Show Recap: May 1, 2019

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Opening Tip
More alarming to Celtics?

Giannis 3:

Giannis shimmy:

T-Mac: Threes | MacMullan: Shimmy


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First Half

Monologue: Warriors talent still the difference

Rockets Warriors officiating.JPG
For the two days leading into last night’s Rockets/Warriors game, everyone heard about the officiating, including the charge from Houston that the league’s referees had a long term documentable bias that was giving Golden State an unfair advantage
Rockets Warriors stars.JPG
Then the teams took the court last night and what many have known for years became once again glaringly obvious: The Warriors biggest unfair advantage is that they have better players than anyone else, more of them
Kerr (Orchestra).JPG
And that they are expertly coached
Harden Curry (UFC).JPG
It took a minute to see the beautiful game style ball Golden State plays since much of the first quarter was devoted to injuries more suited to a UFC fight
Harden's eye.JPG
For the Rockets, there was nothing to laugh at. Harden was clearly bothered by the arena’s bright lighting throughout the rest of the game and he’d later say that he could “barely see. My vision was so blurry.” The injury though actually didn’t seem to affect his game. He shot 0-3 before it happened
Hamptons Five.JPG
When this lineup has been on the floor this series, they have been a ridiculous +16 going in for the kill just when they need to
Draymond (Glue)
Draymond has just been exceptional this series as well doing all of his usual offensive glue things
Sidewalk chalk.JPG
While defensively turning Clint Capela into one of those chalk outlines on the sidewalk. Capela was at least better last night than he had been in game 1, but he’s still nearly not good enough and that’s the Rockets overall problem
Championship Belt (Warriors)
Eye gouges and bent fingers aside, what was supposed to be a dog fight between these teams ended, at least for the night, in another knockout

“Hamptons Five” making Capela unplayable?

“I wouldn’t say that he’s unplayable but adjustments need to be made. The Rockets can’t score when he’s out there” – T-Mac

“Take Clint Capela out of the lineup and matchup against this Hamptons Five. Put in Austin Rivers, PJ Tucker as a big and 5 smalls out there” – T-Mac

“Bigs are sometimes a liability in the postseason against small lineups” – MacMullan

“The Warriors have definitely taken a page out of the Rockets book. Iggy is scoring just like Capela scores: He has the most dunks in the playoffs” – T-Mac

“This is an example of how load management works: The way they handled Iguodala the last 2-3 seasons. He is destroying the Houston Rockets and he looks fresh” – MacMullan

“I’m starting to see how much of a factor Andre Iguodala is in this series” – T-Mac

Time for Rockets to panic?

“It’s not panic. You just have to make adjustments. With Clint Capela out on the floor, you can’t score” – T-Mac

“James has to be regular season James” – T-Mac

“Rockets are going to win Game 3” – MacMullan

“Rockets win Game 3” – T-Mac

NBA rescinds techs on Draymond & Nene
Green has 3 techs (As of May 1) in the playoffs now instead of 4
7 techs = 1-game suspension

“There was so much talk on social media outlets. These guys knew what was at stake. Draymond showed poised in this game because some of those calls were crazy” – T-Mac

“Since that whole incident with Kevin Durant [in LA against the Clippers earlier this season], I just think he’s been a different player and that was a real wake up call” – MacMullan

May 1, 1992 – Isiah Thomas with the no-look pass to “The Worm” aka Dennis Rodman vs the Knicks!


Make or Miss League Steve Kerr

Make Logo
Arc; How do you defend this?

“I guarantee you he’s practiced that shot 250 times. He told me once he had never done anything on the court in a game that he’s never practiced before” – MacMullan

Miss Logo
Lethargy; Iggy leads the playoffs in dunks with 19!

Make Logo
Openings; How is Chris Paul so good at this?


Moving on…

Can Raptors rely on any player besides Kawhi?

“I really do think they can. Siakam is a really active player that’s helped them a tremendous amount. I’m not going to bail on him. He’s going to come back well. Lowry is not a guy that you can count on every night for 30, but he has his moments” – MacMullan

“Lowry got to step up and be consistent. He is the other All-Star on this team. He is the X-Factor” – T-Mac


Nichols and MacMullan on Kawhi and the rest he had during the regular season due to “load management”

Second Half

Kyrie’s struggles in Game 2 no big deal?
“This is what I signed up for” – Irving on pressure

“I’m not worried about Kyrie Irving. Who I am worried about is Jayson Tatum. I had high hopes for him. This year has just been a struggle. He seems like he hasn’t taken that extra step. He hasn’t been that guy when Kyrie is struggling” – T-Mac

“The problem with this team: When they don’t score, it snowballs the wrong way. And Tatum has been a problem for months” – MacMullan

On a scale from T-Mac to Paul Pierce, how confident are you in Celtics?

“65 percent” – MacMullan


“This series is far from over. They’re going to figure it out. But they’re not going to slow Giannis down” – T-Mac

Which version of Bucks do you expect in Game 3?

“Defense does travel and if they play that type of defense [like in Game 2] and Giannis is able to get into the teeth of the defense, they’ll give themselves a chance. Making 20 threes [again], that will be tough” – T-Mac

“I’m going to be watching Eric Bledsoe. Let’s see how he travels on the road. When he’s got that swagger, it’s really infectious for the Bucks” – MacMullan

MacMullan and T-Mac on Jayson Tatum’s struggles:

RecommendsDraymond putting stamp on Warriors-Rockets series by Brian Windhorst

Mavs interested in Kemba or Middleton? (Via Marc Stein/New York Times)

“Kemba is a great fit for Dallas. But he is in a tough situation because as a player, you want to play your whole career and only make one stop with one jersey, but he hasn’t been winning in Charlotte” – T-Mac

“Middleton and Walker are the next tier [of free agents]. So they almost have to wait to see where Kawhi, Durant and Kyrie settle and then they get their chance. If you’re Dallas, you’re just going to have to wait and see. The dominoes are all going to fall very quickly” – MacMullan


Knicks saying more than we realize?

“Who says James Dolan don’t wanna win?” – T-Mac

Jackie thinks this is…

Jackie BS.JPG
“I’m not saying Kevin Durant won’t end up in New York, but it isn’t for any of those [Picture above] reasons” – MacMullan
It’s back! The return of…

Melo DramaWould return to Knicks make sense for Melo?

Via SNY:

“I have to see what’s going on” – Anthony

“I would only love to see Melo back if there is a Kyrie Irving and KD signing in New York then it would make sense” – T-Mac


“I want to see Carmelo Anthony back in an NBA uniform this year and I hope, finally, it’s a team that’s the right fit that isn’t depending on him to be part of a championship contender like Houston” – Nichols

May 1, 2005 – Dwyane Wade bounces the ball off Vince Carter’s back and finishes with the layup!



Eyes on the prize
Concerned about Harden’s eye injury?
Game 2: 29 points on 9-16 overall shooting; 0-3 before the injury

“He has 3 days to relax and get the treatment that he needs. He’ll be fine. The eye injury is what got him focused and not worried about anything else but basketball” – T-Mac

Bettors Beware
44 personal fouls combined for Warriors and Rockets in Game 2 (Vegas O/U: 44.5)

How should Blazers defend Jokic in Game 2?

Paul Millsap on Jokic adjusting to defenses:

“He is the best big man in the game. No doubt about it. He is showing it in the playoffs” – T-Mac on Jokic

“He’s a tough cover. I don’t know what you do with him” – T-Mac

“If you want to switch off on him, you can’t because against a smaller player, he can post up anybody. With the longer guys, he can just pass the ball away from you and shoot over you and he’s a lot stronger than people think” – MacMullan

“If I’m Portland, I’m running Jokic up and down the floor as much as I can because stamina is the only weakness” – MacMullan

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