Show Recap: March 22, 2019 (90 Minute Show!)

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Opening Tip
Trae Young turning the corner?


The Panel:

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Trail Blazers superstar, Damian Lillard!

First Half Hour

Monologue: Warriors found joy on a night they very much needed it

Bad Day
NBA players having a bad day can be just like the rest of society when you have a bad day. It helps sometimes to just get out and do something. Get lost in what makes you happy. Even if it’s just throwing a basketball into a hoop for a few hours
Kevin Durant.JPG
That is true when you are frustrated about stupid little things and it’s true when your heart is heavy with much more serious things. And sometimes those few hours are a couple different guys escaping onto the court side by side for different reasons
Steve Kerr
Before last night’s game, Steve Kerr said he thought the Warriors outing against the pacers would actually be something of a refuge for the players who are mourning. And that would seem to turn out to be true
Warriors record.JPG
A lot has changed in the time since. The Warriors themselves have been playing some of their best basketball of the season and a return to an elite level defense
Nate McMillan
You had to feel a little bad for the Pacers in this game. They’ve had such an admirable season and are in the middle of a brutal road trip
Warriors roses.JPG
One fun game doesn’t mean everything is roses from here on out. There will still be times and annoying times and even tragedy
Kevin Durant 2
But for a few hours, it was exactly what a lot of different folks needed for a lot of different reasons and that’s a pretty special thing for a basketball and a court and a hoop to be able to do

Sold on Warriors 3-peat chances?

“They are vulnerable more than anything. I am going with the Houston Rockets to beat the Warriors in a 7-game series” – aT-Mac

“It’s very hard to 3-peat in today’s game. I feel like that the Warriors are ready to 3-peat. They’re starting to peak at the right time” – Pippen

Is Klay an underrated defender?
He’s never been on the All-Defensive team

“This is a guy that takes the challenge on guarding the best player night in and night out for 82 games every year. It’s absurd that he’s never been on the All-Defensive team” – T-Mac

“When you see Klay out there, he is guarding the top offensive player. It has to be something said about that” – Pippen

“We consider him one of the best two-way players in the game” – T-Mac

“I do think it’s a little bit a symptom of playing on this Golden State superteam. One of the things you trade in when you join this team is your individual accolades because people see the group as a whole” – Nichols

March 22, 2010 – Amar’e Stoudemire dunking all over the Warriors!


Make or Miss league

Make Logo
Madness; Best tourney dunk?

Ja Morant:


Jalen Smith:


Killian Tillie:


Miss Logo
Ceilings How soon until De’Aaron Fox is an All-Star?


“He just going to have to get voted as an All-Star and not as a guard. Simple as that” – Pippen

Make Logo
Cookies; Should Jokic pay more attention to Bradley Beal?


“Without John Wall, Bradley Beal has been ballin'” – T-Mac

Miss Logo
Retirement; Scared of Tim Duncan the kickboxer?

“You better be scared of Tim Duncan” – Pippen

Moving on…

Another edition of:

Think Suns GM search is going well?
Suns have spoken to Kevin McHale (of TNT and former GM of the Timberwolves) and Jim Paxson (Chicago Bulls), per Marc Stein of the New York Times

“The previous GMs stink” – T-Mac

“Chauncey Billups, who’s just been removed from the game today and still knows the game would be a perfect candidate for that GM job to put that team together” – T-Mac

“Kevin McHale has the experience. It’s hard to go wrong with that job. You got a lot of room for error. They’re still young” – Pippen

“We don’t need to keep providing welfare for billionaires” – Nichols

Second Half Hour

Spoken to Antonio Brown since trade to Raiders?

Antonio Brown.JPG

“Absolutely. I was recruiting him. Raider Nation, baby!” – Lillard

What prompted you to call yourself one of the best players?

“I was kind of irritated by that because when I kept seeing the quote, it made it seem like it was a cry out and it wasn’t” –  Lillard

What’s a successful postseason for Trail Blazers?

“To make a real run. Trying to get to the Western Conference Finals. We know it’s possible” – Lillard

“You can tell that they’re [the fans] itching for that postseason success” – Lillard

Fan of the “Logo Lillard” nickname?


“I like it a lot. People pay attention to that. It’s a shot that I end up taking a lot. The way I’m guarded sometimes I think that’s the pretty high quality shot for me because I got a lot of time to take the shot and I can shoot from the distance pretty easy” – Lillard

What were you thinking Damian Lillard.JPG

View this post on Instagram

Teach em early… #Lillardtime #RepresentYaName

A post shared by Damian Lillard (@damianlillard) on

“I was like: ‘That’s my son.’ That was a moment I knew he was mine” – Lillard

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Jump Ball Regular

Morant or Barrett.JPG

Jefferson: Morant
“We haven’t seen many players like this. You would compare him to a Russell Westbrook”

T-Mac: Morant
“I like him because of his poise. This kid seems like the game has already slowed down for him. High basketball IQ”

Pippen: Morant
“He’s NBA ready”

More likely for KAT.JPG

T-Mac: Secures bag
“His body of work speaks for itself. The kid has been putting up tremendous numbers and if he closes this season playing the way he’s playing right now, he deserves it”

Jefferson: Secures bag
“Anthony Davis is not the most popular person in the NBA”

Pippen: Secures bag

Knicks or Nets.JPG

Pippen: Nets
“They are an exciting team, they have taste of what it’s like to win and have success. I would play with D. Russell”

T-Mac: Nets
“These guys are ready right now. They just need a couple stars to come and join with this cast”

Jefferson: Nets
“At the end of the day, players want to win, make money and have fun. They still have to prove that they can take another step. You have to be that first domino”

Thunder or Clippers.JPG

Jefferson: Clippers
“The Thunder are a more talented team. They’ll figure it out and finish strong”

T-Mac: Clippers
“If you have two All-NBA players [Westbrook and George] on your team [The Thunder], you cannot finish 8th. They should be able to get it done”

Pippen: Thunder
“They are not playing their best basketball and I expect them to fall to 8th. The Clippers have the momentum on their side”

March 22, 2007 – Tracy McGrady with the tough circus spinning layup vs the Pistons!


Third Half Hour

College hoops players any closer to getting paid?

“100 percent they are” – Jefferson

“I don’t know if they’re getting any closer. But they should be paid” – T-Mac

“These players need to get paid. Zion became the face of college basketball” – Pippen

“I don’t know if were getting any closer, honestly because I don’t know if I can count on the NCAA to do the right thing even when facing heavier pressure” – Nichols

RJ Story on being suspended in college:

Expect Zion to dominate the tourney?

“I don’t because tournament basketball is a lot different. It’s really about team play and not individual play” – Pippen

“There’s nothing anybody can do with him in the interior of the offense. He’s just a physical freak” – T-Mac

“The one thing that could stop him is if he gets in foul trouble” – Jefferson

“If he’s on the floor for 32 minutes, he is going to dominate that game” – Jefferson

Coach Izzo go too far with his player?

Izzo’s former player and current Warriors player, Draymond Green gave his thoughts on the incident:

“I like Coach Izzo’s coaching. I respect him and respect how he has brought his players along and I can respect him going at a player on the court like that” – Pippen

“This is coaching at his best. It’s tournament time. The people’s jobs are on the line. Some of these guys are seniors and this is their last opportunity. If a player is not giving 110 percent effort, it’s up to the coach to do everything he can to get into that player’s butt” – T-Mac

RJ’s take on the situation between Izzo and his player. And a fun T-Mac story:

League PassNets at Lakers

D’Angelo out for blood vs Lakers?

“D-Lo got it on his mind. He’s thinking about what he’s trying to do to this team. It’s personal for him. He should take this opportunity to eliminate a team that got rid of him, that gave up on him quick” – T-Mac

“You can call him the eliminator” – Pippen

“For a young player, if you’re going out there for blood, what’s the one thing? You might end up trying to do too much. Just keep going out there and play” – Jefferson

It’s amazing what can happen when you just mentally locked in and when you leave all the other crap alone and just concentrate on basketball. Being out here in LA, he was so focused on everything but basketball. There was a lot of distractions – T-Mac

Lakers giving Luke Walton a fair shot?

“No. I don’t think so. But it doesn’t matter what I think. It only matters what Jeanie [Buss], Rob [Pelinka] and Magic [Johnson]. A house divided cannot stand and if there’s three people on one side of the fence and he’s on the other side of the fence, it’s best not only for the Lakers but it’s also best for him. He needs to be in a place where they’re going to fully support him and he hasn’t gotten that this year” – Jefferson

“This year has just been a devastating year in terms of injuries and all the distractions and the trading deadline. He hasn’t been given a fair shape. He deserves another opportunity to coach a team that can be healthy and let’s see what he does with the healthy roster” – T-Mac

“I wouldn’t give him another year. He wasn’t given a fair shape. That’s just part of the NBA” – Pippen

“If they move on from Luke, Ty Lue is the obvious choice” – T-Mac

“I would be knocking on Washington’s door for Bradley Beal” – Nichols

March 22, 1996 – Greg Minor (Celtics) with the game winner off the glass at the buzzer vs the Nuggets!



Smart’s Shove
Marcus Smart fined $50k for shoving Embiid
It was his third offense of the season

Smart says he “was protecting himself.” He added: “You’re supposed to just take that and allow it. Unfortunately, I’m sorry, I just wasn’t raised that way. I always gotta protect myself at all times.”

“Spurs turned off AC on purpose in Game 1 of 2014 Finals” – Chris Bosh (Via South Beach Sessions podcast with Dan LeBatard)

“That is not true. LeBron forgot to hydrate” – Pippen

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