Show Recap: March 19, 2019 (ESPN Tournament Challenge Day)

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Opening Tip
Moe Harkless onto something here?

The Panel:

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College Basketball Analyst, Jay Williams

First Half

First, let’s…

Run it Back

In the event of a tie, the “Voice of God” aka Producer Danny will break that tie

(1) As The Kings Turn vs (8) Wall & Order: DC

Jefferson: As The Kings Turn

Pierce: As The Kings Turn

Elhassan: As The Kings Turn

Nichols: As The Kings Turn

Winner: As The Kings Turn

(4) Dances with T-Wolves vs (5) Suns of Anarchy

Jefferson: Suns of Anarchy

Pierce: Dances with T-Wolves

Elhassan: Suns of Anarchy

Nichols (Via Scottie Pippen): Dances with T-Wolves

The Voice of God: Dances with T-Wolves

Winner: Dances with T-Wolves

(2) Haywatch vs (7) La La Lance

Pierce: La La Lance

Jefferson: La La Lance

Elhassan: La La Lance

Nichols: La La Lance

Winner: La La Lance

(3) Bays of Our Lives vs (6) Boogie & The Brow

Jefferson: Bays of Our Lives

Pierce: Bays of Our Lives

Elhassan: Bays of Our Lives

Nichols: Bays of Our Lives

Winner: Bays of Our Lives

Spurs have won 9 straight (longest active win streak) | Credit Pop for Spurs 9-game win streak?

“They absolutely got the message. When Pop puts his foot down, they listen. They are peaking at the right time” – Pierce

“I’m not surprised that in the last 20-25 games of the season they’re playing their best basketball” – Jefferson

“The job that he has done, that the team has done, that the players have done, I cannot be more impressed with what they’ve done the last couple of weeks” – Nichols

Nuggets clinch 1st playoff berth since 2013!

More likely for Nuggets: 1st-round exit or Conference Finals?

“As long as they are 2 or 3 (seed) and they get the Houston Rockets in the second round (assuming Golden State is the one seed), they’ll make it to the conference finals” – Jefferson

“Conference Finals. But I also look at this team as a team that could possibly lose in the first round. It’s all new to them. When you go into a new playoff environment, it’s a different type of pressure” – Pierce

“Conference Finals. If they get the right match up” – Nichols

March 19, 1995 – Michael Jordan’s return to the NBA since announcing to the world “I’m back” vs the Pacers in Indy

Make or Miss League (Durant)

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Timing; Baby Dame already know what “Lillard Time” is?

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Teach em early… #Lillardtime #RepresentYaName

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Easy Buckets; How does this happen?


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Shock; Are the Bulls actually having fun?

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Limits; Is there such thing as a bad shot for Steph?




Run it Back

Steph’s most absurd buzzer-beating heaves!

Honorable Mention: vs Pacers in 20162wgjit.gif

3) vs Clippers in 2017

2) vs Clippers in 2018

1) vs Grizzlies in 2015 playoffs2wgjqr.gif

Moving on…

Biggest concern with Duke in tourney?

“They are the best team in the country and have the best player in the country. But the best team doesn’t always win the NCAA tournament. Their lack of 3-point shooting (30% from three). What happens if Zion Williamson gets in foul trouble? They don’t have the depth from the front court position” – Williams

What is Zion’s NBA ceiling?

“I don’t see his skillset being that strong across the board yet. He needs more consistency with that outside jump shot. Is he going to be a LeBron James, a Giannis? He has potential to do that” – Williams

“Right out of the gate. It depends on what the team is. I’m going to highlight him and try to develop him as fast as possible” – Pierce on whether he’d have Zion as his main guy

Second Half

Show Within a Show (Final Four)

(1) As The Kings Turn vs (4) Dances with T-Wolves

Jefferson: As The Kings Turn

Pierce: As The Kings Turn

Elhassan: As The Kings Turn

Nichols: As The Kings Turn

Winner: As The Kings Turns

(3) Bays of Our Lives vs (7) La La Lance

Jefferson: La La Lance

Pierce: Bays of Our Lives

Elhassan: Bays of Our Lives

Nichols: Bays of Our Lives

Winner: Bays of Our Lives

Kyle Lowry on ankle injury: “Think it was a little bit dirty”


Lowry after the game:

Was Kyle Lowry injury caused by a dirty play?

“Kyle said it: He’s a young player, he’s a young energetic athletic player. He’ll learn” – Elhassan

Jefferson and Pierce: “It was an accident”

RecommendsKobe Bryant’s fantasy book: “The Wizenard Series: Training Camp”

This is a young adult sports fantasy. It tells the story of a struggling inner city basketball team that finds success under coach Wizenard

Something Nothing or Everything?!

Westbrook’s 16 technical fouls

Jefferson: Nothing
“It only matters in the postseason”

Pierce: Something
“This is going to affect their seeding in the playoffs”

Elhassan: Something
“All the pests around the league are going extra it up”

Nichols: Everything
“He likes to play a certain way with energy, with the freedom to say whatever he wants”

Elfrid Payton’s 5 straight triple doubles

Pierce: Everything

Elhassan: Something
“It’s something to hang your hat on, but it’s not like in the offseason, people are going to be offering 17 million a year for this guy because he had five straight triple doubles”

Jefferson: Everything
“He is finally to starting to come into his own”

March 19, 2000 – Vince Carter with the game winning dunk vs the Rockets!



Lost Stars
LeBron’s groin injury still a thing?
LeBron and Giannis is out as their teams face each other

“LeBron needs to just go and take care of that groin and get ready for next year. You only got three more years of this greatness. You got to preserve it” – Pierce

“Bron sitting down is a real thing. But if you’re chasing Kareem [for the all-time scoring record], you can’t let games past. He’s got three more years of greatness and three more years of averaging 25 [ppg]” – Jefferson

Paul Pierce’s worst tourney moments?

Show Within a Show (Championship)

Pierce: As The Kings Turn

Jefferson: Bays of Our Lives

Elhassan: Bays of Our Lives

Nichols: As The Kings Turn

Voice of God: As The Kings Turn


As The Kings Turn

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