Show Recap: March 25, 2019

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Harden MVP talk starting to annoy Giannis?




The Panel:



Jason Kidd.JPGHall of Famer, Jason Kidd!

First Half

Monologue: Will Hornets wild weekend end up changing future of franchise?

March Madness.JPG
What were you up to this weekend? Unless you live in North Carolina or are related to one of the players
Must watch Hornets games.JPG
Watch the Hornets back to back against Boston and Toronto not scribbled across your calendar. Honestly, with both Duke and UNC advancing to the sweet 16, you may be able to narrow that down to just player family members
Kemba and Kyrie.JPG
If you were surprised, imagine how Kyrie Irving felt

Stevens and Irving.JPG
If you think that maybe possibly that’s a shot at Brad Stevens, you’re not the only one. The Hornets did not have time to reflect on the Celtics or their issues
If you own a phone or television, you have seen what happens next: One of the most insane buzzer beaters in NBA history!

Jeremy Lamb.JPG

Meanwhile, up in the stands, here’s just a little sample of an IG account of a Toronto fan who brought his mother to see her first ever Raptors game:

East Standings.JPG
It was a crazy weekend for the Hornets and it leaves them in sort of a crazy spot in the east with 9 games to play
Kemba Walker (Supermax).JPG
The Hornets will be able to offer Kemba Walker a supermax to stay. But with that even be smart? Supermaxes have crippled some franchises and Kemba is going to be 29 by this summer, still 6’1″, and do you want to offer him $220 million over the next 5 years?

The variables of which way this could go are huge. And it would be pretty amazing if it all ended up having swung on two crazy days on the calendar, in March, when most people were busy doing something else

Start of Hornets run or Kemba’s last dance?

“The Kemba Walker contract situation is one of the most complexed I’ve seen in recent NBA history. It’s hard to see that because he’s not that high profiled as a player as the other free agents. Giving Kemba Walker $220M is frankly a bad contract. That is a contract that in 2 or 3 years could be a problem because of the history of players with his size when they get on the other side of 30. He has been underpaid” – Windhorst

“From the Hornets standpoint, they’re a small market. You got to do everything you can to keep him. Kemba has the Hornets in a handcuff. They have to give him a max deal or they’re going to start over. Small markets can’t start over” – Pippen

“The best situation for him is to stay with the Charlotte Hornets. He’s going to make the most money there” – Pippen

Kyrie’s critique a shot at Brad Stevens?
Celtics: 4-game losing streak


“It’s never been wider” – Windhorst

“I don’t think it was a shot at Brad. It was him being honest that they should have did something better to defend him [Walker]. He’s offensively been killing them and they don’t have the right matchup for him. Probably need to put more size on him if you’re the Celtics” – Pippen

“It’s absolutely a shot at Brad Stevens. This has happened before this year and it’s probably going to happen again” – Windhorst

“If the players don’t sacrifice, then it’s all on the coach. You can’t look good as a coach where you got players complaining. It also makes things look bad for Kyrie because Kyrie’s leadership is being questioned night in and night out” – Pippen

Should Brad Stevens make changes to starting lineup?

“Are any alarm bells going off at all? Because alarm bells are going off when you’re having a post game film session to address basic issues in March. That’s concerning to me” – Windhorst

“Come postseason, this will get cleaned up” – Pippen

March 25, 1999 – Vince Carter with the 360 dunk vs the Rockets!


Make or Miss league

Miss Logo
Baseketball; Carolina Hurricanes got game?

Make Logo
Entertainment; Lakers finally starting to have fun?


Miss Logo
Reality; Think Thomas Bryant was in the drama club in high school?


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Energy; Ever seen a smoother windmill from a PG?


Miss Logo
Tanking; Will we see the Hawks in the playoffs next season?


“Trae Young has done this a couple of times this year. He wants the ball in that situation. He wants that shot. That’s the kind of makeup he’s got” – Windhorst

Moving on…

Trae Young “The Players’ Pick” for ROY?

NBA Twitter.JPG

“Trae’s been playing a lot better since the All-Star break. There’s some favortism from the players” – Pippen

“Luka is my ROY. It’s because of the year he’s having. Since February 1, he has been the best rookie. And guess what: This is going to be a decision that’s about the next 10 years not just about who gets the award in the spring” – Windhorst

ROY race heating up between Trae and Luka?

“I feel like I’m Trae Young. I came on late in my rookie year. Grant had it sold up. He had it won. Trae is playing at a very high level and Luka, for the season, has done it from start to finish” – Kidd

“It’s a great award but it’s not just about the award but the long term” – Kidd

Second Half

What’s next for coaching career?

“Cal is a great institution. Will see what happens. I would love to get back to coaching at any level. It’s nice to be wanted. The year off helps clean up some things too just to refocus and have that energy” – Kidd

“I’m going to be patient in this process. Luke Walton has done an incredible job. Hopefully there’s one that fits” – Kidd

“When you look at the Lakers as a whole, it’s a franchise that is one of the best in the world. Not just the NBA. They’re all about championships” – Kidd

“When you talk about the best player in the world, you’re always going to say yes because as a coach or a teammate, He’s always going to make you better because you are going to work. As a coach, X and Os, you got to be on point. And as a teammate, you are going to work extremely hard because you know he’s going to need you to make that shot or come up with a defensive play. That would be a great honor to coach any elite basketball player” – Kidd on whether he would like to coach LeBron James in LA

Anything you would have done differently with Bucks?

“It’s been great to see it from afar. Giannis has gotten better and has jumped to the moon. He’s just starting his journey” – Kidd

“You talk about having more fun. Not dying on each possession. Shoot a lot of threes get stops late in the game and go on to the next game” – Kidd

How difficult was it to develop jumpshot?


“Stick with what you do best” – Kidd on advice for Sixers PG, Ben Simmons


NBA Draft Stock Watch (Tourney Edition) by ESPN NBA Draft Experts, Jonathan Givony and Mike Schmitz (E+)

Something Nothing or Everything?!

Harden’s 2nd 60-piece this season

“What James Harden has done is incredible” – Kidd

Giannis’ consistency give him MVP edge over Harden?

“When you look at what Giannis has been able to do, the leadership and what he’s with his team, he’s playing the game the right way. He’s making other people better. Giannis has my vote for MVP” – Pippen

“When you look at what Giannis and his teammates have done the whole year, you have to put some weight on winning. Giannis wins the MVP” – Kidd

Zion’s NCAA tourney takeover?

Pippen: Everything
“He’s amazing. Just great entertainment for the game”

Kidd: “If you have your own camera, that means your special. He’s just so dominant. He understands that he’s on the biggest stage. And the other thing that’s kind of exciting is that he cares about his teammates and you can see that throughtout the game”

Windhorst: “One thing that I think will happen next year is teams will set their defense to bring help defenders in, to take charges and everything. So he’s going to have to be a playmaker in the NBA, but he is a playmaker”

March 25, 2003 – Zydrunas Ilgauskas aka “Big Z” (Cavaliers) with the no-look behind the back pass to Ricky Davis vs the Warriors!



Injury bug
Pau Gasol out for a month with ankle injury, per Malika Andrews/ESPN

The L-Train
LaMarcus Aldridge drops 48 points in win over Celtics
Stat line: 48 pts, 13 rbs and 6 asts

“I’m impressed because a couple years ago, it seemed like he didn’t even want to be in a Spurs uniform. He has really asserted himself to be the man” – Pippen

Lonzo cuts ties with Big Baller Brand co-founder (Via Ramona Shelburne, Paula Lavigne and Malika Andrews)
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Moving on to bigger and better #MyOwnMan

A post shared by Lonzo Ball (@zo) on

“I’m happy for this young man. I felt like when he started this Big Baller Brand, it was a bad move for him moving forward. He followed his dad’s path. I’m just glad he’s accepting that mistake and ready to move forward” – Pippen

Porzingis playing his cards right this season? (Via Tim MacMahon/ESPN)
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“Hopefully next season we have something big to look forward to because he really teased us a lot” – Pippen

“He has something in his back pocket. He’s knows hes getting paid this summer. That pressure is off” – Windhorst

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JimmerMania in Salt Lake?

“Jimmer’s game is designed for the Chinese league. But this is a great moment for BYU fans and Utah fans” – Windhorst

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