Show Recap: April 3, 2019 (Rachel’s back!)

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Kuz helps Bron put on his chain!

The Panel:

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Second Half Only

First Half

Monologue: If “Stat hunting” was easy, everyone would do it

Camel and Souffle
If it was easy, everyone would do it. That’s true about training llamas and making a souffle
It is certainly true of what Russell Westbrook did last night putting up only the second 20/20/20 game in NBA History
Wilt Chamberlain.JPG
The other? None other than Wilt Chamberlain in 1968!
Stat Hunting Russ.JPG
For those of you that yelled “Stat hunting” at the end of this game…yeah. 100 percent Russ was stat hunting there

But it might not have been for the reason you had originally thought (Via NBA/TNT):

Nipsey and Westbrook.JPG
20+20+20 as Russ alluded to of course adds up to 60. It’s a reference to the Rollin 60s Crips, the LA gang that itself is a reference to the neighborhood it’s based out of. Nipsey Hussle was from and of both of those things doing a tremendous amount for his community

The fact that Russ did it by “stat hunting” which basically means he did it on purpose doesn’t make it any less of a feat of accomplishment.

Wilt and Russ.JPG
From the Elias Sports Bureau: 52,768. That is how many basketball games were played between the night Wilt Chamberlain put up his 20/20/20 game back in 1968 and Russ’ 20/20/20 game last night! That’s a lot of chances for someone else to try for those numbers either in the flow of the game or on purpose. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Instead, just Russ did. That’s worth celebrating all on its own

Fans underrating Westbrook’s triple-double averages over last 3 seasons?

“Absolutely. To get a triple double over the course of the season is extremely difficult. The reason why he’s able to do that is because every night he steps on the basketball court, he’s the best athlete, he’s the hardest playing athlete, his athleticism is off the charts and he just plays harder than everybody. He wants it. His motor goes faster and harder than everybody on every night” – T-Mac

“You have to respect it if for no other reason just the scarcity in the idea that it hasn’t been done” – Elhassan

“Doing things on purpose is okay sometimes” – Nichols

T-Mac on how great Russ is:

Warriors beef with refs going to cost them down the line?
KD ejected vs Nuggets last night

Coach Kerr after the game:

“Maybe a game here or there. It’ll happen” – Elhassan

“Giving it’s the regular season, these guys just want to get to the playoffs. There’s some frustration here” – T-Mac

“You’re going to have to keep your poise if you play against a team like the Rockets. If you cost yourself one game against the Houston Rockets, it could cost you a series” – T-Mac

“This is going to be a cranky season for the Golden State Warriors. I hope that in the playoffs they can change their mindset. This is a habit to react to officials this way” – Nichols

April 3, 1991 – Nate McMillan with the no look pass to Shawn Kemp who throws it down hard on the Kings!


Make or Miss league

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Authority; Better bang out:


Danuel House:

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Playing Fair; Anyone enjoy getting a mismatch more than Steph?


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Denials; Myles Turner has more blocks than Cavs this season!

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Backboards; Does Zion need to chill?


Run it Back

Best Basket-Breaking dunks!

3) 1979: Darryl Dawkins vs Kings (Rest In Peace)2xpls5.gif

2) 1993: Shaq vs Suns2xpltt.gif

1) 1993: Shaq vs Nets2xplxc.gif

Moving on…

USA Basketball interested in Zion for FIBA World Cup? (Marc Stein/New York Times)

Pop Quote.JPG

“Ink that [shoe] deal first, man. If he gets invited, it’d be a good experience for him” – T-Mac

“This is a tradition for USA basketball. There’s an internship. It’s big time for these guys to have an opportunity not only to be around those guys, but also see their work habits and work ethic and the things that you don’t get to see when you’re watching film” – Elhassan

“He’ll be ahead of the curve and be in great playing shape [by the time the season starts]” – T-Mac

Second Half

Kings broadcasters, Grant Napear & Doug Christie on who should be the MVP:

What would it take to change your MVP pick?

“I’m leaning towards Giannis because every single player that I’ve talked to who I respect keeps telling me ‘Giannis, Giannis, Giannis.’ They respect what he has done in a team setting all year long” – Windhorst

“James, to me, has been in this conversation for the last 4 years and he can easily win it this year. But I’m going with Giannis. The first two months of the season matters. James Harden and the Rockets struggled in the first two months of the season. Whereas Giannis has been consistent from the gate and putting up huge numbers” – T-Mac

“Giannis is better than I was at age 24” – Shaq

Via “The Big Podcast With Shaq:”

Agree with Shaq’s comments on Giannis?

“He does the same as Shaq. But who would I take as the most dominant? Shaq. I don’t see grown men intimidated by Giannis. I’ve seen grown men intimidated by Shaq” – T-Mac

“They’re so different. Shaq was the most dominating player I’ve ever seen. I cannot believe on that discussion that he could even rate” –  Windhorst


RecommendsZach Lowe on Clippers leading candidates for Sixth Man of The Year

Wizards owner Ted Leonsis on firing Ernie Grunfeld (Via

Wizards owner on Wall & Beal (Via The Washington Post):

“They want to replicate here what we did in the NHL” – Ted Leonsis

How desirable is Wizards top front office job?

“This is a mess. You got a lot of bad contracts over there. The only thing you really have good going is Bradley Beal. I feel for him because he is coming into his own. Whoever takes over this job really has to come in and just do a lot of cleaning up” – T-Mac

“This job is incredibly in demand. People want this job…bad. It’s a desirable place to live and in talking to executives around the league, the opinion of Ted Leonsis as owner is very high. Part of it is because he doesn’t fire people” – Windhorst

More desirable front office gig:



Suns of Anarchy.JPG

“With the exception of Donald Sterling, Robert Sarver has the lowest approval rate of any owner since I have involved in the NBA. Nobody wants to work for Robert Sarver. Ted’s reputation is sky high” – Windhorst

“I would take the Suns job strictly because of the personnel that they already have: the young guns (Booker & Ayton)” – T-Mac

Hawks becoming sneaky good?
Windy’s piece on Trae Young and the Hawks
They are 5-5 in their last 10 games


“Atlanta’s fanbase is not a fanbase where they’re actually from Atlanta. They’re all over the place. It’s a great city to live in, but they don’t want to play there. It’s not an attractive place” – T-Mac

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they get some meetings with the top free agents [this summer], but that’s where you start” – Windhorst

“If I can buy stock on a non-playoff team, Atlanta would be where I would buy my stock” – Windhorst

“They have to keep building their young players and draft well in order to become a great team. They’re not going to get any top free agents this summer” – T-Mac

April 3, 2004 – Steve Nash with the nifty dime to Dirk Nowitzki who slams it home vs the Suns!



Lonzo’s lawsuit
Lonzo files $2M lawsuit against BBB co-founder Alan Foster

“Honestly, I think this was a good concept. They obviously didn’t do their due diligence whole and find out this guy’s background. It wasn’t executed well” – T-Mac

Jeff Bezos buying Knicks?
How seriously should we take Oakley’s prediction? (Via Bill Simmons/The Ringer)

“I think it would take $5 billion” – Windhorst

Jeanie Buss declines to discuss Luke Walton’s future

Luke Walton a scapegoat for Lakers disappointing season?

“Or is there going to be a scapegoat at all? Her best friends are her cohorts in the front office, she’s incredibly close to Magic Johnson, she talks about Luke Walton as a member of the family, Rob Pelinka was Kobe’s agent. They had a 20-year relationship there. The difficulty is when you run a family business like this, where you have everybody so close, when there is blame to go around, how do you handle it? That’s a big thing” – Windhorst

“It’s all about health. If there’s blame to go around, you have to look at the guys that put the talent to surround LeBron James. They didn’t put those type of players around LeBron. They tried to go a different route” – T-Mac

League Pass
Spurs @ Nuggets

Who you got in potential series: Spurs or Nuggets?

“Spurs. They can take them out” – T-Mac

“This would go 7 games. I got the Spurs” – Windhorst

T-Mac’s and Windy’s favorite matchup if the playoffs began today:

T-Mac: Rockets vs Clippers
“Doc Rivers would have these guys excited to play against the Houston Rockets. He would come up with schemes to slow down James Harden a bit, make it difficult for him and impossibly push them to 6 or 7 games. But no upset”

Windhorst: Warriors vs Thunder
“Game 3 & 4 in Oklahoma City. That’s what I want to see”

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