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What should we call this D-Wade move?


The Panel:

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Nick DePaula.JPGSenior Sneakerhead Insider, Nick DePaula!

First Half

Monologue: CP3’s confidence the X-Factor for Rockets

Chris Paul has never lacked confidence. This is obvious in the way he plays and walks and talks
James Harden gas
The Rockets run on James Harden and his 36ppg. But if Harden is the gas…
CP spark plug.JPG
CP is the spark plug! And when he’s feeling it, no team or official is safe
Chris Paul.JPG
CP is not one of those guys that cares about hurting his shooting percentage. He has absolute confidence the ball will do what he has told it to do. He also has the belief he is right…a lot of the time…especially with officials
Chris Paul arms in the air.JPG
Paul ended his night with 29/7/4 and it was clear his confidence was not just gaudy but infectious, influencing the whole team

After the game (Via Tim MacMahon/ESPN):

CP sitting.JPG
When talking about whether CP is an X-factor for this year’s Rockets team, most people bring up his health. Can he make it through a whole playoff run this time?

Rockets win Western Conference if ________________________?

“If Chris Paul stays healthy and it boils down to James Harden. He is phenomenal in the regular season, but when we get to the playoffs, he is not the same guy. He has to be him as he is in the regular season” – T-Mac

“Steph Curry has a sprain ankle at the wrong time” – Windhorst

“If a team like the Rockets that shoots volume threes shoot a high percentage, they are going to win. Can they do that four times out of seven against the Warriors when the Warriors are really engaged and healthy? I just don’t believe it” – Windhorst

Clippers broadcast go too far in criticism of Harden?

Clippers color analyst, Don MacLean on Harden (Via Fox Sports Prime Ticket):

“I get it. It’s not traditional basketball. It’s not team oriented. But it speaks to James Harden’s greatness to be able to play this style and win a lot of ball games and have his team in the upper echelon of the NBA teams” – T-Mac

“This is what James Harden is great at. These are the rules of the game and the Rockets and Mike D’Antoni have put him in a position to dominate. It is simply going with the percentages to win and his dominance in this way he is playing is as dominant as Shaq or Wilt Chamberlain and whoever else of their style of play has been. That is a fact” – Windhorst

“I’m not sure you go on that rant on the broadcast when your team is down by 30” – Nichols

April 4, 1999 – T-Mac (Raptors) blocking Larry Hughes at the basket vs the Sixers!


It’s a Make or Miss League, Pop!

Make or Miss League Pop

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Happiness; Perfect response by Beal?

Miss Logo
Swishes; Are you mesmerized by the toilet bowl shot?
Evan Turner had his second triple-double in a row


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Imitation; Anyone troll better than CP3?


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Clarity; You can get called for traveling while dribbling?

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Motivation; Like the chip on Trae’s shoulder?
Young: 33 points, 8 rebounds and 12 assists vs the Sixers in a win

“Sleep on the Hawks if you want. They have been really good for the last 6 weeks. Trae Young has been the best rookie for the last 2 months” – Windhorst

Moving on…

Devin Booker to miss final 3 games (ankle) (Via Jordan Schultz/ESPN)

From last April:

How should Suns approach offseason?

“They have to identify a GM. And then I’m sure that GM is gonna want to put his stamp on as far as the head coaching in position. The GM will probably evaluate how this coach coached this team this year. They didn’t do a great job because I think they have talent. They should be better than what their record shows and then bring his guy in to get the best out of these guys” – T-Mac

“They’re just not any closer. They’re not making any progress. They lost this year and need to start moving forward” – Windhorst

Second Half

Reaction to Pop’s quick ejection last night?
Ejected 63 seconds into the game last night. Previous record was by Flip Saunders in 2012

“He’s being Pop. I’m not surprised. He’s getting his guys ready for the playoffs” – T-Mac

“That’s Pop. He sort of puts on different moods for different situations within minutes of each other depending. Pop did not want to get ejected from this game. Not a good night for the Spurs” – Windhorst

Lost year for Anthony Davis?

Via pelicanswave/IG:

“I’m sure he’s ready to get the hell out of New Orleans and go and get ready for the 2019-20 season. It’s just been a dismal season. It’s been frustrating for him. It’s just not his character to have everything in the public like this, a lot of negativity, just thrown on fire of his name and that’s just not him. It’s built up in him” – T-Mac

“His reputation was sterling before the season. His teams didn’t always do well, but nobody had anything bad to say about him. This trade demand and the failure of it has harmed his reputation. He is going to have to come back from that” – Windhorst

Former Cavs GM, David Griffin interviewed for the Pelicans GM job (Via Marc Stein/New York Times)

“The most important question I would have for any candidate is: What is your Anthony Davis trade going to be?” – Windhorst

More from Windy:

“New Orleans would be lucky to get him” – T-Mac


Releasing April 9, 2019

Impact of LeBron’s first Nike deal?

“The best part about the book is you realize how much money LeBron left on the table. He had a $100M offer from Reebok, along with a $10M signing bonus check. And the fact that he passed that up to go to Nike instead because he believes in the royalties, he believes in the marketing, he believed in how they have built his business and we’ve seen that all come to life” – DePaula

“He was ready to go to Adidas, but they didn’t make the offer and Reebok did. They were willing to go to a deal that was going to approach $130M all in. And he went to Nike for $87M” – Windhorst

T-Mac followed that up with:
“They changed the number in the presentation”

Which shoe company will land Zion?

“There’s a seventh brand that wants to get into the mix (a Chinese brand) and there’s another brand that they are prepared to offer more than $10M a year. It’s the matter of length of years” – DePaula

“The brand of Zion. How will that look 10 years from now? And even after his career is over with” – T-Mac

“Nike has 5 signature athlete. If he wants the personal marketing, personal attention, then maybe another brand might make more sense” – DePaula

Breaking News
Beyonce signs deal to partner with Adidas

April 4, 2008 – Jason Richardson (Bobcats) with the crossover and the dunk on the Raptors!


Notre Dame head coach, Muffet McGraw is coaching her 9th Final Four. She was asked about being the kind of leader that young women can look up to. Her answer speaks for itself:

“She dropped the mic on that one” – T-Mac

“She understands that in this moment, she has a pulpit. She is using that pulpit to not just talk about college basketball but overall issues which you have to admire” – Windhorst


Believe in Magic?
Will T-Mac’s Magic make the playoffs?

“If the Magic play well, with an easier schedule, they’ve got the inside track” – Windhorst

Steph’s eyesight
Steph: Shooting 49 percent from 3 since getting contact lenses! (Via Marcus Thompson/The Athletic)

LeBron hitting recruiting trail this offseason? (Via Howard Beck/Bleacher Report)


“It’s not a good year for the Lakers to be in the free agent market to be honest with you. It’s not all LeBron’s fault” – Windhorst

“The recruiting doesn’t necessarily have to go to recruiting elite free agents. You have to look at those third tier guys that are available” – T-Mac

“Guys like [a Seth Curry] that fits with LeBron James. You don’t need the elite free agent” – T-Mac

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Embiid questionable to return vs Bucks (knee)

“I am [worried]. He’s missing a lot of games. Is he really that hurt?” – T-Mac

“The fact that he’s not playing says it all. To do anything, they’ve got to have him at the top of his game” – Windhorst


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