Show Recap: March 12, 2019 (Amin Elhassan hosts)

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Opening Tip
Shout-out to Nets bench for much needed positivity!



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First Half

Monologue: Westbrook’s confrontation with Jazz fan a tipping point?


Jazz forward and former teammate of Westbrook, Thabo Sefolosha posted this on his IG (vevey1800):

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Westbrook after the game:

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“It should be. It’s a tipping point in that the league has got to get the club and at the league’s insistence, if necessary, have to get a handle on this. Blame is going to have to be assessed” – Wilbon

“Has this been a problem anywhere else? This is a bad look for this league given the relationship historically between fans and players at courtside” – Wilbon

“There’s nowhere in the league that you’re closer to the players than in Utah. Utah is like playing in a college arena” – Spears

“What is a warning card going to do? The fans got to step up and help police. They got to help out” – Spears

Does more need to be done to protect players from fans?

“It seems like every time we have one of these incidents, it’s someone white. I can’t remember an incident where we had a black fan doing these kind of cross the line type of interactions with the players” – Elhassan

“There is going to have to be a more cooperative effort. I don’t think the NBA wants to see a disconnect between its fans, its patrons and its top players” – Wilbon

“I talked to a league exec: Westbrook engages with fans routinely. He sits at the end of the bench and he does bark sometimes and talk trash” – Elhassan

“The overwhelming number of interactions are pretty lighthearted. It is fair to point out Utah because so many of these things have happened” – Wilbon

“Russ needs a guy that basically his job is to police what goes around him” – Spears

“It’s a league wide problem. It’s not a Utah problem. They just brought spotlight to something that needs to get taken care of” – Spears

March 12, 2009 – Dwyane Wade with the running three point game winner vs the Bulls!


Make or Miss league

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Retreating; Did you tune into Raptors-Cavs to see dueling full-court passes?



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Skrt; Why did Donovan Mitchell keep picking on Nerlens Noel?



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Excuses; Lou Will passes Dell Curry for most points off bench in NBA history

The bucket that got him the record:


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Beef; Why is Ibaka so angry?


“Ibaka is too valuable to Toronto to be involved in this” – Wilbon


Run it Back

Ibaka’s noteworthy kerfuffles!

3) 2018: vs James Johnson

2) 2013: vs Clippers

1) 2017: vs Robin Lopez

Moving on…

Will Ibaka’s past fights make punishment more severe?
UPDATE: After today’s show ended, it was announced by the league that Ibaka will be suspended three games without pay and Chriss will be suspended only one game without pay

“I could see 4-5 games” – Spears

“He’s a critical part. He’s not an incidental player to this team. Ibaka is too good to be involved with this in his career” – Wilbon

“This could be a teaching moment” – Wilbon

“The stimulus for the fight wasn’t enough for that reaction” – Elhassan

Second Half

“Obstacles make things that much sweeter in the end” – Kerr


Regular season hurdles good for Warriors in long run?

“Yeah. And Steve Kerr knows that, both as a player and a coach” – Wilbon

“They’re still bored [with the process]” – Wilbon

“How you play at the end of the regular season translates how you play in the playoffs” – Spears

Warriors need to make a statement in Houston?

D’Antoni on Wednesday being a statement game:

“They’re 0-3 against them. I think so” – Spears

“Houston needs to make statement. Not the Warriors” – Wilbon

“The Rockets are the only team in the West that can beat Golden State. Houston needs to run them out” – Wilbon

“The statement is still on the Houston side because that’s the boogie man” – Elhassan

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How confident should Celtics feel after 3-1 road trip?

Kyrie after 115-140 loss to Clippers: “We need to get out of LA”

Celtics Cali road trip.JPG

“They should feel pretty confident. It’s been a successful trip for them” – Bontemps

“They discovered some stuff in this trip. Gordon Hayward one of the best discoveries in the last 15 games” – Wilbon

“The read on Kyrie is the read on the team. I thought that mood was the appropriate mood. It was upbeat” – Wilbon

“They’ve been up and down this year because Kyrie has been up and down this year. When he’s up, they’re really good. When he’s down, they have their chaos moments. As long as he stays like this, they’re going to be in good shape” – Bontemps

Buy Kyrie’s apology to Celtics?

“He’s honest and candid. This was the right thing for him to do” – Wilbon

“This is kind of what the Celtics have been. The Celtics, at times, have not been really sure where he’s been at either” – Bontemps

“He’s really feeling these things” – Elhassan

Eastern Conference team you trust most?
1) Bucks 2) Raptors 3) Sixers 4) Pacers 5) Celtics

“Bucks. They’re the team that hasn’t had the virus. I trust Milwaukee right now. The tough thing is, I don’t trust teams that haven’t been through the wars in the NBA playoffs. They’ve never done it” – Wilbon

“I don’t trust any of them to be honest” – Bontemps

“Is Kawhi going to hold up during the playoffs? They just look kind of disjointed all year long” – Bontemps

March 12, 2004 – Troy Hudson (Wolves) with the crossovers and stepback three vs the Lakers!



Sit the ROY?
Would Mavs be smart to sit Doncic for rest of season?

“About reasonably careful. He still needs to play and get better” – Wilbon

“They also want to try get into the top five and keep their pick” – Bontemps

KAT back?
Karl-Anthony Towns upgraded to probable tonight vs Nuggets

“He’s got a real shot. I think you can finish third in the balancing behind Jokic and Embiid” – Bontemps

Second Chance
Andre Ingram signs 10-day contract with Lakers
Played 2 games for them last year

“It was a feel good story last year. Why is this a thing now?” – Bontemps

“This was a feel good story last year. Here’s a feel good story all of this season: Derrick Rose. He changed his whole game 10 years into his career” – Wilbon

Wilbon story on a bet he lost:

League PassBlazers at Clippers

Is Doc Rivers your Coach of the Year?

“He’s got a really good case. He doesn’t have a single player that’s ever made an All-Star team and keep trading the best player off the team and they keep getting better” – Bontemps

“Doc is high on that list” – Wilbon

“Michael Malone [is my pick]. For one reason: this year they are one of the top defensive teams. Usually when that happens, one of two things happen: You had a change in personnel or a change in staff. They didn’t do either. They came back with the same people and said ‘Guys. The way we did it ain’t going to work. We’re going to do it this way’ and they got it done. That’s coaching” – Elhassan

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Donovan Mitchell on Westbrook-fan incident

“He is so much older than his years. He sat down and he did something that is difficult. It makes sense. You see what kind of person he is. This is an important statement” – Wilbon

“You talk about a young kid like that, the guy who’s the face of the franchise, is really, really impressive. This was a big moment in Utah. It says a lot about what happened last night and a lot about him too” – Bontemps

“It’s a bold move” – Elhassan

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