Show Recap: March 11, 2019 (Amin Elhassan Hosts)

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Opening Tip
Are you more Eric Bledsoe or Brook Lopez in this situation?



First Half

Monologue: “Warriors sleepwalking through regular season matters” – Elhassan

Warriors sleepwalking
Sleepwalking. The Golden State Warriors have been accused of a high crime of coasting through the stretch run of the regular season. Turning in less than inspired performances since the All-Star break, including a home loss to the Harden-less Houston Rockets, back-to-back road losses in Florida to the sub-.500 Heat and Magic, a blowout loss at home to the Boston Celtics

And lately…

Steve Kerr the conductor.JPG

KD's hat.JPG
The thing that is going to derail the Warriors championship quest won’t Kevin Durant’s feuds with the media during postgame pressers, where he now literally wears a black hat
Warriors All-Stars.JPG
It’s going to be the Warriors inability to pay attention to the here and now and not skip the little steps that build the habits, that form the bedrock of an elite championship defense
Luke Skywalker
In Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda tells Luke on the planet of Dagobah that his mind was always drifting to the future and never on where he was and what he was doing
00-01 Lakers
In the last 60 years, only one team has been able to successfully say they can flip the switch from being an average to below average defense to being NBA champs: 2000-2001 Lakers
Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.JPG
Spoiler alert: Luke Skywalker did end up saving his friends and turning Darth Vader back to lights out at his force
Switch on.JPG
So maybe the Warriors are fine and it is their destiny to flip the switch
Warriors All-Stars championship.JPG
Or maybe they’re in danger of blowing a golden opportunity

Warriors or the field to win title right now?

“Warriors. They’re just tired with the process. It’s getting worse and worse every season as far as being bored with the process and getting to the playoffs. Come playoff time, they’ll be excited, they’ll wake up and figure it out” – Spears

“The field by a nose. I’m just not convinced that between Draymond’s conditioning, between the personnel and everything else that they are the defensive team they have to be to win a championship” – Arnovitz

Klay: “I expect our crowd to be a little more into it” | Calling out Oracle fans a good or bad look for Klay?

“This fanbase has changed over the last couple of years. This is not the same ‘We Believe’ fans. There’s a lot of fans buying tickets that just want to be part of the social crowd. Next year, it’s more of a social event than an NBA event” – Spears

“It’s not a terrible look. Warriors are bored and the fans are bored. I don’t have big problem with it. If Draymond had said, it’s a different story” – Arnovitz

“It was loud and crazy. But it’s gotten a little less louder” – Elhassan

“This place [Chase Center] is supposed to be like the Taj Mahal of the NBA. That’s going to play a role in it as well because everybody is going to be enamored with whatever they have” – Spears

March 11, 1999 – Jason Williams faking the pass and instead finishes with a reverse layup vs the Clippers!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

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Predictability; Can anyone stop Kyrie when he’s in his bag?



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Confidence; To Drummond’s credit, he did hit a step-back last week


Last week:


Miss Logo
Power; Did someone unplug Kyle O’Quinn?


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Airplane Mode; Best *thrunk of all-time?
*Throw-in dunk



Run it Back

Greatest Thrunks ever!

3) 1999: KG vs Kings2vt45z.gif

2) 2002: Keon Clark on Shawn Bradley2vt4af.gif

1) 2010: Blake on Mozgov2vt4e3.gif

Moving on…

in the zone
Joel Embiid: 33 points and 12 rebounds in 28 minutes vs the Pacers

76ers have enough time to figure out rotation?

“No. They don’t. It’s going to be a work in progress the rest of the season” – Spears

“You got to figure out the combinations” – Elhassan

“Guys need to get reps together” – Arnovitz

Simmons on Kobe saying he needs to learn to shoot: “I’m trying to get better” | Think Ben Simmons is tired of shooting advice?

Ben’s response:

“Kobe is not wrong. He’s well aware” – Arnovitz

“Only guy he needs to listen to right now is Jason Kidd. It’s more of the mentality. More of ‘What did you do?'” – Spears

“If they got him more shots in the rhythm, it’s better for his shooting development” – Elhassan

Second Half

JVG says Lakers should consider trading LeBron?

From Saturday’s Celtics/Lakers game:

“LeBron James’ presence on the roster is the problem. The Lakers have to start worrying less about their brand and more about their product. They need start asking questions like: ‘What are we doing wrong here?'” – Arnovitz

“Lakers need to ingrain LeBron into the community more. He knows Hollywood better than he knows LA. It’s a way overreaction [by JVG]” – Spears

“Let’s see how LeBron gets people to come. He’s going to have to do it. There’s more pressure on him convincing guys to come” – Spears

“Start making really smart moves. The bar is really low for the Lakers” – Arnovitz

James Dolan’s ego hurting Knicks chances in free agency?

New York State Senator’s response:

“He’s killing Scott Perry the GM, he’s killing Steve Mills, he’s killing David Fizdale. He is destroying his franchise and making it so much harder for those guys that are running the ship, the talent and group they have now. No matter what, he still is charge of the show no matter who’s working for him. I wish he did sell the team” – Spears

“This is what you’ve done to the people who are trying to turn the ship around. You cannot withstand a criticism from a loud mouth fan. He’s embarrassed his franchise” – Arnovitz

“I want to hear more music from him” – Spears

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Harden the best player right now?

“Best all-round player: Giannis Antetokounmpo. Best scorer: James Harden is the best scorer in the NBA. You give me one game right now in the next couple weeks: LeBron James” – Arnovitz

“James Harden. I got to give him credit. He’s doing things defensively. I agree with Paul Pierce” – Spears

Will Timberwolves let KAT secure bag by making All-NBA team
Scored 40 points and had 16 rebound on Saturday vs the Wizards

But he left the court after this happened:


There is $30 million on the line if he can earn a spot on one of the three All-NBA teams

“They’re so far out of the playoff run that there’s really nothing he can do to change my perception of him. He’s a 3rd All-NBA Center. He should sit out” – Spears

“If you’re the Wolves, you don’t want him to do anything to harm himself for next season and you don’t have to pay him that much money” – Arnovitz

“I hate this thing [All-NBA voting from the media]. I hate that they put this on the media to decide whether somebody is going to be paid or not. I don’t vote anymore. I gave it up because I know players will look and see who voted for them and hold it against guys who didn’t” – Spears

March 11, 1997 – Ray Allen (Bucks) with the full-court buzzer beating three vs the Heat!



Sunday was 15th anniversary of T-Mac setting Magic single-game scoring record (62 points)

Firing on all Pistons
Will Pistons extend win streak 6 game tonight?

Firing on all Pistons

Ok with Bobby Portis calling out @OfficialNBARefs on Twitter?

Portis after the game:

The last two-minute report confirmed that Portis was correct about being fouled on one play and wrong about another

“Probably not the best way to do this. Litigate every single call on Twitter if you’re a player” – Arnovitz

“I like it because he got it off his chest and then he can’t get fined because you say that your account was hacked” – Spears

League PassThunder at Jazz

After the game, PG complained about the officiating and saying this about Beverley:

“When the game’s not called right, it plays in his favor”

Whose side are you on: Pat Bev or PG-13?

Arnovitz: Patrick Beverley
“Nobody’s gotten out of their talent in this league since Reggie Evans retired than Patrick Beverley”

Spears: Patrick Beverley
“It was brilliant from him. He’s a nat during the games and on Twitter”

Buzzer Logo
Steve Kerr clarifies Draymond comment caught on camera

“They got more stuff going on than that” – Spears

“Now I know why guys cover their mouths” –  Spears

“They got a bigger fish to fry. These guys go at it all the time” – Arnovitz

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