Show Recap: March 13, 2019 (Jorge Sedano Hosts)

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Buy Dolan’s enthusiasm for young Knicks core?

Via The Michael Kay Show:


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Lou Williams.JPGLou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers and the NBA’s all-time scorer in points off the bench!

First Half

Monologue: Lakers brass swinging for fences the right approach?

LeBron (Lakers)
Do fans think LeBron regrets signing with the Lakers?
LeBron in a suit
So now LeBron and the Lakers are in the “let’s figure this out” stage. The question is: How? What’s the plan?
Trust the Process.JPG
The Lakers need a real process or at the very least a different one
Lakers heads.JPG
The Lakers were adamant about “Not being like Cleveland” and surrounding LeBron with “playmakers”

Reinventing the wheel (Lakers).JPG
This is the basketball version of trying to reinvent the wheel
Lakers targets in the offseason.JPG
The alleged plan this offseason: star hunting

Pelinka and Johnson.JPG

“That’s the only approach you’re going to have in Los Angeles with the Lakers. And the fanbase demands that. Swinging for the fences means going as big as you can to get as far as you can that season. I don’t think that means star driven acquisitions” – Wilbon

“There’s another team in Los Angeles you have to worry about: The Clippers. They might finally steal the headline from the Lakers. I think free agents are going to listen to them” – Spears

“I’ve been told that there’s no way Anthony Davis is coming here through the Pelicans. They’re just not going to do it” – Spears

“You don’t have to go star hunting to build a kind of team with those (2019) available free agents. That’s what has failed the Lakers. Star hunting alone is not what’s going to fix the Lakers” – Wilbon

“Important for Lakers to finish out strong” – LeBron James after last night’s game vs the Bulls

More important for Lakers: Finishing strong or tanking?

“Tank. Get the assets” – Spears

“Finish strong. Play the season out” – Wilbon

Implications of Draymond Green signing with Klutch Sports?

Draymond Quote.JPG

“He has a strong friendship with Rich Paul. But he’s not a future Laker” – Spears

“The future of super agents” – Wilbon

“Rich Paul is growing into a power that people got to respect. You got to respect this group he has put together” – Spears

“I could see Draymond being a next Barkley type personality” – Spears

“They don’t have to control the organizations, but they have to control the product. They seem quite able right now to do that” – Wilbon

March 13, 1999 – Vince Carter soaring high into the air with the one-handed dunk over Dikembe Mutombo vs the Hawks!


Make or Miss League Harden

Make Logo
Aggression; What did the rim do to Embiid?


Make Logo
More aggression; What was the most disrespectful thing KAT did last night?



Miss Logo
Bricks; CJ McCollum outscored the Clips 23-20 in the 4th!
Started the game 0-7

Make Logo
The King; Aren’t players supposed to lose their boosties around this age




Run it Back

LeBron James’ best career alley-oops!

Honorable mention: vs Knicks in 20102w33wc.gif

3) vs Lakers in 2013

2) Over John Lucas in 20122w340i.gif

1) On Jason Terry in 2013

Moving on…

Mistake to let Luka Doncic play so many minutes last night?
Played 34 minutes and scored 12 points on 5 of 18 shooting and 1-9 from the free throw line. Had 9 turnovers

“Maybe. Absolutely. But it doesn’t mean you should shut him down. I hate the question even about shutting people down. This is what they do for a living. Coaches have to have a little bit better judgement sometimes” – Wilbon

“You want him to play. He’s a rookie. He’s an attraction” – Sedano

“If you shut him down, there’s a guy in Atlanta who will probably start smiling. He is chomping at the bit to try to leap over all this stuff” – Spears

Second Half

Jump Ball Regular

Make a statement.JPG

Wilbon: Rockets
“They need to. This is the time, psychologically and emotionally”

Spears: Neither
“Because every one of these games has an asterisk to it. There’s always something”

Sedano: Rockets

8th seed in the East.JPG
Heat have the 8th easiest schedule remaining while the Magic have the 28th easiest schedule remaining, per BPI

Spears: Heat
“Dwyane Wade has to play his last game in the playoffs”

Wilbon: Heat
“Dwyane Wade wants to be in the playoffs. Badly. I would think his teammates might respond to that sense of urgency and that passion to do this one more time”

Sedano: Heat
“I like to see Erik (Spoelstra) and Dwyane get one last hurrah in the postseason. The contenders at the top of the East don’t want to see Miami because the experience of the coach and they play hard”

Porzingis Beckham JR.JPG

Wilbon: Beckham Jr.

Spears: Beckham Jr.

Sedano: Porzingis

March 13, 2013 – Rashard Lewis (Seattle Sonics) with the spectacular follow slam dunk vs the Mavericks!


Significance of bench scoring record?

“That’s my LeBron/MJ type of moment” – Williams

“I’m wired for the sixth man at this point in my career. I don’t really think about what’s not for me. I go out and do what’s in front of me. It’s a role that I’ve really embraced” – Williams

Why have Clippers exceed expectations?

“We got a lot of chemistry and a really good culture with the Clippers organization. We have some really great personalities in our locker room. We have some guys that want to prove their names” – Williams

“He should definitely be in that conversation (For Most Improved Player). He’s had a breakout year. The energy he brings to the table when he comes into the basketball game” – Williams on his Clippers teammate, Montrezl Harrell

“Just our detail and focus” – Williams on the mindset coming into training camp

On possibly being in the Hall of Fame & Best AI Story:

“Doc has been amazing for us this year. We just believe in him as a leader” – Williams on his coach having a case for being Coach of the Year

“I’ll let Pat [Beverley] to do that part” – Williams on why the Clippers are LA’s team now

What were you thinking (Lou Williams).JPG

Drake's 6 man.JPG

Drake's album.JPG
Credit: Cash Money Records

“The biggest artist in the world name-dropping me, being able to hear before it came out and kind of getting my stamp of approval, I was thinking this is pretty dope, especially what we were doing that year with the Raptors” – Williams

Posterized Heat.JPG


“Young legs. If you watch the tape, I think I might have missed two or three layups right before that. I just made up my mind that I just wasn’t going for it anymore” – Williams

RecommendsWarriors rocky road to 3-peat by Nick Friedell


Morey extended
Report: Rockets & GM Daryl Morey agree to 5-year extension (Via Houston Chronicle)
This makes him one the highest paid GMs

“The thing I like about Daryl is that he’s not scared to make moves. Definitely deserving” – Spears

“Daryl is not afraid. He’s not talking about plans and processes, he goes after this every year” – Wilbon

Ibaka suspended 3 games, Chriss suspended 1 game for roles in fight

“Ibaka could have gotten more. I wouldn’t give Chriss anything” – Wilbon

Kobe’s stolen high school jersey returned

Back in 2017, Kobe Bryant’s retired jersey was stolen from lower merion high School in Pennsylvania. Currently, it is back at the school after a fan purchased it all the way in China and returned it

“How do we know it’s real?” – Spears

Spectator banned for life after altercation with Westbrook

“This is a good thing. Security (in sports) and team executives unanimously said: This has been too big a problem in Salt Lake City. This has to stop and the Jazz were aggressive about this and I applaud them” – Wilbon

Expectations for Westbrook returning home tonight?

“The usual blast furnace, effort. But a greater appreciation even than usual from the home fans” – Wilbon

“For him, it’s the next game forward” – Spears

“Russ is maybe the biggest star who doesn’t have his own personal security” – Wilbon

League PassJazz at Suns

Think Suns momentum will carry over to next season?

“They are rising. This is an interesting young team. Got to stop hating on the Suns” – Spears

How much does regular season really matter for the Warriors?

“Yeah. The end of it does because of some threats” – Wilbon

“They got some fine tuning still to do with Boogie” – Spears

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