Show Recap: May 2, 2019

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Opening Tip
Enes Kanter deserve credit for this missed shot?



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First Half

Monologue: No matter what, the Blazers always react

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Cliches are cliches for a reason
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No team is demonstrating that quite like the Portland Trail Blazers. One of their best players breaks his leg just before the playoffs and the Blazers react by rallying to win 8 of their next 10
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The Blazers draw the Thunder in the first round, a match up they were decidedly not favored in. Vegas projected OKC to win
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On one of the teams off days, player development coach, Jon Yim, was driving a car that crashed into a semi truck. Fortunately no one died, but Yim’s injuries were severe

Via The Athletic:
Yim suffered a broken neck, broken leg, broken hand, a collapsed lung, and a concussion. He’s required two surgeries already

How the Blazers reacted in Game 2:

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On Portland’s side, Damian Lillard in particular had an off night which basically means he was average instead of spectacular. But Kanter played one of the better defensive games of his career. Rodney Hood played one of his best games…period
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The Blazers don’t need to bother with all that. They can just look at the game tape and the way they keep reacting over and over and over again

Trail Blazers in control of series now?

“They have taken control of this series. These guys are super confident playing at home. Last night was a griddy game that they pulled out where their best player didn’t have the best game” – T-Mac

“I have to give a lot of credit to Blazers GM, Neil Olshey. The Enes Kanter pickup was so great for them” – T-Mac

“The resilience of this team is really astonishing. I’m not ready to say that Portland is in total command of this series because it just feels to me like it’s going to be one of these rock fights” – MacMullan

Enes Kanter:

Expect fallout from Blazers-Nuggets scuffle?
A timeout was called when the incident happened

“The timeout might take care of it. You’ve got to put all of this behind you” – MacMullan

Brad Stevens on Ainge:

The Jump wishes Danny a speedy recovery

Make or Miss League Kawhi

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Awareness; Is this the year of the nutmeg?




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Creativity; Impressed by CJ’s craftiness?


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Boxing out; Nuggets grabbed 14 offensive boards in the 4th quarter
Converted them to 10 points

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Befuddlement; Are you confused at this foul call on Dame?


Moving on…

Wolves to hire Gersson Rosas as President of Basketball Operations (Via Adrian Wojnarowski)

Rosas spent the last 16 years with the Rockets

“I love this job for him. He’s relatable to the players, they will love him. Being under Daryl Morey, we know what he’s done for the Houston Rockets over these last 5-6 years. If he learned anything from Daryl Morey is how to put a team together” – T-Mac

“He’s got some big decisions to make right off the top” – MacMullan


How soon should Wizards hire a GM?

Tommy Sheppard.JPG
Tommy Sheppard, Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Washington Wizards

“You’re in such a place of flux if you’re a Wizards player. You don’t know what’s going on, you’ve got your concerns about John Wall and the future of the team and Bradley Beal. Tommy Sheppard should get the job. He knows these players” – MacMullan


“Reset it. If I’m Bradley Beal, I want to be traded” – T-Mac


Second Half

Harden on eye injury: “No excuses”

What’s stopping Harden from dominating in playoffs?

Crazy stats from T-Mac:

Harden has taken 1 mid-range shot in this series.

The Rockets have taken 7 mid-range shots.

KD has taken 23 of 24 mid-range shots.

“He has to change his game somewhat from regular season to playoffs. What I mean by that: if you look at the defense that was played on him in the first series in Utah, you’re taught to man up defensively. They played man behind. Rubio was playing man behind. You got to take a page out of KD’s book, CJ McCollum’s book, Kawhi Leonard’s book, where these guys are living at? Mid-range. It’s okay to take mid-range shots. He’s not taking advantage of the defense. It’s three or layup” – T-Mac

“When you get into a postseason and a team is playing you seven times in a seven game series, You can break things down to the most miniscule tendencies. One of the things Golden State’s doing is they are blitzing him the minute he gets the ball” – MacMullan

James Dolan being sued by MSG shareholders (Via Pitchfork)

“This is better for the Knicks so he doesn’t meddle with the team” – T-Mac

RecommendsZach Lowe on why Rockets-Warriors has an old-school vibe

May 2, 1989 – Dominique Wilkins with the nasty putback dunk on the Bucks!


BS or Real Talk

Joe Lacob: “I want Draymond to be here forever”
He’s averaging more points, rebounds and assists per game in the playoffs than he did in the regular season

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“If you see what Draymond Green has done, he has been the most productive player in this playoff series vs the Rockets and that surprised a lot of people” – Ogwumike

“They’re going to have to pay top dollar to pay him” – T-Mac

Jimmy Butler: “I don’t like shooting threes”
Butler: Attempted career-high 10 3s in Game 2

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“He’s a 34% 3-point shooter for his career. This year in the postseason, he shooting 29% from three. If I’m shooting 29% from the 3-point line, I’m going to stop shooting. This is not part of his game” – MacMullan

“He needs to make it part of his game. I don’t want him to shy away from the three because that’s where the game is at” – T-Mac

“We call him ‘Jimmy Buckets’ for a reason. Buckets do not discriminate. I just want him to make the one that counts and that takes the mentality that you are a three-point shooter. He has to take them for them to be competitive” – Ogwumike

Jared Dudley: “Shocked if the Nets don’t get a sit-down with KD & Kyrie”

BS or Real Talk (Jared Dudley).JPG

“Sit-down and signing are two different things” – MacMullan

“When you look at this organization from top to bottom, what Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson is doing, they are doing a great job and they have a young core of talent that are pretty damn good that they showed in the playoffs this year. There’s only two other franchises that these guys really should consider: Brooklyn and the Clippers. They are championship ready if you add somebody like KD” – T-Mac

“This culture is so impressive because maybe Kyrie and KD don’t want the pressure of going to New York City and the Garden and having to deal with the media. A good alternative is building from the ground up in Brooklyn” – Ogwumike

Nichols & MacMullan

May 2, 1994 – Robert Pack taking off with the powerful one-handed dunk vs the Seattle Sonics!


Fun Fact: This was the first ever playoff series where the 8th seed (Nuggets) upset a 1 seed (Sonics)


Mile Thigh Problems?
Jamal Murray receiving treatment after right thigh injury?
Mike Malone: this is similar to the injury that he suffered against the Spurs

“That holds back you’re explosiveness. Somebody else going to have to step up” – T-Mac

Smart nearing return?
How badly do Celtics need Marcus Smart vs Bucks?
Brad Stevens says the benchmark for his return would be playing five on five

“He’s the best guy to guard Khris Middleton” – MacMullan

“He’s so much the heart and soul of this team. He gets them going” – MacMullan

“With him being out and coming back right away, what he can bring is the toughness and defensive intensity” – T-Mac

Sunnier days ahead?
Woj: Suns to meet with Monty Williams

“How about the Sixers?” – MacMullan
This is assuming they lose their series with the Raptors and Brett Brown gets fired

“I like him with Phoenix” – T-Mac

Beef in the day
T-Mac, what happened with Glenn Robinson in 2001 playoffs?

Buy Embiid’s vow to be patient offensively in Game 3?
Game 2: 12 points (playoff career low)

T-Mac (BS).JPG
“You can’t take 5 shots a game. You have to be dominant. He’s got to take advantage of these matchups and be Joel Embiid” – T-Mac

“What he’s doing is in the past, he’s complained about his shots and his role and he’s trying to do the exact opposite” – MacMullan

Bonus: What does Kawhi have to do in Game 3?

“Everyone else has to step up” – MacMullan

“Somebody else has to step up, other than Kawhi” – MacMullan

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