Show Recap: March 18, 2019 (Rachel Nichols is back!)

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Opening Tip
Mike Scott dives into crowd, sips fan’s drank!

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The Panel:


First Half

Monologue: Why Nets-Clippers was everything Lakers-Knicks wasn’t

Coaches love to tell players things like: Do your job or play your role. Basically, the idea is that not everyone on a team should be trying to be the superstar
Montrezl Harrell.JPG
You need some guys doing the dirty work, some guys looking to pass instead of just score. And while it’s true, it’s not always easy to hear
Your Name.JPG
If you are a competitive enough athlete to have made the NBA, you’re competitive enough to want it to be your name up there in lights. You’ve very likely been a superstar at nearly every other level you’ve played at. But here’s the thing about embracing the role you have: If you can really do it, if you become really good at it, you can sometimes shine the brightest of all. But it’s not true of players, but franchises
Lakers Knicks.JPG
The Lakers and Knicks have been so awful for so long now, not only was the game not on national television, it was relegated to a noon local start time at 9:00 a.m. on the West coast
Boxing match.JPG
That was due to the fact that a boxing match was scheduled at the Garden and that took precedence

The most noticeable aspect of that game was a complete collapse from one of the teams:

Yet another low point in a Lakers season that was supposed to be about the return to glitz and glamour, but instead has fallen so very short

Nets Clippers.JPG
On the other coast, the two teams most decidedly not about glitz or glamour put on a show that sparkled all the same
Lou Williams.JPG
In the end though, the night belonged to the Clippers thanks to Lou Williams. He is the definition of a player who has embraced his role. The leading candidate for Sixth man of the year is already in the league’s record books as the NBA’s all-time leading bench scorer

Doc Rivers on quality of Nets-Clippers game:

Ali and Frazier.JPG
No. This was not Ali/Frazier. And no, Brooklyn is unlikely to ever be able to match an electric night at Madison Square Garden. And no, the Clippers are unlikely to ever win as many titles as the Lakers
New York and Los Angeles
But they don’t need to. They just need to be the best versions of themselves right into the playoffs as those other teams and their bright shiny spotlights sit watching from home

Clippers a matchup problem come playoff time?
They currently sit in the 8th spot in the West and have the 23rd easiest schedule remaining, per BPI

“They are in a great spot. Whoever they’re playing is going to be lucky to get them.  They are one of those annoying teams that you’re going to have to play well against. This is a great opponent in the first round” – Jefferson

“If you’re playing the Warriors, then no. The Clippers are also experienced. Lou Williams, [Danilo] Gallinari and even Montrezl Harrell. Those are the guys that give you problems if you are young and you don’t know what’s going on” – Elhassan

Could Nets ever steal NYC from Knicks?

“It will always be a Knicks town. But the real truth about the Nets is the way they function. ” – Jefferson

“They’ll never catch up to the Knicks” – Elhassan

“Knicks fans right now are thinking: There’s next year” – Nichols

March 18, 2013 – LeBron James finishing the alley-oop dunk on Jason Terry in Beantown!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

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Composure; Who took ejection worse: Jokic or his brother?
Committed a loose ball foul and did not agree with the refs


“Jokic would not be the player he is without his brother’s intensity” – Jefferson

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Imitation; Like the trolling from Bazemore?


Miss Logo
Legends; Which play will Hezonja tell his grandkids about first?

Block on King James:2wdg8c.gif

Stepping over the Greek Freak:2wdgmq.gif

Make Logo
Tank Wars; Who really won Suns-Pelicans game?

Miss Logo
Grip; “Iso Zo” living up to his nickname?



Run it Back

Best rookie crossovers!

3) 2008: D-Rose on Andre Miller!2wdgwg.gif

2) 1999: White Chocolate on the Glove!2wdh2g.gif

1) 1997: Iverson on MJ!

Moving on…

Brad Beal worthy of an All-NBA spot?

in the zone
Beal has scored 40 points in consecutive games! First time in his career he’s done that. Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week!

“My automatics: Russ, Curry, Harden and Dame. I can’t justify putting him ahead of any one of those guys who are having just as good a year on teams that are winning” – Elhassan

“He’s had a great year. But you can’t be All-NBA if your team is in the 11th spot [in the East]” – Jefferson

“I wish All-NBA was done not by position at all. We should just be talking about the 15 best players in the NBA” – Nichols

Second Half

What did we learn about Warriors wins without KD?

“Do we think they would have won those games if KD played and Steph didn’t? The league is now on notice. If the Warriors were to just go into hibernation until the first round of the playoffs and they were the 8th seed and didn’t have homecourt at any point in time, they are still going to win the championship and will probably be done in spectacular fashion” – Jefferson

“If Kevin Durant doesn’t play for the Warriors next year, they are still the favorites to win the championship. The second best team in the NBA is the Kevin Durant-less Warriors” – Elhassan

Giannis & Simmons trade disrespectful dunks Sunday!



What did 76ers prove with win in Milwaukee?


“Philly has too much star power” – Jefferson

Does Brogdon injury change your outlook on Bucks?
Expected to miss 6-8 weeks with minor plantar fascia tear in his right foot. There is optimism that he can return closer at the 6-week mark

“As long as Giannis suits up, they should win that first round. Let him rest and don’t stress about it” – Jefferson

“He is so important to them not only offensively but also defensively. He’s a big switchable guard. I wonder what kind of impact not having him out there is” – Elhassan

HOF coach Lute Olson’s impact on Warriors, NBA by Scott Cacciola of the New York Times

Clyde Frazier’s criticism of LeBron fair?

Via MSG Networks:

James former teammate, Damon Jones defended him:

“That is where he always sits. Right now, there’s so much scrutiny on him, his relationship with teammates and owners” – Jefferson

“It’s not even about him though. It’s about making life easier for them [his teammates]. It’s a small gesture, but it can make life so much easier for them” – Elhassan

“This is the only issue: The only thing that makes it a little disrespectful is when he [Clyde] said ‘He doesn’t care.’ He cares about the game” – Jefferson

“There’s another star player in this league, whose name I’m not going to say, is doing way more isolationist techniques on one of the best teams, if not the best team in basketball” – Elhassan

“There’s a lot of great free agents this summer” – LeBron James

Buy Lakers will land another big fish this summer?

“I look at three guys: Butler, Irving and Walker are really attainable. KD and Thompson aren’t realistic” – Elhassan

“If a free agent does come, it won’t be because of Magic and Rob. They were brought in to add stability to the franchise and actually has destabilized it. It’s because they want to play with LeBron and play in LA” – Jefferson

March 18, 1999 – Ray Allen (Bucks) throwing it down hard vs the Celtics!


“If Ray Allen came into the NBA today, he would be a better version of Klay Thompson” – Jefferson


Banged up Blazer
Blazers dodge bullet with C.J. McCollum’s prognosis? (Out 1 week)


“You get nervous because you’ve seen less end up being fall worse” – Jefferson

Pop Style
Will Spurs consistency ever be duplicated?

“No. It won’t be duplicated for this reason: When you look around the league, you have Pop as the president, then you have a GM in RC Buford that he hired and brought in and then Pop is the head coach. They are completely in sync with what they want to do, how they want to run it, they’ve gotten great luck in the draft (David Robinson and Tim Duncan) and have drafted well” – Jefferson

League Pass
Nuggets at Celtics

Former Celtic, Isaiah Thomas is active for the first time as an opponent in Boston since getting traded


This game will be the first since this happened back in November when Jamal Murray was trying to go for a 50 point game and Kyrie Irving wasn’t too happy about it and decided to do this:


Kyrie-Murray Beef still a thing?

“No. Jamal is a competitor, Kyrie is a competitor. But Kyrie remembers these things” – Jefferson

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