Show Recap: April 16, 2019

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Opening TipBoogie Watch (Revised)
What does Cousins’ absence mean for Warriors?
It’s a torn quad injury and he will miss the rest of the playoffs, per Marc J. Spears (The Undefeated)


“It’s a devastating loss for both sides” – T-Mac


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First Half

Monologue: Don’t sleep on the Clippers (Literally)

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You know that old movie ‘While You We’re Sleeping’? Plucky Sandra Bullock pretends she is the fiance of a coma patient. Romantic comedy stuff ensues and by the time the guy wakes up from his coma, everyone’s life has changed
Sleep walking Dubs.JPG
That’s basically what happened last night in Oakland with the Warriors being the ones who started sleepwalking once they took a 31-point lead and honestly, it’s hard to blame them. Warriors/Clippers is a 1-8 matchup. The game was at Oracle


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For those Clippers, plucky doesn’t even cover it. This team is basically what would happen if you took Sandra Bullock and then crossed her with a Rottweiler

That starts with Doc Rivers (on halftime speech):

Milk Carton (Steve Ballmer).JPG
Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer has not been seen in public anywhere yet. It could happen
3-1 lead (Warriors)
The internet also had a field day because the Warriors had been ahead in this game by 31 points. 31…3-1
Landry Shamet Alert
After all, a lot can happen while you are sleeping

When did you realize Clippers could win Game 2?

“Lots happen: Trade, a lot of questions in my head not knowing what was going to happen from that point. I gotta give Shai [Gilgeous-Alexander] some credit. I don’t know how he got that pass to me” – Shamet

“Our poise didn’t change throughout the entire game” – Shamet

T-Mac on Rivers:

Where does Clippers confidence come from?

“My teammates keep telling me to shoot the ball” – Shamet

“Everybody from top to bottom kind of has a chip. Nobody is that A-List superstar on our team” – Shamet

“You got guys coming off the bench and know their role, like their role and that’s the difference with this team. Guys that enjoy their role, embody it, embrace it and know what they have to do to help us win” – Shamet

Shamet on Beverley:

April 16, 1995 – Rodney Rogers (Nuggets) with the nasty putback slam vs the Spurs!


It’s a Make or Miss League, Patrick Beverley!

I dont believe that

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Keep Away; Like the pettiness from D’Angelo?


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Respect; Is it time to step out on Boban?



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Accidents; Embiid deserve ejection for this elbow?


“It was a flagrant 1, not a flagrant 2” – T-Mac

“He was definitely clearing him out, but it was not excessive. There was a basketball element to what he was doing” – Windhorst


Moving on…

Confidence restored in 76ers?
Scored 51 points in the 3rd quarter

“It’s going to be a dogfight. They will win this series. You expected this type of performance from Philly. They cannot go to Brooklyn down 0-2. Philadelphia came out and they got great performances from everybody” – T-Mac

“This, to me, feels like a series that will be 2-2 coming back to Philly. Game 5 will be an all out war. I feel like that’s where it’s headed” – Windhorst

Second Half

Surprised Doc was carrying around so much cash?

“Yeah. He collected $100 from everybody in the locker room, he closed the door and nobody knew it was there. It was during Christmas Day. It was up in the ceiling [at Staples Center] until June. He was like the only way we can get our money back is that we got to get back here [in LA]” – Perkins

Pat Beverley’s tactics getting to KD?

“No. It’s not working. I don’t see KD being bothered. He’s not being himself right now. Patrick Beverley is doing a great job. I love the way he’s playing him but Chris Paul tried to play KD the same way when we were in Oklahoma City. I think the Warriors probably just need to do a better job of putting KD in position to be successful” – Perkins

“It has worked for the first two games because I haven’t really seen an MVP KD” – T-Mac


“You can’t stop KD straight up. He’s just too tall and too talented. I really think the only way you can stop him is to try to get to him emotionally” – Windhorst

What makes you think KD will leave Warriors?
Said on “The Woj Pod” that KD will leave the Warriors this summer.


“He’s great enough to go to a franchise and have his own team and win a championship. That’s why we hold him to a higher standard” – T-Mac

“When Kevin won that first championship, I think he expected more” – T-Mac

Right coach for LeBron & Lakers?

“Ty Lue. He’s the guy that actually steps up to Bron. He studies film more than anybody I’ve seen past Rondo. LeBron respects him” – Perkins

“Monty Williams and Ty Lue are very strong candidates in my mind” – Windhorst

“Ty Lue” – T-Mac

BS or Real Talk

Steve Clifford on Kyle Lowry’s 0 point Game 1: “He was terrific”

BS or Real Talk (Topic).JPG

“He’s making $31 million, Kyle has struggled in the playoffs continuously. Game 1s? He is so bad and it continued in this game 1 [against the Magic]” – T-Mac

“You can have a good game without scoring, but not as an all-star” – Perkins

PG-13 on shoulder: “It’s well enough now to throw out any injury problems”

BS or Real Talk (Topic 2).JPG

“I think he has a torn labrum. I’ve dealt with that before in my career and it is very painful” – T-Mac

Luka Doncic on ROY: “I honestly don’t care” (Via a Spanish publication)

BS or Real Talk (Topic 3).JPG

“This guy won euroleague MVP and the euroleague championship” – Windhorst

Doc on 2010 Finals: “I think of Game 7 loss far more than 2008 title”

What were you thinking (Kendrick Perkins).JPG

What were you thinking (Topic).JPG


“We were up 20 points and they didn’t call it because it was garbage time” – Perkins

What were you thinking (Topic 1).JPG


“I shut off my Twitter account for like a month. I was so mad at Serge Ibaka because he messed up the coverage and I decided to rotate” – Perkins

What were you thinking (Topic 2).JPG

“This was a misunderstanding. I was just messing with my old teammate, Serge Ibaka and I just hear somebody talking in the background with this soft voice just like ‘Hey man. Shut up. Shut up.’ I really don’t have any beef with Drake” – Perkins

April 16, 1997 – Rod Strickland (Bullets) getting into traffic and finishing with the tough underhanded layup vs the Pacers!



Looking for redemption
Key for Raptors in Game 2?

“We need a Kyle Lowry sighting. He has to be more engaged on the offensive end” – T-Mac

“More Kawhi Leonard. Only 33 minutes in Game 1. Got to get those minutes up. That’s what you’ve been saving him for” – Windhorst

Get well soon
WNBA MVP Breanna Stewart suffers possible Achilles injury

“This is heartbreaking. Give these ladies more money. Please” – T-Mac

Cousins update
DeMarcus Cousins suffers torn quad (Via Marc J. Spears/The Undefeated)

Windhorst and T-Mac:

How worried should Nuggets fans be?

“They should be extremely worried. I actually think the Spurs can pull this series out. The Spurs are playoff experienced-ready. With the Nuggets, they have a bunch of young guys that are in the starting lineup that haven’t had any playoff experience” – T-Mac

“I will say that they are not that far away. The problem is: They’ve been a bad road team this year” – Windhorst

“Here’s why they’re in trouble: The Spurs went into Denver and stole Game 1. The pressure is on Denver to win Game 2. Let’s say they get a split, San Antonio is really, really good at home” – T-Mac

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“This would be a chance to run an organization as a team president. Unfortunately, you have to swallow the existing coach and existing GM which may not be the perfect situation” – Windhorst

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