Show Recap: April 11, 2019 (Jorge Sedano Hosts)

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Good to see LeBron video bombing again?


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Another edition of…

As The Kings Turn

Kings making a mistake with Dave Joerger?
The same day Vlade Divac got a 4-year extension to remain GM of the Sacramento Kings!

“Something is going on beyond what we saw on the court because the product on the court was good. Those young players competed very well in a tough Western Conference” – Van Gundy

“It’s Sacramento. This is what dysfunctional organizations do. They make decisions that are puzzling, they can’t manage their structure from within. But the idea is this man had the best season that they’ve had sense since Rick Adleman was coach and Geoff Pietere was the GM. It reminds me a little bit of what happened to Mike Malone. He was the first one who had them moving in the right direction and then they kicked him out the door” – Elhassan

“It’s the right move only because as a GM, you need to have your guy there” – Jefferson

“There’s more to this story that we don’t know yet. But overall, I don’t care what the details are. Why can’t you ever get it right even when it seems like you finally got it right?” – Elhassan

Better or worse for Rockets to potentially meet Warriors earlier?
Rockets will be the 4 seed in the West playoffs this year

“You want to avoid them at all costs. My problem with this is that if you lose to them in the second round, this was a wasted season” – Jefferson

“They know they’re going to have to go through the Warriors if they want to get to where they want to get to” – Van Gundy

“Even though they haven’t had a great season, dominant season like a lot of people thought they would, they have gotten better. They are more talented. This is a different Warriors team” – Jefferson

Van Gundy:

April 11, 1999 – Arvydas Sabonis (Blazers) with the over the shoulder pass to Isaiah Rider for the layup vs the Clippers!


Make or Miss league (Carmelo)

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Ambition; A new addition to our greatest dunks never list?

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Double Teams; Happy Pop called for the clear out?

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Trickeration; Expect big things out of Trae next season?


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The Midrange; First time Melo’s passed up an open look?

Moving on…

Favorite moment of D-Wade’s final season?

“Game winner at the buzzer vs the Warriors” – Sedano

“His last home game trying to jump up on that table and couldn’t get there. Because that’s when I think he knew for sure that it was definitely time for him to go” – Van Gundy

“Slipping on scorers table at final home game. That’s an iconic shot” – Jefferson

Second Half

Kyrie on this season: “A lot of BS”

Any concerns about Celtics chemistry entering playoffs?


“Marcus Smart is the identity, the Draymond Green of Boston. Their rotations are thrown off because now the guy who’s going to get his minutes is another guy who probably wants to shoot. With him out, the next man up is probably going to be Terry Rozier. That’s a guy who wants to shoot and it adds more shelves to the kitchen” – Elhassan

“The Celtics thrived having fewer guys. Everybody knew their minutes were coming” – Van Gundy

“This team hasn’t been connected. Everybody on that team almost has talked about how unhappy everybody is all year. Where it’s going to show up is when adversity hits. They don’t seem to enjoy playing with each other. They are the opposite of what they were last year” – Van Gundy

What does Marcus Smart’s injury mean for Celtics?

“He’s their best switch defender on their roster” – Elhassan

“You’re taking away one of the guys that brings people together and that’s where I think they’ll struggle” – Jefferson

RecommendsThis was the season when NBA team culture combusted by Kevin Arnovitz

Should LeBron regret signing with Lakers now?

“No. It’s still too early to see. You can’t judge everything off one year. Has this year been a success? God no. Magic stepping down is the first step in the right direction” – Jefferson

“To me, his reasons were greater than just basketball” – Elhassan

“He made this decision for reasons other than basketball. Wanted to live in LA, thought it was best for his family. If that’s the case, then he’s not going to regret the signing. He didn’t make this decision because he thought this was a place that he can necessarily come in and win championships” – Van Gundy

“This is also about for his son Bronny Jr. to have the best opportunity to fulfill his basketball career. Being in LA is better for him than being in Ohio. That’s a big deal” – Elhassan

How safe is Luke Walton’s job right now?


“My thing with Luke right now: If they bring in the next guy, Luke is still not their guy. There’s still a lot going on. He has decisions to make. He’s coveted other places that are more stable that allow him to just coach basketball” – Jefferson

“The guy who comes in is going to give him the automatic vote of confidence to start with because he’s trying to get the job and that’s going to sound nice to the person who’s doing the hiring” – Elhassan

“With Luke Walton, through all the adversity, he’s the same guy everyday, he brings positive energy, his Xs and Os are solid and he’s a good job with them defensively” – Van Gundy

“I go beyond the personality of it. It’s structural. You look at what works and doesn’t work. The problem isn’t with Pelinka, Johnson or Walton, the Lakers structure is wrong” – Van Gundy

Another edition of…

Suns of Anarchy

Suns making right moves in front office?

“James Jones has the final say. Jeff Bower does not report to him, he reports to Robert Sarver” – Elhassan

“The person that was instrumental in the interview process: Larry Fitzgerald, the football player” – Elhassan

“The Suns at least said ‘Were going to give James Jones the job and now were going to go out and get one of the most experienced executives in the league to work with him in Jeff Bower.’ That’s a major positive. I worked with Jeff Bower for 4 years. He’s smart, he’s done a good job, he’s got great experience, well-liked in the league and is a total team player. He will try to help James Jones. It will work out” – Van Gundy

“You have to be able to work together” – Jefferson

April 11, 1997 – Eddie Jones (Lakers) soaring through the air for the finger roll layup vs the Suns!



Will he stay?
Think we’ll see Kemba in a Hornets uniform again?
Dropped 43 points against the Magic Wednesday night; Will be an unrestricted free agent this summer

“Unlike many of the other free agents that are going to get maxed, he didn’t come off a max contract. He’ll remain a Hornet” – Elhassan

PG or nah?
Who should finish third in MVP voting?

“Nikola Jokic. The Nuggets have played good consistent basketball all year long” – Jefferson

76ers in trouble vs Nets with Embiid less than 100%?
Sixers GM, Elton Brand says it’s possible he could miss the team’s opener in the playoffs against Brooklyn. He sat out 5 of the Sixers final 7 games to end the regular season

“The Nets will make it harder for them, but the Sixers will still get by them. But here’s the problem: It’s more going forward. This guy is always hurt. I wonder about the future with him” – Van Gundy

“Against the Nets, it helps the Sixers in a way. When Embiid sits, that’s a lot more opportunities and touches for Jimmy, Tobias and Ben Simmons and the court is open- Elhassan

“This helps the Nets, but for a different reason: They struggle against big guys because they just don’t have the size and they play small ball. This won’t really change the way the series will go” – Jefferson

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“I feel awful for JB. He did a great job this year. Those guys kept fighting. They played hard for him. I don’t get this” – Van Gundy

“You just hired him and gave him an opportunity. He is a young coach that has worked extremely hard. If anything, you keep them through that change because he’s a great young coach” – Jefferson

“You fire JB, who are you looking for? What other coach could have done that better?” – Elhassan

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