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Would this be cooler if Timberwolves were in playoffs?
Game of Thrones style!


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First Half

Monologue: Blaming Luke Walton won’t solve Lakers problems

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The LA Lakers season will finally, mercifully come to a close
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Everyone in the organization will take a deep breath and turn their attention to trying to figure out how to dig themselves out of the trash heap that became this first year with LeBron James. Strategies will be assessed, blame will surely be assigned
Luke Walton
If the multiple reports are true, Coach Luke Walton will likely be fired. It’s ironic because if it does happen, it will come after a stretch when Luke has looked more comfortable on the sidelines than ever
LeBron 101
There is no instruction manual on how to coach a superstar like LeBron even if you are someone who has played with Kobe. Honestly, there’s never any mystery to what Kobe Bryant wants. But LeBron is different
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His best coaches are the ones who have been able to read him like a mood ring. And learning how to do that takes time. Still, it is just inarguable that what went wrong this season goes so far beyond managing LeBron or anything else that sat at Luke’s door

You can even go bet on it. They have odds on Luke’s employment posted in Las Vegas

Here’s the thing: This team can take the shovel out of Luke’s hands and give it to someone else. But until they fix some of the deeper more systemic problems that got them where they are today…
They are never going to dig themselves out

What do Lakers need from a head coach next season?

“They need to have a coach that has a cohesion with the front office” – Shelburne

“Luke Walton and Magic haven’t spoken for weeks. That’s a problem. You need to have an alignment between coach and front office, at least organizationally because their needs to be a trust there” – Shelburne

“It’s insane, even if you’re going to fire the guy tomorrow, that they haven’t spoken in weeks. How did you run a team and not speak to your coach? That’s ridiclous” – Elhassan

“Two things: Has to have buy in from the front office and the LeBron thing is very important that it’s someone he respects” – Elhassan


How will Lonzo’s off-court drama impact his play next season? (Signed with CAA per Ramona Shelburne/ESPN)
More of this story can be read here


“Let’s see how distant Lonzo and his dad are. The question going forward is: Are they going to do the brand together?” – Shelburne

“The fact that Lonzo went first on this is really interesting to me because I thought it was all going to come together. Him making this move on his own was a pretty significant development” – Shelburne

“The question is about his play: It’s a guy who can’t stay healthy” – Elhassan

“He’s a lot better than people give him credit for” – Elhassan

April 9, 1999 – Vince Carter finishing the alley-oop reverse jam vs the New Jersey Nets!


It’s a Make or Miss League, Pat Beverley!



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Speculation; Is the Bobi and Tobi show heading to the big screen?!

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Silence; Like the response from Dame?


His response:

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Trends; Is J. Cole joining PUMA?

View this post on Instagram

Puma Family

A post shared by Usain St.Leo Bolt (@usainbolt) on

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Stability; Think Zion will rip down any rims in the NBA?

“In an arena, no. In practice arenas, yes” – Shelburne

Moving on…

Bonuses at stake as regular season nears close

Per Front Office Insider Bobby Marks:

Heat’s Kelly Olynyk: He could lose out on nearly $500,000 if the Pistons edge Miami out of the playoffs

Raptors’ Kyle Lowry: When the postseason starts, he could make an extra $500,000 with a Conference Finals appearance and an additional $1M if the Raptors win the title

Rockets’ Clint Capela: In the next few weeks could make $1M off a Conference Finals appearance

Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic: Could earn over $800,000 if they win two playoff rounds

Has KAT done enough to make All-NBA this season?
Could earn an extra $30M plus!

Nichols on why the media votes:

“I don’t want to have the power to decide whether this young man gets 30 million or not. That’s on the people who play them, not for me. Having said that, I don’t think he’ll be on it. I think Jokic, Embiid and Gobert will be on there because for me, I reward the winning” – Elhassan

Second Half

The debut of…

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Joe Lacob on KD’s free agency: “I honestly don’t even think about it” (Via Tim Kawakami/The Athletic)

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“I actually believe that Joe Lacob feels that their case to Kevin Durant is what they’ve done for the past 3 years. Do I believe he’s not thinking about it? No. They are at the stage now where it’s going to get so expensive to keep that team together” – Shelburne

“They’ve thought about it and moved on past it. You can’t make a better sales pitch than what they’ve done since he’s been there in terms of being a first class organization, winning, bringing in people who are about the right things” – Elhassan

Joakim Noah: “I’m more proud of this year than I was when I was an All-Star” (Via Zach Lowe/ESPN)

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“It didn’t come easy for him but he had not failed on a very public way. When you fail and then bring yourself back up, you know exactly how far and how hard that was to get there” – Shelburne

“To get back to somewhere where he’s productive and liked and wanted, that means a lot. But a lot of the distaste about him that he must have felt was a lot about the contract [he signed with the Knicks]” – Elhassan

Kawhi calls Heatles best team he’s faced

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“The Warriors is the best team he’s ever played. He didn’t beat the Warriors, he beat the Heat” – Shelburne

“This is classic NBA player talk. The context of this quote was in response was when they asked him about Dwyane Wade. It’s true. It catapulted him from being a glorified Danny Green to one of the best players in the league. That Heatles team, as great as they were, they weren’t as deep and they weren’t as dominating and definitely didn’t have a style play that was as unguardable as the Golden State Warriors” – Elhassan

Should BS or Real Talk be a continuing game on The Jump?

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Recommends“Thank You, Dwyane Wade” by Dan Le Batard

Think refs are setting the tone for playoffs?

“I don’t know if it’s playoff related. I do think it’s a reaction to those types of incidents. There’s been a lot of public complanining in the interest of transparency and responding to everyone, the officials have to do something” – Shelburne

“We appreciate our refs in the NBA. They do a fantastic job” – Nichols

“We have the best officials in sports” – Elhassan

April 9, 1997 – Karl Malone (Jazz) with the nasty dunk on Corie Blount of the Lakers!



BS or Real Talk?
Mike Malone on resting players Sunday: “We’re not trying to avoid anyone” (Via The Athletic/Nick Kosmider)

Mike Malone quote.JPG

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BS or Real Talk?


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“They need homecourt advantage”

No Thanks
Giannis declined a role in ‘Space Jam 2’? (Via Malika Andrews/ESPN)
Says that filming would have cost him two weeks of his workouts

“I don’t like being Hollywood” – Antetokounmpo

“No. It’s not a mistake. This is not something he wants to pursue” – Elhassan

“Space Jam is LeBron’s movie” – Shelburne

Class of 2019
Congrats to Naismith HOF class of 2019!

Which team needs final East playoff spot most?
Hornets, Heat or Pistons

“Pistons need this more than anybody because this is a team that has really fallen off the map in the last couple of weeks. They thought they were in. This would be a pretty big failure if they fall out at the end here” – Shelburne

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