Show Recap: April 19, 2019 (Rachel’s convo with Donovan Mitchell)

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Opening Tip
Were we all Steph watching KD?


“We all knew this was coming” – Pippen


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First Half

Monologue: Ben Simmons on Jared Dudley beef: “I don’t have energy for it”

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After Jared Dudley said that Ben Simmons was an “average” player in the halfcourt before Game 3, all eyes were on Simmons especially with the news that surfaced before tipoff that Joel Embiid would not be able to play because of a sore knee

Should Jared Dudley regret calling Ben Simmons “average”?


“He showed him that he’s definitely above average in the halfcourt. When you say stuff like that with what Dudley said, you want to be face to face with the this guy. They didn’t have a plan for Simmons. He still got a bunch of layups and dunks” – Pippen

“Don’t poke the bear even if the bear can’t shoot. He is a hell of a player. Why motivate him?” – Friedell

How worried are you about Joel Embiid?

“I’m very worried about him. This is something that’s been lingering throughout the whole season. If Philly, a team that we think will get to the NBA Finals, is going to be able to get there, they’re going to need Embiid. You need size and someone to be a rim-protector” – Pippen

“If you’re a Sixers fan, you’ve got to be terrified. He is the straw that stirs the drink for that team. This is why I was never buying that Philly could take all these pieces, make them work because you are so reliant on Embiid being that guy all the time every game in the playoffs” – Friedell


More likely to show up in Game 4: Derrick White or Jamal Murray?

Derrick White and Jamal Murray.JPG

“This is why nobody believed in Denver as the team that could get in and make some noise once they got it. They have a roster full of players that haven’t been through this process before” – Friedell

“Jamal Murray. He has way too much talent to think that he’s going to go through another game in the playoffs where he takes six shots and kind of looks disinterested at times. This kid just needs to get used to playing on this stage” – Friedell

“Murray is running out of time. He’s allowed too much time to pass up that he really hasn’t stepped his game up. The path that he has taken in the last three games is probably going to keep on going into game 4 because he’s not taking shots with confidence and he’s just not making shots. When you are on the road, that doesn’t help you. It hurts you” – Pippen

Make or Miss League Klay

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Play Action; Think Simmons could run the read option?


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Excitement; Is there such a thing as “Too enthusiastic”?


Nets bench:


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Attention; Why is it so hard for Pop to get a timeout in this series?


Miss Logo
Restraint; Right call to rescind techs between KD and Jamychal Green?


“These two players don’t have that kind of animosity against each other. Sometimes you just got to let the players talk. That’s part of the game” – Pippen

Moving on…

Expect to see unlocked KD for rest of series?
Scored 38 points in 29 minutes in Game 3

“Were going to see the KD that came out last night. If he doesn’t play this way, they’re going to struggle. He has to be effective” – Pippen

“KD is the best offensive player in the game in terms of  just shooting over whoever and it was one of those nights where he displayed it” – Pippen

“When you insult Kevin, or Kevin feels insulted and he feels like he needs some extra motivation, goodnight. It’s all over. He is the best player that there is when he puts his mind to it” – Friedell

Latest edition of…

Bays of Our LivesWarriors drama this season overblown?


“The only difference is there’s more scrutiny because there is so much attention on what they are doing” – Friedell

“The players and coaches have known all season that Kevin may leave” – Friedell

“Durant should be one of the happiest players in the NBA. Why are we thinking he’s going to leave?” – Pippen

Scottie’s old Bulls team:

April 19, 1997 – Jon Barry (Hawks) with the crazy behind-the-back pass to Steve Smith who hits the corner three vs the Sixers!


Second Half

Woj: Lakers GM Rob Pelinka meeting with Ty Lue | Any concern from Lakers brass about reuniting LeBron & Lue?

“Lakers to meet with Juwan Howard next week” – Shelburne

Lakers GM, Rob Pelinka and Juwan Howard were teammates with the Michigan Wolverines during the “Fab Five” era

“There is apprehension in Lakerland, around the league, among perspective free agents. But the Lakers need to not care about that. You need to hire the best coach. You can’t worry about optics at this point” – Shelburne

“Quite frankly, the Lakers need a lot of opinions on how they should run their team with right now. That’s why you meet with a lot of candidates” – Shelburne

“For me, it’s really not about the coaching for the Lakers, it’s about them getting the right personnel. LeBron James has shown that he can coach or much run any player that you put on the basketball court. You got to put the right pieces around him. The Lakers job is an attractive job for a lot of people but you definitely have to have someone that connects with LeBron” – Pippen

What’s at stake for Lakers this summer?


“Make LeBron James happy” – Pippen on advice to Lakers owner, Jeanie Buss

“This idea of making LeBron happy is so important because people are already going to think that you are catering to LeBron. Part of the reason he came to the Lakers is that they have this reputation for knowing how to treat their stars” – Shelburne

RecommendsWestbrook’s path to breaking the triple-double by Royce Young

Rachel Nichols’ one-on-one with Jazz star, Donovan Mitchell


Mitchell on being down 0-2 in their series vs the Rockets:

“We’ve been here before. We’ve been overlooked since last year. It’s not like it’s unfamiliar territory with us”

Mitchell on sophomore struggles:

“What made it worse was when we started losing as a team, we were losing games badly. There was times where we were like ‘Maybe were like the one hit wonder.’ The biggest thing is my teammates and coaches have my back and they all were like: ‘It’s going to turn around'”

Mitchell on getting advice from D-Wade, CP3 & Harden:

“For me, having the bull’s eye on your back was a different situation to be in and having everybody target you specifically really opened my eyes a little bit”

On the advice he got from James Harden:

“He told me to ‘Stick with it.’ It’s not all just going to be great”

Mitchell on the viral video by a Jazz fan:

“It was funny. I watched the video 4-5 times”

Mitchell on Westbrook vs fan incident in Utah:

“I really loved the support we got from the Jazz because you’ve seen some stuff like this happen in other leagues and the support isn’t there”

“We need to understand that there’s two different worlds”

Mitchell on having a bridge named after him in SLC:

“To be honest, it caught me by surprise. I didn’t think it would be big as it was”

Panel’s reaction to the interview:

“The Jazz got lucky. They got a great franchise player. He plays above the rim” – Pippen

“He’s stepped into this leadership role and has embraced it” – Shelburne

April 19, 2006 – Josh Smith (Hawks) with the nasty left handed jam vs the Cavs!



Looney 2s
Are Clippers sleeping on Kevon Looney? (He is 14-17 from the field in the series against the Clippers)

“He’s not underrated. People know how important he is” – Shelburne

“He fits in very well with what they’re doing” – Pippen

Smart Investment
Danny Ainge wants Marcus Smart to help coach from bench

“His presence not being on the basketball court can definitely be felt on the sideline” – Pippen

A playoff edition of…

Jump Ball Regular

Letdown or blowout.JPG

Pippen: Letdown
“The Pacers will come out and make a show on their home floor”

Shelburne: Letdown
“Indiana comes back strong”

More pressure Raptors Magic.JPG

Pippen: Toronto
“We didn’t see this coming. Right now, they’re in a dog fight and they got to try to win homecourt advantage back”

Shelburne: Toronto
“They got back to playing the way that they play offensively which is they don’t necessarily need to rely on Kyle Lowry or Kawhi Leonard. If they move the ball and spread it, there’s a lot of space on that floor”

Combined points.JPG

Pippen: Dame & CJ
“They’ve been having a great series and have been really complimenting each other out on the court”

Shelburne: Russ & PG
“Russ put this on himself after the last game and generally when he does that, he wants to deliver on it”


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