Show Recap: April 10, 2019 (Rachel’s convo with Magic Johnson)

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Dirk announces his retirement:

Opening Tip
Dirk drops season-high 30 in “Final home game”

“He said this was his final home game. Which means Dirk is playing all road games next year!” – Elhassan

“Dirk’s indecision was real” – Wilbon



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First Half

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Rachel Nichols’ 1-on-1 with Magic

“You never want to let my sister [Jeanie Buss] down or the Lakers organization down. At the same time, I was letting myself down by not being Magic Johnson” – Johnson

On reason for not telling Jeanie first:

“We would have cried and I would have felt guilty and I would have stayed. She can understand that” – Johnson

“He [LeBron] saw that the Lakers were building something special, he could be a part of that and will still be a part of that” – Johnson

“The Lakers are in a good position and will have a good offseason because they’re 1 or 2 players away [from contending]” – Johnson

“We’re going to be back in the Western Conference Finals next year if the right player and role player comes” – Johnson

On Luke Walton and Rob Pelinka:

“[Jeanie Buss] gave me the power” – Johnson

“I was prepared to make that decision [to let Luke Walton go]. It was going to be tough for her because she loves him” – Johnson

“I’ve never been so relieved” – Johnson

“He’s in position. That’s Jeanie’s decision to make. Whoever is in position that she vets them well and she can trust them and become loyal to her” – Johnson

“I don’t want anybody to take advantage of Jeanie” – Johnson

“When I go out, I always like to go out with class and I’m going to go out that way” – Johnson

On Jeanie Buss:

“I didn’t give her even enough respect on how smart this woman is and how well she knows the league. I didn’t waiver for one minute. I want her to be happy for me” – Johnson

“I get to tweet what I want and not get fined!” – Johnson

“I think the Milwaukee fine was silly. Just outright stupid. I was just complementing him [Giannis] as well as the organization” – Johnson

Reaction to Magic Johnson stepping down?

“I spent some time with Magic during the whole ‘trade can’t happen thing.’ That person was an executive. That is Magic Johnson. There’s a difference” – Wilbon

“He wants to be the guy he has been. He wants to go to games. Is it great for the Lakers? I don’t know” – Wilbon


“He didn’t tell his wife Cookie. How incredibly lonely must that feel?” – Elhassan

“He also talked about how other people in the league, other agent friends of his have not had the best relationship with Rob. I didn’t understand him bringing that point up other than maybe that relationship is frayed” – Elhassan

“Reading between the lines, when he said, ‘That’s Jeanie’s choice.’ He’s saying, ‘My name is Bennett and I ain’t in it.’ That speaks volumes” – Elhassan

April 10, 1993 – Steve Smith (Heat) with the one handed POSTER DUNK on the Sixers!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

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Father Time; Jamal Crawford (39 years old) becomes oldest player to drop 50

Had 51 points vs the Mavs; Passed Michael Jordan as the oldest player to ever have a 50 point game

Fun Fact: Has scored 50 points in a game with 4 different teams!

“Most underutilized player over the last 8 years” – Wilbon

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Clumsiness; Should we just pretend Dwyane Wade stumble never happened?


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Overtime; Was there any other way for the Lakers season to end?


LeBron’s reaction:


Moving on…

Rockets loss to Thunder going to haunt them?

“I have a hot scenario: if you’re the Houston Rockets and you have a history of A) your best player running out of gas as the playoffs go on and B) your second best player getting hurt as well. You’d rather play them earlier. Give me the four seed” – Elhassan

“They believe they have the better team, they believe they would have won last year [against the Warriors] if Chris Paul was out there and they believe they’re going to win this year” – Wilbon

“A lot of executives and players on other teams think that Houston can and will take Golden State. I am not one of them” – Wilbon

“I’m not sure this team is as good as that team. And that team didn’t win [last year]” – Nichols

Second Half

Buy AD’s excuse for wearing “That’s All Folks” shirt?

Via pelicansnba/IG:


“You can’t blame it on the stylist and say ‘I have no choice in that'” – Elhassan

“I don’t read something into everything somebody puts on” – Wilbon

“Somebody laid it out for him or thought it was funny. I believe that maybe he didn’t give it thought, but he can’t say he didn’t have any choice” – Nichols

Kerr on Cury’s ankle: “He’s going to be fine”

Level of concern over Curry’s ankle?

“On a scale of 0-100: I’m 100 concerned!!! The only time they haven’t won the title is when this dude hasn’t been 100 percent healthy. That is a concern. This guy is the center and the heartbeat to everything they do there offensively” – Elhassan

“If he’s weakened in the second round and the Rockets can get him earlier, that’s when that matters” – Wilbon

“A mild ankle sprain in this game, I’m not sure would effect the second round. We’ve seen groin strains and stuff affect his second round” – Nichols

April 10, 2002 – Jason Richardson (Warriors) with the follow through backwards dunk vs the Kings!


What’s the future for Luke Walton & Rob Pelinka?

“Luke went through exit meetings with the players, which is what a coach would do. This is not what was going to happen 24 hours ago” – Shelburne

“The course of history has been put on hold” – Shelburne

“My understanding is that Rob Pelinka is in the position of power right now and that everything is being evaluated. Rob is making the decisions and there’s support for him there” – Shelburne

“The question is: Is Jeanie going to feel that it’s time for the change [to look outside of the Lakers family]? It’s not something they do” – Wilbon

“Luke doesn’t want to be a college coach. He wants to be an NBA coach” – Shelburne



“This is a thankless job. This is a job that you do and if you do it well, people don’t even know your name” – Shelburne referring to the President of Basketball Operations job

Confident Pistons will take care of business vs Knicks?

“I am confident. The Knicks don’t have a lot to prove. They’re just bad. The Pistons have a lot to play for and a lot of it is just effort and focus. They control their destiny” – Elhassan

“You can’t slip up [in this game]” – Shelburne

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“What does that mean? Is he ahead of James Jones? Is Jones still on the staff? Does he report to Jones? These things matter. Organizational structure, role definition matters. Without it, were kind of just doing the same thing over and over again” – Elhassan

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