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Opening Tip
Was this an accident by CP3?


The Panel:

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Guest (Second Half Only):

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First Half

Monologue: A lot of people rushed to be wrong about D’Angelo Russell

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People love to be first. “I called it!”, “I knew that!”, “Check my IG. I had that take 2 weeks ago.” This is the result of internet culture
You can blame millennials or you could blame avocados or whatever. The truth is it’s an attitude that’s crept into pretty much everything and it is certainly true in the NBA
Lost cause? What has D-Lo been up to lately?
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Except for the minor fact that the buzzer had not yet sounded and that the Nets, led by Russell, weren’t done yet

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But he still has some flaws as a player but so do most of the guys in NBA. He also has some undeniable magic in his game. His advanced stats put him right up there with some of the most effective point guards in the league. It’s possible D-Lo would have never developed into a star without the wakeup call of being traded
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It also seems clear that Russell is an example of what can go wrong in a time when everyone is dying to be early or what you would consider a kid who is just coming into his own at age 23 a late bloomer

Lou Williams, Russell’s former teammate:

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This old journalism expression is not a very popular sediment these days, but that just might be worth a comeback of its own

Biggest reason for D’Angelo Russell’s career year?

“It’s opportunity and a coach that really believes in this kid’s ability and in still confidence in him. And just building a winning culture” – T-Mac

“He was a really laughingstock of the NBA, especially with that incident that happened with Nick Young” – T-Mac

“This says a lot about his character because when you get traded as a number 2 pick before your rookie contract, That’s like: ‘Woah. They’re already calling you a bust.’ Just his attitude that ‘I want to prove people wrong.’ You can see that in his play” – Pierce

“What stands out about him is that he has that ‘it’ factor. He’s not afraid to close out games and take big shots” – T-Mac

“This could have been a possibility: if they (Lakers) kept this kid, you don’t need a point guard so you don’t draft Lonzo Ball. Then you have the potential to draft somebody like Jayson Tatum” – T-Mac

Better bench mob?

Nets (TBD Nickname):





Kings “Litty Committee:”

“I love the flare of the Brooklyn Nets bench” – Pierce

“I like Brooklyn because they are in the playoffs” – T-Mac

Significance of Harden dropping 30 vs every opponent (Most all-time) this season?
Had 31 points against the Hawks last night

“Give him the MVP already. I don’t know why he doesn’t get his due. That is a tremendous feat. He’s the best player in the league” – Pierce

“You can’t just give it (The MVP) to him now because Giannis, out the gates, has been phenomenal. James Harden is Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin (Linsanity era) on steroids. This offense is tailored made for a guy to get buckets” – T-Mac

March 20, 1995 – Shawn Kemp aka “Reign Man” throwing it down hard on Sean Elliott of the Spurs!


Make or Miss League Harden

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Power; Anyone dunking harder than KAT?


“He’ll make All-NBA” – Pierce

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Clarity; What exactly was Josh Hart going for here?


Lakers bench reaction:


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Ice; A game-clinching ankle breaker?


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Awareness Think Kent Bazemore is still looking for James Harden?


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Run it Back

Best spin cycle crossovers ever!

3) 2013: Kyrie on Prigioni2wjxte.gif

2) 2008: CP3 on Anthony Carter2wjxw1.gif

1) 2012: Lance on Tony Parker2wjxyj.gif

Moving on…

Draymond on KD’s free agency: “If he go, he go. If he stay, he stay”

Via Sam Amick/The Athletic:

“He’s part of it right now. Whatever happens this summer happens. Whatever the hell he do, he does. If he go, he go. If he stay, he stay. But while he’s here, we’re going to win another championship. It’s just that simple. Nothing else matters”

Buy Draymond’s indifference about KD’s future with Warriors?


“They’ve had a little tension throughout the year and if KD goes, that opens up some money for Draymond. It all depends on this year. But that’s just Draymond. That’s who he is. He always got that ‘I don’t care’ attitude anyway” – Pierce

“Draymond’s gonna want a big bag (of money) as well” – T-Mac

Klay on FIBA World Cup this summer: “Ask me after the Finals”

“I wish I had the luxury to have that type of confidence in a team where I can say: ‘You know what, I want to see how I’m going to feel after the Finals'” – T-Mac

“Maybe he was saying after playing in the Finals or watching the Finals” – Pierce

Second Half

Kobe on Lakers: “Seasons like this are what make the championships worth it”

Via Get Up (ESPN):

Doc Rivers on Lakers coaching rumors: “I am going nowhere”
He and Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer actually have agreed to a longer term contract earlier in this season (not signed yet but it’s a done deal, per Woj)

Doc’s commitment to Clippers a huge setback for Lakers?

“The Clippers have done an amazing job building assets, building a team and Doc has done an amazing coaching job and his whole staff of keeping a team of free agents. They’re kicking butt. It’s a great story. And it is a setback for the Lakers not just for the brand but like, I haven’t heard the replacement for Luke Walton that’s a better coach than Doc Rivers” – Lowe

“This is so disrespectful to Luke Walton. We wouldn’t be talking about this if it wasn’t for these injuries” – T-Mac

“If LeBron hadn’t been hurt, we wouldn’t be talking about Luke Walton’s job at this point. The problems go deeper than injuries. But I’m not sure they all land on Luke Walton’s doorstep at all” – Nichols

“It’s the players. It’s not Luke. He’s done a phenomenal job with this team” – T-Mac

RecommendsJalen & Jacoby on “Soupgate” fiasco

Trae Young closing in on Luka for ROY?
Recorded 21 points and 12 assists vs the Rockets last night

“They’re neck and neck. Trae Young has figured it out. He’s putting up big numbers. Why isn’t he involved in the conversation of being rookie of the year? To me, Luka has kind of tailored off a little bit” – T-Mac

“He’s in the conversation. But Luka Doncic is going to win ROY” – Lowe

“He’s silenced his critics” – T-Mac

March 20, 2001 – Kenyon Martin throwing it down hard on the Vancouver Grizzlies!



Kobe teasing Knicks?
Is Kobe trolling Knicks fans? (Via Frank Isola/The Athletic)

What could have been!

“No. This is Kobe saying that because Madison Square Garden is the mecca of basketball and the entertainment and just that stage, other than playing on the Lakers stage, that’s one that he could see himself playing in every night to put up big numbers” – T-Mac

“These are the two capitals of the US” – Lowe on what Kobe was saying

JET is back
Jason Terry to join Big 3 this summer
Says he’ll break 4-point record!

“I believe him” – T-Mac

“I know Jason Terry is going to shoot a lot as much as he wants” – Lowe

Load Management
Kyrie: “I’m definitely taking some games off before the playoffs”
Celtics are 5th in the East

“No because of the opponent that’s in front of them and that’s the Indiana Pacers. I think they will drop down to at least a 5th seed and Boston will move up to that 4th seed and have homecourt advantage” – T-Mac

Boston too confident against Philly?
Boston: 10-2 vs Philly last 2 seasons (including playoffs)

“I get it but their confidence is justified. It’s not a smart comment on his behalf” – T-Mac

“Al Horford is a huge pain for Joel Embiid” – Lowe

League Pass
Heat at Spurs

Will Spurs make it 10 straight wins?

“Yes. The Spurs at home are like a superteam. At home, they’re really hard to beat” – Lowe

“Yes they get 10 [in a row]. They’ve been great at home all season long. In this stretch, their defense has been carrying them a lot” – T-Mac

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Sources: Nikola Mirotic out 2-4 weeks (Thumb) (Via Shams Charania/The Athletic)
Bucks injuries piling up at worst time?

“They’re going to have to overcome injuries. If they have Giannis, Khris Middleton, Eric Bledsoe and some shooting, they should not have a problem in the first round. Second round, if Brogdon is still out, that gets a little interesting. He’s sneakily important to their team” – Lowe

“It’ll hurt them in this way: They are the 1 seed right now and if they drop a few games, they could drop to the 2nd seed” – T-Mac

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