Show Recap: March 7, 2019

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Opening Tip
LeBron passing MJ more impressive because of unselfishness?

“In the history of the NBA, to be in the top 10 in both categories is huge. I don’t think anybody else will do it at least for a long, long time” – Van Gundy

Today’s Panel:



Dave McMenamin.JPGESPN Lakers reporter, Dave McMenamin

Stugotz.JPGJon “Stugotz” Weiner from “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz”

First Half

Monologue: Weirdness in Chicago last night

Keep the Bulls weird.JPG
Let’s face it: Things have been weird in Chicago. They have had 3 coaches in 5 years, inter team squabbles that have resulted in long, emotional Instagram posts
Weird Bulls.JPG
One player broker another player’s jaw, there’s been a near mutiny, a very murky leadership council that seems to involve roughly half of the team
Benny the Bull.JPG
One of the arena workers filed a $50,000 lawsuit against “Benny The Bull”
Lopez and LaVine.JPG
It’s hard to say whether what happened last night against the Sixers even cracks the top 5 of recent odd moments

But it was plenty odd just the same:

LaVine takes final shot.JPG
If you were in a Philadelphia uniform, your instructions at that point are pretty much “Make anyone, but LaVine, take the final shot”
Jimmy Butler.JPG
Jimmy Butler had apparently even had time to get in a postgame dig at the coaching stuff

Otto Porter drug test.JPG
Otto Porter Jr. wasn’t on the floor for the Bulls in that moment of the game because so much time had passed that he was already being drug tested by the officials by the time teams were called back

His explanation:

Bulls season.JPG
Even with all this weirdness, you should not overlook that the Bulls got the win against a team they were supposed to lose to

Otto Porter Jr. effect:

Keep the Bulls weird 2.JPG
All in all, it has been a good stretch for the Bulls who have sorely needed it. Even if it has been a little weird

How long until Bulls turn it around?

“It’ll be a while. I like their three young guys (Markkanen, LaVine and Porter Jr). But I don’t trust these late season surges in games that don’t mean anything” – Van Gundy

“I like their building blocks, they have some massive holes. Good news is that they got cap flexibility and good pick inventory coming” – Elhassan

“Otto Porter Jr. is what they need. He is a grown-up in that locker room, a good vet and a good influence. They’re moving in the right direction, but the question I ask: Does Chicago still have a stigma about it?” – Elhassan

“They’ve got a decent core of three guys to build around, they’re playing pretty hard, but I just got to see it in meaningful games before I’m going to believe it” – Van Gundy

76ers (41-24) wasting opportunity to avoid Celtics in 1st round?
If the playoffs started today, Philly would see Boston in the first round

“With Joel Embiid coming back that they’re gonna get by the Pacers and avoid that first round matchup with the Celtics. That one would be real interesting because either team that lost that would really have some problems in terms of perception. I’d love to see it, but I don’t think it’s going to happen” – Van Gundy

“You can’t lose to Chicago. These are the games that can come back and bite you in the you know what” – Elhassan

Feeling Jimmy Butler’s “Ninja Style” headband?
Pelicans guard, Jrue Holiday has been doing it as well

Jimmy Butler (Ninja).JPG

“You got to stop this. This is not Karate Kid 2. We can’t have this. It looks ridiculous. It’s not even ergonomic” – Elhassan

“I’m the last person that such comment on style. I don’t like the look” – Van Gundy

March 7, 1993 – Tim Hardaway Sr. with the crossover and the spin move and finishing with the floater vs the Rockets!


Make or Miss League Steve Kerr

Make Logo
Pizzazz; Better move?

D-Loading with the “shammgod”2vi7g4.gif

Ish Smith

Van Gundy: Ish Smith

Elhassan: D-Loading’s “shammgod”

Miss Logo
Boredom; Should all teams strive to be like Nets?



Make Logo
Saving time; Should LeBron start a dog walking service?
“This is a Cancun play” – Elhassan

Miss Logo
Hang Time; Poor Moe Wagner…


Moe Wagner


Run it Back

Funniest dunk fails of all-time!

Honorable mention: Melo vs Blazers in 20162vi81c.gif

3. Bargnani vs 76ers in 20142vi8lr.gif

2. Von Wafer vs Wizards in 20112vi8od.gif

1. Tyrus Thomas vs Kings in 20072vi8r6.gif

Moving on…

Buy this Taj Gibson elbow (on Drummond) was an accident?

“It was accidental. He mean’t to hit him, but I don’t think he meant to hit him above the head” – Van Gundy

“He’s (Gibson) trying to get in position and trying to initiate the contact. It’s an unfortunate play” – Elhassan

Second Half

LeBron passing MJ as a Laker make it better or worse?

“If he did in this in 2016, in front of the home (Cavs) fans around some of his teammates, who are his good friends, it would have been a better moment. This is a career accomplishment” – McMenamin

“It is an accomplishment that makes everybody pause about what they’ve been through in their life. I walked out of the arena with Ohm Youngmisuk (ESPN) and we were talking about the Michael Jordan posters we had on our walls as kids. He tapped into that young fandom that got us all excited about the game” – McMenamin

“It’s a great accomplishment, but I wish it would have come in Cleveland and he had gotten a better response. But it doesn’t take away from what he’s done in his career” – Van Gundy

“If the Lakers were in the 4 seed right now and they were rocking and rolling, he would have gotten a huge ovation. A lot of it is not because he didn’t score them a Laker, it’s because it’s a reflection of the disappointment Lakers fans have about the season they’ve had” – Elhassan

“His teammates were lukewarm to the whole thing” – Van Gundy

Will Lakers fans enjoy eventually seeing LeBron pass Kobe?

“He would be passing the most popular player on the planet in Kobe Bryant. If they continue to lose, it’s going to be an ugly moment” – McMenamin

“I hope he passes him on the road, be great if it could be in Cleveland” – Van Gundy

“The idea that in the midst of this lack of success for LeBron that he would be celebrated and cherished as better than the supreme leader would be outrage blasphemy” – Elhassan

Rondo sitting away from team a bad look?
Rondo spoke with Magic & Pelinka, will avoid fine (Per Dave McMenamin/ESPN)

Last night:

Last month:

“That’s a bad look. I read his comments where he said he’s done it before. That doesn’t make it better, that makes it worse. We’ve seen that from him and LeBron” – Van Gundy

“As a coach, you have to do something about it” – Van Gundy

“He met with Magic and Rob. It’s against NBA rules to do that. He accepted that it was a bad look. He was in his own head at the moment. It’s a little overblown here” – McMenamin

“You have to be aware as a leader on how that looks. You can’t just let it go. It matters” – Van Gundy

“It’s not a good look. He knows the context of what this team is going through right now” – Elhassan

RecommendsWhat keeps NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver up at night by Brian Windhorst

Something Nothing or Everything?!

Heat playoff push
8th spot in the East (As of 3/7); 10th easiest schedule the rest of the way (Per BPI)

Stugotz: “Something from the standpoint that Heat fans want to see Dwyane Wade play a few extra games and nothing for that they will do nothing in the playoffs”

Van Gundy: “I don’t see them making it”

Elhassan: Something
“They want to extend this. This is what they do”

Gordon Hayward’s Game-Winner
Click here to read about Gordon Hayward by Jackie MacMullan (ESPN)


Van Gundy: Something
“Hopefully, it builds his confidence a little. But I got to see more of this for it to be everything”

Stugotz: Everything
“If he remains healthy and continues to improve, it gives them one more weapon. They’re the a team that could beat the Warriors in the NBA Finals”

Elhassan: “These are the moments he needs to build up that confidence”

KD to Knicks rumors

Stugotz: “Everything if he goes to the Knicks and nothing if he goes anywhere else. He ruined the balance of the NBA”

Van Gundy: Nothing
“They got to chase more than KD. I don’t care about the rumors. I care about the reality”

“I don’t think they’re going to win it this year. Whoever comes out of the East is going to win it. Their habits aren’t good. This is the year somebody is going to take them down”

His pick to win it all this year against the Warriors: Milwaukee Bucks

March 7, 1997 – Ron Harper with the no-look pass to Scottie Pippen who throws it down hard on the Pacers!



Suns heating up
How excited should Suns fans be about 3-game win streak?
Have won 4 of their last 5 games

“My stance is whenever you have a young team that starts to play better and win games, it’s never a bad thing” – Elhassan

More confident in Thunder (39-25) or Blazers (39-25) tonight?

SOS for Blazers and Thunder.JPG

“Trail Blazers” – Van Gundy

“Trail Blazers” – Elhassan

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Should Warriors care about seeding?

“Absolutely” – Van Gundy

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