-term assets for two players who could both bolt in free agency this summer. That decision has drawn a fair amount of snickering in some NBA circles. It’s one thing to risk it all and it’s another to do it twice
Embiid DJ.JPG
Embiid from the start was just dominant defensively, then slowly turned up the volume on the other end until former defensive player of the year, Marc Gasol looked like his ears were bleeding
Joel Embiid windmill dunk
Embiid finished with 33 points, 10 rebounds, 5 blocks, 3 assists in just 28 minutes. A resounding reminder just how crazy special he is when healthy. And that’s really the crux of it. He was hurting for the first two games of this series and you get the feeling that with his height, and weight and injury history, health is just always going to be a looming threat

Agree with Embiid saying “Chemistry is overrated”?

“What you’re explaining is how chemistry is formed. When guys are unselfish, when you have to sacrifice for the greater good of the team. Embiid has to sacrifice his game. That’s what forms chemistry” – T-Mac

“You have to go all in. You just don’t know what the future holds, especially for a guy that’s 7’3″ and how big he is. Guys this big, they don’t last that long” – T-Mac

“Jimmy Butler is showing leadership that I think a lot of people don’t have. It’s leadership where he’s pushing Embiid to be better and be himself. The chemistry between him and Jimmy looks amazing” – Spears

“I respect that Elton is not shy. He’s coming in and letting people know that he’s going to make a presence in this job” – Spears

How worried should Raptors fans be right now?

Lowry on helping Kawhi:

With and without Kawhi.JPG

“They should be worried. Clippers fans: Get ready. He’s getting no help. Where’s that 3rd guy? Lowry has to be that guy and step his game way up. I feel bad for Kawhi Leonard because I’ve been in this position where you average that many points and playing your butt off and it’s tough to get out of a series when you don’t have help” – T-Mac

“The Raptors need Kyle, Pascal [Siakam] and [Marc] Gasol to pick it up” – Spears

Expect Ben Simmons to be disciplined for low blow on Kyle Lowry?

“I expect a fine to be handed down for Ben Simmons, but nothing further than that” – T-Mac

“There’s a guy in Golden State right now that would probably beg to differ on this that he deserves a suspension. Draymond Green has seen it” – Spears

May 3, 1993 – Rookie, Alonzo Mourning with the game winning series shot vs the Celtics!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

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Passion; Whose mans is this, T-Mac?
Raptors superfan, Nav Bhatia


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Consistency; James Ennis has outscored the Raptors bench this series
James Ennis – 10 points off the bench in Game 3; Has 34 points total in this series. Raptors bench as a whole: 30 points in the series

“It’s more of the latter. Very, very disappointing” – Spears

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Isolation; Is “The Klaw” a good enough nickname for Kawhi?


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Fundamentals; Did Greg Monroe forget he can dunk?


Moving on…

Another edition of:

Suns of Anarchy

Suns the right choice for Monty Williams?

“Yeah. It’s the right choice. This is a great core group with Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker and these guys are only getting better. He’s a great leader amongst men, great in the community and great character guy” – T-Mac

“It’s the right choice for Monty if [Robert] Sarver gets out of the way” – Spears

Second Half

Allen Iverson, “The Greatest Living American” according to Rachel, showing support for the 76ers:

Has Jimmy Butler found a home in Philly?
Had 22 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists in Game 3

“He’s found a home. It’s a perfect fit” – T-Mac

“He’s going to do his due diligence and go see what’s out there” – Spears

“Embiid and Ben are going to have to do a pitch and convince him to stay. Him and Joel got something brewing. He’s bringing the best out of Joel. They’re scary right now” – Spears

Austin Rivers lauds Warriors talent:

“Hamptons Five” best starting lineup since __________

Hamptons Five (Stats).JPG

“I can remember. We’ve never seen a starting 5 as good as Warriors” – T-Mac

“The 2012-13 Lakers, on paper” – Spears

2012-13 Lakers starters.JPG

2012-13 Lakers.JPG

RecommendsKyrie Irving & Celtics season of discontent by Hall of Fame writer, Jackie MacMullan

“Hamptons Five” best starting lineup since __________ (Cont’d)


1986 Celtics.JPG

Pressure on CP3 to step up in Game 3?

CP's playoff career numbers.JPG

“There’s a ton of pressure. But I don’t think all of it is on him, some of this is schematically. Chris has been relegated to being a jump shooter and hasn’t necessarily been a great one, at least in this postseason” – Sedano

“It’s all schematically. When James Harden got poked in the eye, Chris Paul took over, start spreading the ball around and everybody was getting involved. James Harden comes back, it’s the James Harden show. That’s just what it is” – T-Mac

Will LeBron & Lue rekindle the magic in LA? (No pun intended)

“They got to get talent in there. We got to see what free agents they’ll be able to lure in and play alongside LeBron James. If they don’t get those guys, that magic will not occur at all next season” – T-Mac

“This helps a little bit. You got to bring in Ty Lue” – Sedano

“He will be able to maximize and leverage LeBron as he ages because he knows what positions to put him in between his overall basketball knowledge and his LeBron institutional knowledge” – Nichols



May 3, 2011 – Dwyane Wade with the nasty crossover on KG!



D-Loud Pack?
D’Angelo Russell cited for possession of Marijuana

Greek’s Anatomy
Malcolm Brogdon still out for Game 3 (foot)

“It doesn’t mean much to be honest. They don’t need him to beat the Celtics” – Sedano

“Rest him as much as possible. They can get through this series without him” – T-Mac

Jump Ball Regular

Drop 40 points.JPG

T-Mac & Sedano: Kyrie

“Playoff Kyrie is a real thing” – Nichols

Takeover Jokic or Lillard.JPG

Sedano & T-Mac: Lillard

James Harden.JPG

TMac: Playoff Harden
“They’re going to need regular season Harden if they want to win”

Sedano: Regular Season Harden

At the buzzer

“Get your money. The players seem to like him and will see what he can do with a full healthy roster” – T-Mac

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