Show Recap: April 5, 2019 (Rachel’s convo with D-Wade)

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Is Alex Caruso the hero Lakers fans need?


The Panel:

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First Half

Did Giannis end MVP debate last night?

Note: 4 of the 5 blocks were on Joel Embiid! 3 of them he retained the possession

“For me, it didn’t do anything. I had him MVP before this game” – T-Mac

“I genuinely got excited about this game. Watching how much fun Giannis was having” – Windhorst

“We are on the edge with Giannis. I think we might see it this postseason. This could be this moment with Giannis taking the torch [of the East]” – Windhorst

Mistake for Embiid to play last night?
Stat line: 34 points, 13 rebounds and 13 assists in 37 minutes (a team high)

“I don’t know what to say about him because I really am worried that they keep shutting him down with this knee, that to me indicates that knee is really bothering him. And then he’s borderline here and he’s going in and out of the game, but then he looks really good when he plays. He was awesome in this game” – Windhorst

“He knows his body. For him, it’s good that he came back because you don’t want to come back when it’s playoff time and you don’t have the wind and the rhythm that you need and he’s getting a few games under his belt before the playoffs starts. It didn’t look like he missed a beat [last night]” – T-Mac

Give Bledsoe a pass for playing dodgeball with Embiid?

“I give him a pass because he threw it at him first and it was only right for him to throw it back” – T-Mac

“It wasn’t that big of a deal in this game. But I hope his coach told him, ‘In the playoffs, you can’t get eliminated for the game'” – Windhorst

Make or Miss league Kawhi

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Quicks; Will Fox have the Kings in the playoffs next year?
Nichols: Yes


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Landings; He’s (Corey Brewer) ok, folks!



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Vision; Credit the new contacts?



Run it Back

Best behind-the-back dimes!

3) 1999: White Chocolate to C-Webb!

2) 2001: Peja to Bobby Jackson!

1) 1989: Barkley to Mike Gminski

Part 1 of Rachel Nichols’ conversation with Dwyane Wade!


On where is right now mentally:

“I’m cool. I’m just enjoying the process daily. It is a lot of last times” – Wade

D-Wade on deciding this was his last year:

“I don’t like getting up in the morning and coming to shootaround” – Wade

“I heard it in his voice and his eyes. He was like: ‘You cannot retire and not allow us to celebrate the career that you’ve had.’ It was kind of an eye-opener” – Wade on what Carmelo Anthony said on how Wade should handle his final year

Wade: “I watched Iverson get pushed out”

D-Wade on retirement tour:

“It’s been surreal. It’s like you have this vision on how you want things to go with everything in life and something surpasses that vision, it’s kind of like an out of body experience” – Wade

“My wife ain’t going to let me put them up. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the jerseys” – Wade on the jersey swaps with other players

D-Wade on importance of finishing career in Miami:

“It’s a different from a standpoint of whether it’s me, the organization, the fanbase, we all understand when we didn’t have each other, how much we needed each other and how much we appreciated what everybody brought to the table. I feel like it was needed to. We was able to come back together and it’s been great” – Wade

Wade: “It’s the end of something beautiful”

“Exactly what I did not want to happen is happening. I did not want to go down the last couple games and play for a playoff spot. The way I prepare and enjoy is going to be a little different” – Wade

“For me, it’s definitely going to be emotion” – Wade

“It’s my house. I’m in that house way more than in this house. It’s definitely a big part of my life” – Wade on AmericanAirlines Arena

Wade on last game: “Kobe set this unbelievable, impossible bar”

“I’m going to go out the way D-Wade is supposed to go out” – Wade

D-Wade on his path to the NBA:

“There’s more people like me in this world than like LeBron” – Wade

Wade: “I’m not concerned for LeBron James”

“The Western Conference is no joke, injuries suck, welcome to that part of the world. Hopefully he doesn’t experience that anymore. At some point, realization is going to knock you in the head. The Lakers will be fine” – Wade

Wade: “I’m not chasing anything”

“Everything that I wanted to chase, I grabbed it, I’ve had it and now I’m like ‘I want to do something else'” – Wade

Second Half

Part 2 of Rachel Nichols’ conversation with Dwyane Wade, with his wife, Gabrielle Union joining!


“The secret to his tears: Kaavia and me” – Union

Union on what his husband will miss most about playing in the NBA: “His friends”

“I’ll be in therapy. This is going to be a big change. I need to do therapy. I need someone to talk to about it” – Wade

“I have no idea what is that I want to do. But I want to do a little bit of everything. Will see” – Wade on a potential broadcasting career

“It means a lot to be able to be a part of helping players understand their power. I hope I set a good enough example for who’s to come next” – Wade

“I don’t think he gets enough credit for leading in so many things. He’s been on the forefront. He’d rather take a risk than bet on himself” – Union

“I’m in a really good space that I haven’t been in a long time. I’m excited about the unknown” – Wade

Post-Interview reaction:


“He’s put a lot of thought into this. He has won the regular season. It’s been great joy” – Windhorst

“He looks so good this year. I wouldn’t 100 percent rule it out [if he comes back next season]” – Windhorst

RecommendsWhere Amazing Happened: Story of 2007-08 Rockets

Highlight from that season: 22-game winning streak

T-Mac on his favorite moment from that Rockets season:

“Just going through it with those guys that we had, the camaraderie that we formed. With all the media attention, it was like we were on a championship run. It was awesome”

Who needs home-court more: Celtics or Pacers?

“Indy. They’d like to have Game 7 at home this year. Boston is a little bit vulnerable” – Windhorst

“Whoever wins [tonight’s] this game” – T-Mac

Should Gordon Hayward look to score more?
He had 25 points off the bench vs Miami; 12-13 from the free throw line

“Were at the end [of the regular season]. He should at a point where he’s extremely confident, knows where he’s going to get his shots and should be aggressive because in order for them to advance, he’s going to have to be that 20-point scorer. He’s capable of doing that” – T-Mac

“When he is at his best, he is creating opportunities by himself by putting the ball on the ground and going in there. If he keeps doing that to mix up his game, that’s the Gordon Hayward who was an All-Star player in Utah” – Windhorst

“I don’t necessarily need a tune-up game” – C.J. McCollum

Think he should rest until playoffs?

“He’s a vet. He’s not a guy that plays above the rim. He’s a shooter. He will be fine. Portland have been fine without him. Adding him back is going to be a plus and he is going to be able to find his rhythm right away because he’s just that type of player” – T-Mac

“He’s really saying, ‘I’m not quite ready'” – Windhorst

April 5, 2005 – Shaun Livingston (Clippers) with the pass over the shoulder to Mikki Moore, who slams it home vs the Charlotte Bobcats!



Back to School
Vandy hires Jerry Stackhouse as head coach!


Want to see LeBron & KD play together?

League PassLakers @ Clippers

Clippers’ Ivica Zubac message to Lakers fans (Via the Orange County Register):

“If you want to watch playoff basketball, we’re at Staples”

Which franchise would you rather buy stock in for the future right now?

“Steve Ballmer’s team They have great infrastructure, they make great decisions, they’re going to be major players in free agency. The Clippers are no longer a laughingstock. They are one of the class franchises in the NBA” – Windhorst

“Clippers. I’m going with stability over unstable. They’re stable over there” – T-Mac


Happy Birthday, Producer Bodmer!

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